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By Lee Bechtel, NHF National Lobbyist
December 08, 2010

           Throughout today, the NHF continued to lobby against, and closely follow the trail of, S.510 as it made its way through the House, with S.510 being thrown into the 2011 Continuing Resolution (CR) as an amendment.  The CR was approved by a vote of 212 For and 206 Against, with 8 Republicans not getting to vote.

           The 2011 Continuing Resolution funds all of the Federal government for the next year and is a “must pass” bill to keep the government open past next week.  Realistically, it would be better if the Federal bureaucracy were shut down as less harm would be done to the economy and our lives.  Republicans wanted a shorter-term CR, but were not even allowed to have a vote on doing this.  So much for the “Democratic” process.

           Make no mistake, Speaker Pelosi and her Democratic lieutenants used all of the legislative tools at their disposal to short-circuit the normal legislative process so as to pass the misnamed Food Safety bill.  Prior to debate under a closed rule, the rule to approve S.510 as an amendment and hold a final vote was adopted by a vote of 207 For and 206 Against, with Pelosi herself casting the deciding vote.  The Democrats held the vote open just until they could get their one-vote victory, and then immediately gaveled the vote closed with ten Republicans not being able to vote!  And who was it who said that party was misnamed?  Who reading this can ever think the Democratic leadership represents democracy?

           Statements of opposition included reference to the inclusion of the Tester-Hagan exemption-for-small-farmers amendment in the Senate bill as a reason for not supporting S.510 and passage of the temporary spending bill.  In typical legislative sausage-making, the CR includes S.510 and several other bills to fund Pell Grants, the airport trust fund, and new money for more airport full-body scanners to name a few.  This amendment strategy was done because there was not enough support separately to pass them as freestanding bills.

           In our last News Release we had asked the question as to whether S.510 was dead or not.  It continues to live due to the legislative shenanigans of Speaker Pelosi and Company.  As we said then and will say once again – NHF members and supporters are strongly encouraged to act now to defeat this bill.  Now that the action switches back to the Senate, call or send emails to your Senators asking that they vote against passage of the Continuing Resolution that contains this S.510 monstrosity.  Keep in mind that there is still time to have a joint House/Senate conference on S.510.

           And remember, be persistently vocal so that the Continuing Resolution bill and S.510 can be defeated.



Once again, immediately contact your House of Representatives at (202) 224-3121
to state your firm opposition to S.510.



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