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Category: Health Freedom News

Someone Special and Her Road to Health Freedom
By Cheri Tips
September 08, 2005

An e-mail arrived months ago to the NHF website stating “add Granny Earth to your newsletter sendout.”  I tried to envision who this person might be that goes by such a name.  I would soon discover as inquiries poured in concerning health-freedom legislation and the NHF, all signed “Granny Earth.”

For many years she was Charlotte Weiland, a realtor, in a Pittsburgh suburb, rearing three children as a single parent, healing their ills with old-time remedies handed down from her mother. Charlotte always had a passion for growing herbs, teaching others about natural healing, and, above all, a grand respect for Mother Nature.

At age 54, she returned to college, acquiring her B.S. in Psychology and began working in the mental-health field. Appalled by the excessive use of prescription drugs on patients and the endless side-effects suffered by her clients, she soon became disillusioned with her work. Enrolling in Clayton College at age 60, Charlotte received her Masters Degree and Ph.D. (with honors) in Natural Healing. Having always grown her own herbs, in 2001, she decided to develop her personal line of herbal products called "Granny Earth," while continuing to write the Ask Granny Earth column on natural health for The Latrobe Bulletin (Westmoreland County, PA).

In 2002, Charlotte legally changed her name to “Granny Earth,” stating, “It’s who I am and it’s what I do.”  She never looked back, but headed down that road that always beckoned her, immersing herself in all that concerns natural health.  Granny soon joined the NHF and keeps up-to-date on the latest happenings regarding natural health and health-freedom issues in the U.S. and abroad.  Her daughter, Judy, owns the Mountain Herb Shoppe in Donegal where Granny Earth is often found holding meetings on Codex, vaccinations, and health-freedom.

Granny Earth’s daily life is consumed with gathering wild herbs and writing a monthly newsletter called “Connections,” in which she covers current anti-health-freedom legislation, Codex, herbs, and other issues the NHF is currently addressing.  “Take no prisoners” is her stance when contacting her legislative representatives with constant letters and petitions on health-freedom legislation.  When asked about the health-freedom movement, Granny Earth stated, “There’s lots of work to do and I’m just getting started.  Considering the atrocities that are happening to the American people at the hands of the pharmaceutical industry, I think that it is very important to teach people how to stay healthy and heal themselves by using the plants that grow around them - plants that heretofore were called ‘weeds.’”  She has almost finished writing a book called Do It Yourself Medicine, which will be a teaching guide for this purpose. Never leaving a stone untouched, she is building her new website (www.grannyearth.com), to educate as always.

She loves talking natural health and educating the many people she encounters as she drives through her area in her truck decorated with flowers and butterflies, and sporting a decal that reads “Granny Earth, Naturopath.”

It has now been over a year since she and I met via e-mail.  Her drive, energy, desire to learn and give back brought her to the NHF’s doorstep, just one of many doorsteps that I am sure is on her future horizons.  I hope others will be as honored as we are that she found us and spends countless hours referring people to the National Health Federation and educating anyone that will listen concerning the health-freedom issues we face.

Thank you, Granny Earth.  You are a special lady.