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Category: Articles

How to Treat Depression Homeopathically
By Mike Beta www.depression-homeopathy.com
January 07, 2009

Homeopathy is a term used to describe a treatment for a cure given in small doses that, when served in large amounts, can actually have symptoms in a normal person that the medicine was given to treat in the first place. Scientists have used this to their advantage to try and find different levels of different remedies for depression. After all, no person goes through the exact same experience as another person, thus no two people are depressed for the same reason. Different levels of depressioncall for different doses of the cure, so why not make it possible? Well, scientists have in several different ways, and the article below lists the eight best ones.

There are a few downfalls to this treatment, however. First of all, homeopathycan be expensive. Next, it requires much time and effort to find just the right dosage for each person. It will probably never become a worldwide treatment because the point of homeopathy is not to assume one dosage for all. Another bad thing is, there are only a few homeopathic treatment centers in the United States, as the cure isn’t big due to the time and financial constraints.

The Top 8 Homeopathic Depression Treatments

Pulsatilla. This drug helps with people who cry for no reason, experience mood swings, you can’t make decisions, you constantly crave hugs and open air, you miss people such as your parents a lot, you want fatty foods and are never thirsty, and you do not deal well with confrontation and will avoid it at all costs.

Sepia. This drug is for those who find that their only cure for depressionis exercise. If you feel constantly exhausted, if you have depression periods prior to your menstrual cycle, you have a sharp tongue when you feel depressed or irritated, you feel as though your relationships are always going downhill, or if you feel like you’re depressed when you first wake up.

Phosphoricum Acidum. You have lost all motivation for everything, and have no passion left for anything that you used to love. You have no energy, especially in the morning. If you constantly feel like something is missing, or if you just seem to not care, phosphoricum acidum may be able to help.

Aurum Metallicum. People who take this drug work hard, but they lose motivation and become irritated when they feel as though they’re not doing a good job. Also, they’re usually always serious and feel worthless. These people can contemplate suicide, especially at night.

Natrum Muriaticum. This drug is for those who never want to cry, and who are quiet when they get depressed. They’re shut off and they don’t want help, and cannot be consoled during periods of depression. Hot weather worsens depression, and they feel as if they don’t have a good bond with their parents. Also, they often dwell on bad experiences or guilt from the past, and this can spiral them down into worse depression. Unfortunately, they usually cannot help it.

Calcerea Carbonica. This drug can help when you feel lonely and alone, if you feel as though you can’t take risks because you’ll fail, you put other people’s desires before your own, you don’t go out or leave the house, and if you become more fatigued when you’re depressed.

Ignatia. If you always want to be alone, if you cry a lot for no reason, if you’re extremely depressed or overwhelmed by a traumatic event such as a breakup, you constantly feel as though you’re going to cry, or if you find yourself sighing frequently, Ignatia can help you. This drug is designed specially for these types of symptoms.

Staphysagria. If you find yourself being easily offended, and overreact to insults that people have given you, you feel bad for yourself, if you have strong sexual desires almost constantly, and you don’t like losing control of situations, Staphysagria may be for you. People who take this depression drug usually have periods of extreme anger triggered by the smallest things that they normally cannot control, and they find themselves blowing up on innocent others around them.

Article provided by www.Zeusinfoservice.com