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Category: Vaccinations

Lessons in Low-Level Toxicity
By Mark Sircus Ac., OMD Director International Medical Veritas Association
January 23, 2006

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of the United States recently recommended a stricter limit of lead, which is allowed to be contained in certain types of children's candy.[i] The new limit recommended for the highly toxic metal in children's candy is not more than one-tenth of a part per million, compared to the previous, decade-old level of one-half a part per million. The Food and Nutrition Board of Institute of Medicine of the National Academies recommends that foods contain no more than 2 ppm (parts per million) of lead and no more than one ppm of mercury. Many, of course, feel these numbers are too high and that foods given to children should have nowhere near these levels of neurological poisons.

About a quarter of the nation's children are exposed to lead at home,
and more than 400,000 children are found each year to harbor amounts
of lead deemed hazardous to normal mental and physical development.

A few parts per million sounds like very little though, until you scale it to parts per billion. The old standard for lead in candy allowed for 500 parts per billion, and now the recommendation is to bring that down to 100 parts per billion. Our official government benchmark is 2,000 parts per billion of lead and 1,000 parts per billion of mercury. Officials cringe at mention of parts per billion and, when we take it down to the parts per trillion scale, things start to look particularly devastating. One part per million is one thousand parts per billion, which translates to one million parts per trillion.

Environmental exposure to lead in early childhood is a prelude to a
host of societal ills. It is associated with an increased risk of
reading problems, school failure, delinquency, and criminal behavior.
As it is with lead it is with mercury, only much worse.

When bringing children to the doctor for flu vaccinations, the last thing on a parents' mind may be that the vaccine is a gamble for something far worse than the flu. The number of ppm of mercury in a current influenza vaccine varies depending on the flu vaccine used.[ii] It is 50 ppm (50,000 ppb) (50 million parts per trillion) mercury for the "Thimerosal Preserved" vaccines (Chiron's Fluvirin and Aventis' Fluzone). Though governmental medical authorities insist this is safe and are even poised to force all parents to subject their children to these shots in a declared epidemic, even though these shots contain fifty times the current government-recommended safe levels for mercury in food.

Risks associated with lead and mercury exposure begin in the womb.

We do not even want to think about the enormous difference in absorption rates for injected mercury vs. mercury ingested through food consumption. We can safely eat much more mercury for not only will a great portion of it not be absorbed but also any selenium in the food will neutralize the mercury. Injecting mercury directly into children bypasses all their natural defenses and has to be the worst idea ever thought up by man. Yet, in a recent poll, 69% of doctors and 62% of nurses voted to keep thimerosal in flu vaccines to protect against avian flu.[iii] Even though mercury toxicity can cause flu and or lead to worsening consequences of having the flu, doctors and nurses stubbornly back medical experiments on our children for no one, in fact, knows what the long-term effects are of having yearly mercury-laden flu vaccines administered starting at age of six months.

The FDA questioned Thimerosal safety several times and decided
in 1982 that it was "not safe for 'over-the-counter' topical use,
because of its potential for cell damage," The FDA never did
anything to question its use in childhood vaccines.

There has been much confusion about the actual amount of mercury in vaccines even among the medical establishment [iv] that got caught with its pants down at the end of the 1990’s when the FDA, as mandated by FDAMA, the Food and Drug Administration Modernization Act of 1997, demanded a review of all medical products containing mercury. Today, confusion remains because the number of micrograms of mercury per mL of vaccine (ppm of mercury) in the vaccine is confused with the micrograms of mercury in each dose of vaccine administered. For the "Thimerosal Preserved" vaccines, a 0.5-mL adult dose provides about 25 micrograms (25,000 nanograms) of mercury and a 0.25-mL children’s dose provides about 12.5 micrograms (12,500 nanograms) of mercury.

