Unfortunately, we must report to you that the National Health Federation’s website has been under continuous attack from over 23 countries around the World. This has required us to temporarily take our website down in order to replace it.

 This should come as no surprise since NHF has been persistently vocal of late, particularly at Codex Alimentarius meetings where we have been exposing the junk-science antics of all-too-many of its members. Additionally, NHF has invested heavily in fighting the illegal mandatory-vaccine laws in Italy, with NHF speaking to crowds upwards of 8,000 to fight human-rights violations there, not to mention our hard-hitting NHF Amicus Curiae brief filed against the glyphosate-loving Monsanto minions in the Eastern District of California Federal Court earlier this year.

 In order to protect our website and members, NHF is creating a completely new and even more secure website under emergency conditions.


 NHF is committed to you. But we ask that you please show your commitment to NHF as we make this move by donating to offset this much unexpected expense.
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 Health freedom is in an all-out war with censorship, attacks, discrediting health-freedom leaders, and even leading to death – just ask the families of all of the many natural doctors who have recently died.

 We need to pull together now like never before, circle the proverbial wagons, and stand against those who want to shut down the education and information you have been receiving through the NHF website for decades. We will not back down. We prepare for Codex Committee on Residues on Vet Drugs in Foods in a few weeks. The UN calls antibiotic resistance “the greatest and most urgent global risk.” NHF has been fighting it even before the UN got involved.

 But we need your help immediately. Poised on attacking major threats to humanity, we need your financial support now to create the new website, to attend the Chicago Codex meeting, and to present in Minnesota at the Health Freedom Congress. Sadly funds were NOT available and NHF is having to miss the Codex Committee on Pesticide Residues meeting in China this April 2018. Last year, there were more than 40 Monsanto representatives sitting at an array of tables right behind NHF, and they were working to keep poisoning you and the Planet. Don’t think NHF doesn’t have international enemies who want to see our global work stopped. 

Please donate today. Share NHF with your friends. Let’s pull together and fight harder than ever now. We promise you that we will soon be back and in even better form than before.

 Thank you for your support.

 Yours in Health Freedom,

 Scott C. Tips



 While we work to get the main NHF website back online, we invite you in the meantime to click on this link to our NHF branch site to see much of our same information as well as many of the articles, and campaigns that you would find on our main site.