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Category: International Ireland

NHF-Ireland Report
By David Massey (Executive Director)
November 22, 2011

Following Scott Tips inspiring talks in Dublin and Cork earlier this year on behalf of the Sovereign Independent we were again invited to speak at their next event which was held in Dublin, Cork and Dundalk this past June. As we are in the middle of a fluoride campaign it was decided to send The NHF’s expert on the subject Dr Howard Davis joined by Dr Susan Negus and NHF President Scott Tips. We got a great response from the talks and a surge in support and new members. In fact it was through these talks that we were recently approached by Martha Brassil, a secondary school teacher in county Cork, Martha’s 4th year students want to do their YSI (www.youngsocialinnovators.ie ) project on the dangers of fluoride, this is great news for the NHF Ireland and could give us some great exposure to the public. Sarah and I will be travelling to Cork along with Walter Graham to give a talk to the students on fluoridation and provide any help and direction they need.

Walter Graham has been working very closely with the NHF Ireland on the fluoride issue and has been a great help and friend to us over the past year. Originally a native of the USA Walter and his family moved to Ireland and settled in Northern Ireland where he headed the successful campaign to stop fluoridation up there. Then in 2009 he was a regular visitor to the Isle of Man where he advised and led the local activists on their successful campaign to end fluoridation, so with two campaigns under his belt his knowledge and experience will be invaluable to us in our attempt to repeat that success here in the Republic Of Ireland.

Right now we are preparing for our European NHF Meeting in Germany when we can get to know the other groups around Europe.  And after the success of the NHF talks in Ireland we hope to talk about the possibility of having a NHF tour of Europe next year, where NHF speakers along with local speakers from each country will hold day events on all aspects of Health and Health Freedom

Back here in Ireland Myself and Paul Murphy have been meeting  with Government TD’s and have convinced several of them to move to start a coalition of cross party ministers who would like to see an end to fluoridation in Ireland. We hope to be naming these ministers very shortly and hope to get some media exposure. Paul is based in Co Galway and is one of the most active NHF members, Paul has put together a strong group of NHF supporters in the west of Ireland who meet regularly and are very active in the part of the country.