200 micrograms of mercury would fit on the head of a pin.
According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA),
dropping that pinhead of mercury into 23 gallons of water
would make it unsafe for human consumption. [v]

Since the molecular weight of mercury is 200.59 g/mole (or 200.59 micrograms per micromole) and a g mole contains about 6.0221367 X 10 to the 23 power atoms, 50 micrograms of mercury is about 2.1425 X 10 to the 11 power atoms or about 214,250,000,000 atoms of mercury. Divide that huge number by four and you get the approximate number of atoms injected into a six month baby if Chiron's Fluvirin and Aventis' Fluzone is used. [Note: Since the guidelines recommend 2 doses of flu vaccine [30 days apart] for the initial vaccination, the 6-month-old child will get twice this amount by 7 months if the recommended schedule is followed.]

If all these numbers and zeroes makes you dizzy, it comes down to this:
There are many doctors, nurses, and public health officials that recommend you inject your baby with approximately 53 trillion atoms of mercury on a regular basis starting at six months of age. In general, the FDA accepts an each-dose range for the mercury level from 75% to 125% of the nominal level in each formulation; so, at six months, your child could get upward of approximately 75 trillion atoms of mercury injected directly into their bodies from the Thimerosal-preserved vaccine alone. [vi]

Different researchers have done experiments with what are considered traces and have shown that thimerosal “to cause adverse effects on MS activity at concentrations well below the levels produced by thimerosal containing vaccines,” said Dr. Waly and associates at Northeastern University. [vii] Dr. David Baskin at the department of Neurosurgery at Baylor College of Medicine demonstrated, “that thimerosal in micromolar concentrations rapidly induce membrane and DNA damage, and initiate caspase-3 dependent apoptosis in human neurons and fibroblasts.” In their studies cells were incubated with 125nM – 250uM concentrations of thimerosal and they reported that thimerosal is toxic if applied in micromolar concentrations from 1uM to 250uM. [viii] Dr. J. Curtis Pendergrass and Dr. Boyd Haley who did experiments at Kentucky University concur saying, “Pure thimerosal was toxic at the low nanomolar level – an extremely low concentration, about 10,000 times less than the thimerosal concentration found in most vaccines. These results leave little doubt about thimerosal being the toxic agent in the vaccines.”

I am ashamed that our country is misleading other
parts of the world with regards to the thimerosal issue. [ix]

Dr. Boyd Haley

A new report, 'Making Sense of Chemical Stories', published by the charity Sense About Science Campaigns, is an example of how the mainstream scientific and medical establishment would confuse the real issues of chemical toxicity. They report about environmental groups who have highlighted the presence of dangerous chemicals in pregnant women and their unborn babies pointing out that these groups never mentioned that the toxins are present in parts per billion. And they laugh at the idea that traces of different man-made chemicals can combine to produce a single, highly toxic effect.

Trust chemicals, beware of nature, is the swan song of an empire under attack for poisoning the planet and all the people on it. From cosmetics to medicine the campaign is on that warns we are wrong to think natural must be best. Britain's leading chemists warn in the above report that far from being the best forms of nutrition, medicine or cosmetics on the market, natural products can pose serious health risks. Though it is true that nature manufactures many potent poisons like snake, scorpion, and spider venom, these scientists who cry that synthetic chemicals are often much safer for human health than so-called "natural" ones are truly missing the boat about the realities of low level toxicity.

Certain ideas are indecent, mean and cruel. Putting down nature and lifting up toxic chemicals is one. But injecting mercury directly into our children easily qualifies as the all time meanest, cruelest, most indecent medical practice in history and those who favor this will be remembered as medical barbarians. These doctors are worse than surgeons refusing to wash their hands. Their crimes and practices of medical insanity, injecting the most toxic non radioactive substance into babies, is made much worse because the scientific information about the toxicity of mercury is widely available.

The FDA does not seem to care and are themselves busy passing new rules (about labeling) designed to preempt lawsuits filed by patients under state law, potentially leaving victims of FDA-approved drugs with no remedy for any harm caused by the approved drugs. The FDA and the CDC are at the center of something ugly and researchers all over the globe are busy proving how “dead” wrong they are in their basic assumptions.

