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Few people, even some health-freedom supporters- fully understand the immense power of Codex to impact the world’s health… now, and for generations to come. Here at the NHF, we DO understand the vital worldwide impact every Codex meeting has upon your health. That is why we are so willing to represent & fight for your health freedom all over the globe.

Yes, it is costly to fly to China and other countries to represent you, and Yes, it takes enormous time & energy, and Yes, we encounter both scientific ignorance & greed when we present proven facts to the assembly, but that is why we are here and that is our mission.

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Codex Agrees to Raise the Daily Value for Vitamin C
By Scott C. Tips

            Angelika Tritscher, the World Health Organization representative to Codex Alimentarius […]

Note From the NHF President, Scott C. Tips

Dear Treasured NHF Member,

If you haven’t yet made an end-of-year donation to the National Health Federation, you still have today to drop a check in […]

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Indonesian Garuda Bird

The National Health […]

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