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Category: Fluoridation

Is Fluoride Necessary?
By Paul Connett
March 11, 2010

TV news story, "Dangerous Fluoride," from the CBS affiliate in Atlanta, Georgia at http://www.cbsatlanta.com/video/22781769/

Remember Atlanta is the home of the CDC: the biggest promoter of fluoridation in the US and the world. Dan Stockin has struck at the heart of the beast of fluoridation in its home town. Neither the ADA nor the CDC could provide answers to the CBS news team. Surprise, surprise.

We need to get the link to this videoclip (transcript below) on as many websites and other outlets as possible. Please put it on your facebook, your twitter or whatever internet system you use. Please send it to any media contacts you have and ask them to follow up on this story.

Not only is the CDC the heart of the beast, but we know that dental fluorosis is its Achilles heel. They cannot deny that fluoridation increases the risk of dental fluorosis. They cannot deny that it is a huge problem in the US. Their own figures show that at least 32% of American children suffer from this condition. Moreover, even though they have advised that fluoridated tap water should not be used to make up baby formula, they have not taken aggressive steps to get this message out to parents. Nor are they warning vulnerable sub-groups of the population that they are more vulnerable to fluorosis than others.

Even more serious is that the US Public Health Service, the CDC's parent body, has nurtured a huge gamble since 1950. They have assumed - and hoped - that while fluoride is damaging the growing tooth cells that it wasn't harming any other tissue in the infant's body. This was a reckless gamble in 1950. They didn't have the evidence to support that gamble in 1950, and they haven't shown much inclination to collect any evidence since: the absence of study does not mean the absence of harm. The CDC is not exercising due diligence on the dangers of fluoridation and it is failing to protect the public health. Now the mainstream media in its home town knows about it. Thanks Dan.


March 8, 2010, CBS-TV in Atlanta
Fluoride: Friend Or Foe?
Fluoride Opponent Says Chemical Is Harmful To Our Health

By Stephany Fisher, CBS Atlanta Anchor

Excerpt: "... The American Dental Association and the Centers for Disease Control have endorsed water fluoridation since 1950 and while they admit that fluoride can be toxic in excessive quantities, the ADA maintains that at optimal levels, water fluoridation is a safe and effective way to prevent dental decay.

But, when we tried to ask the tough questions, the CDC and State Dental Director Elizabeth Lense, denied our requests for interviews..."

Read full article at http://www.cbsatlanta.com/health/22776266/detail.html