For instance the CDC considers 10 micrograms per deciliter (mcg/dL) the "level of concern" for lead in the bloodstream, but researchers in Mexico found that maternal blood lead levels well below 10 mcg/dL appeared to have a lasting impact on their children's IQ, at least up to the age of 10. Everyone involved in autism have heard repeatedly how safe thimerosal is and how it cannot possibly be related to the rapid rise in autism and other childhood neurological conditions.

It is a sad testimony that the majority of medical doctors sustains governmentally sponsored medical terrorism and continues to inject thimerosal containing vaccines into children. The Nazi doctors in the concentration camps at least had conscious sinister purpose, they were trying to kill as many as possible. Their modern day allopathic medical counterparts only have medical insanity as a defense. In a medical world where insanity is the accepted governmentally backed norm we are in trouble.

Mark Sircus Ac., OMD
Director International Medical Veritas Association
http://www.MagnesiumForLife.comhttp://www.imva.info http://www.detoxchelationclinic.comhttp://www.worldpsychology.net+55-83-3252-2195
www.skype.com ID: marksircus

IMPORTANT DISCLAIMER: The communication in this email is intended for informational purposes only. Nothing in this email is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice.
[i] The step was taken after it was found additional ingredients such as chili powder, tamarind pulp, and some salts used in some sweets can boost the lead content beyond allowable levels. The lead is believed to come from improperly washed and stored ingredients grown in lead-contaminated soils. Another source is the candy wrapper printed with inks containing the metal. "This new guidance level will further reduce an already minimal risk from lead exposure in candy," said Acting FDA Commissioner Andrew von Eschenbach. The new guidance is expected to take effect next year, the FDA said. Lead poisoning is linked to behavioral problems and learning disabilities and can even cause seizures or death. The risk is the highest for children under age 7 because of their quick growth.

[ii] 2.5 ppm (2,500 ppb) for the GSK "reduced Thimerosal" Fluarix vaccine to: 2.0 ppm (2,000 ppb) for the Chiron "Trace Thimerosal" Fluvirin (not being delivered in 2005) vaccine to: "0" ppm for the Aventis "preservative free" Fluzone (Aventis' alternative to their previous "trace Thimerosal" vaccine.

[iii] At a recent meeting of the National Vaccine Advisory Committee, some experts said that state laws banning the use of thimerosal, a mercury-containing vaccine preservative, could hinder efforts to protect the US population from avian influenza. Which of the following would you prefer? Total Responses: 760 Poll conducted 20-Dec-2005 - 27-Dec-2005
[iv] The fact is that today, most routinely recommended pediatric vaccines manufactured for the U.S. market still contain thimerosal, though according to the IOM, “only trace” amounts remain. And of course this is exactly what they thought five years ago. In 1999, Dr Neal Halsey, who heads the Hopkins Institute for Vaccine Safety said, ‘‘my first reaction was simply disbelief, which was the reaction of almost everybody involved in vaccines. In most vaccine containers, thimerosal is listed as a mercury derivative, a hundredth of a percent. And what I believed, and what everybody else believed, was that it was truly a trace, a biologically insignificant amount. My honest belief is that if the labels had had the mercury content in micrograms, this would have been uncovered years ago. But the fact is, no one did the calculation.”

[v] EPA - Consumer Fact sheet on: MERCURY – Safe limit in water is 2ppb

[vi] The variability is lot-to-lot; levels of 48 to 55 micrograms of mercury per mL have been observed in limited testing of lots of a variety of “Thimerosal Preserved” vaccines.

[vii] Waly, M. et al Activation of methionine synthase by insulin-like growth factor-1 and dopamine: a target for neurodevelopmental toxins and thimerosal. Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Northeastern University. Molecular Psychiatry (2004) 1-13

[viii] Baskin, David, Ngo, Hop, Didenko, Vladamir. Thimerosal induces DNA breaks, capase-3 activation, membrane damage, and cell death in cultured human neurons and fibroblasts. ToxSci Advanced Access published May 28, 2003

[ix] Haley, Boyd. Personal Email August 1, 2004