7 Tips to Help Parents Decide about Vaccination

The vaccine industry has framed the dialogue where a parent must choose to vaccinate or not.
This blog is written for parents like me—parents who want a road map to decide which vaccines, if any, are worth giving to our children and when to give them.

The truth is that most parents are […]

Coming Clean in a Toxic World: An Integrative Approach to Detoxification

The word “detox” has taken on a much broader and more dynamic meaning over the past two decades. Instead of simply referring to the withdrawing from drug and alcohol use – we now know it to mean assisting the body with the removal of everyday toxins. This change may be […]

VooDoo Vaccines – The Lie Of Safe Vaccines

VOO-DOO VACCINES – The Lie of Safe Vaccines Has Continued Far Too Long
By Scott C. Tips
© 2015 Scott C. Tips
     The drug companies had a problem. They always have a problem, but this one looked huge. For some time, a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) whistleblower had been […]

NHF opposes mandatory vaccines! Sign the petition!

The current media campaign of hysteria and fear about a measles “epidemic” has moved into high gear in the hope of stampeding Californians into throwing away our long-held freedom to exempt ourselves from government-coerced vaccines.  Right now, legislation is being introduced in Sacramento to jettison Californians’ right to religious and […]

Two New Board Members Join NHF

March 5, 2015

            2015’s first quarter delivered an influx of stellar talent and vision coupled with the ability to affect powerful change to the National Health Federation Board of Governors. Joining a venerated group of […]