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Category: Articles

My Aspartame Experiment: Report from a Private Citizen
By Victoria Inness-Brown
July 12, 2010

Disturbing photos of private aspartame study show 67% of female rats with tumors

“In my opinion, we are the rats of the pharmaceutical and chemical companies that liberally spread their synthetic chemicals worldwide, with no one fully understanding the long-term adverse effects—especially the complex interactions from injecting thousands of toxic chemicals into the plant and animal kingdoms sustaining our planet.”
—Victoria Inness-Brown, M.A.
As a private citizen, I performed a 2-1/2 year study, putting aspartame in the form of packets of NutraSweet in the drinking water of 60 rats and keeping 48 rats as controls.

Of the 30 females in the aspartame group, 20 developed tumors the size of golf balls or greater.

Click Here to view a slide-show movie of the females on aspartame with tumors. Allow a few moments for the movie to appear, and then click the Play button. Also use this link to view tumors in seven males that consumed aspartame and five control females.
The rats on aspartame also developed miscellaneous health issues, such as paralysis and other apparent neurological problems, eye and skin disorders, thinning and yellowing fur, and obesity, which is sad, because many people use
aspartame to lose or maintain their weight.

Click Here to view a slide-show movie of the females and males on aspartame with other adverse effects.

Get complete details from: My Aspartame Experiment: Report from a Private Citizen. Now available in color and black and white . View the sample section "Is Aspartame Addictive?"

If aspartame does this to rats, what will it do to you?

Are Your Diet Sodas Killing You? and the 3 rat photos at the top of the page of the link below