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Category: Articles

Electromagnetic Pollution Campaign Issue in Ontario Local Elections
By Sepp Hasslberger www.newmediaexplorer.org/sepp
October 17, 2006

One of the most widespread, but perhaps least acknowledged health problems today is the effect of electromagnetic pollution from ubiquitous mobile phone and computing networks as well as electric power transmission lines. Now this issue is entering local politics in a campaign for upcoming Ontario Municipal Elections and is perhaps soon to enter the National political scene in Canada.

Martin Weatherall, candidate for Mayor of the Blandford-Blenheim Township, says he is making severe electrical pollution of our environment the main subject of his election platform. The issue is not an easy one, so he is telling his electorate: "You will need to conduct some basic research to understand the dangers that we are all facing, but the incentive for doing this is the health and safety of your family."

Weatherall's election brochure is doing a good job of making the issue real to his constituents, and there are links on where to go for further information.

"Electrical pollution is likely to significantly eclipse the known harm from tobacco use, but it will not affect “just smokers”. Human and animal life is being exposed to the same danger, through varying levels of radiation. Even Innuit natives of the Arctic have reported unpleasant symptoms when their community had a WiFi system installed recently. The very young and the very old are the most vulnerable."

- - -

“I have no doubt in my mind that, at the present time, the greatest polluting element in the earth’s environment is the proliferation of electromagnetic fields.”
(from an interview with Linda Moulton Howe, May 2000) stated by Robert Becker,M.D., Orthopedic Surgeon and pioneering researcher in the field of biological electricity and regeneration. Twice nominated for the Nobel Prize. Author of The Body Electric (William Morrow & Co 1987) and Cross Currents (Tarcher/Putnam, 1990).

A former Toronto police officer, Weatherall is no stranger to investigation.

"As a retired police officer," he says, "I do not make these accusations lightly. I have spent the last two years investigating the cause of my cancer and other illnesses. I have collected a large amount of research information and have been in touch with experts and victims from all around the world. There is clear evidence that electromagnetic radiation is causing widespread illness, including cancer, throughout the world. Most of my career with Toronto police was spent investigating the most serious crimes, including dozens of homicides. The discoveries that I have made since my retirement make all that previous criminal investigation seem minor in comparison. There is significant evidence that the population of Canada is being seriously harmed by exposure to dangerous levels of EMR."

Why is Martin Weatherall picking this issue for a political campaign? For one, he himself is suffering from electro hypersensitivity - listing the Swedish Association for the ElectroSensitive as a source for more information. But then he also says:

"I spent most of my working life trying to help others and trying to make our society safer, but since my retirement I have discovered significant dangers to the lives of a great many Canadians. I cannot ignore what I have discovered. I have tried to get action from several government ministries, Hydro One, Members of Parliament, and Members of Provincial Parliament without success. My campaign will bring these serious dangers to the attention of the public. With your support and election as mayor, I will be in a much better position to push for positive changes that will make us all safer."

Even if you do not live in Ontario, Martin Weatherall's election brochure makes interesting reading. I am providing a copy of the brochure here.

There is also a useful list of links for further information on electromagnetic pollution and electrosensitivity. Here it is for easy navigation ...

www.mast-victims.org (Raising awareness of the harmful effects of cellphone masts)

www.tetrawatch.net (TETRAWATCH: a research based campaign against TETRA Airwave)

www.powerlinefacts.com (Power Line Health Facts ... information for the concerned)

www.travhol.com (... to come on line soon)

www.emfacts.com (EMFacts Consultancy - by Don Maisch)

www.stop-emf.ca (Stop Transmission Lines Over People)

www.stetzerelectric.com (... to improve power quality in home and office environments)

www.emfinterface.com (EMF Interface - Bioelectromagnetics - Harmful & Beneficial Health Effects)

www.c-a-r-e.org (Canyon Area Residents for the Environment - Dedicated to Preserving and Enhancing our Community and Environment)

www.cellulartower.com (Your Celltower and Provider Info)

www.mikeholt.com (Knowledge and practical application of the National Electrical Code)

www.bio-ag.com (products and services that warrant and support true sustainable agriculture)

www.buergerwelle.de (one of the biggest information sources concerning mobile phones, mobile radiocommunictions and electrosmog)

www.emr.co.nz (research and information about the effects of EMR, on health from mobile phones, cellphones, base stations or cellsites)

http://home.comcast.net/~es_info (Electrical Sensitivity & Electrical Pollution Information)

www.emraustralia.com.au (Resources, Articles & Advice
for Living and Working Safely with EMR)

www.emfservices.com (EMF Services - Proven Solutions since 1992)

www.icems.eu (The International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety)

www.electrical-fields.bris.ac.uk (Human Radiation Effects Group)

www.hir.nu/Publications.htm (Örjan Hallberg Independent Research)

www.getpurepower.ca (Is dirty electricity affecting your health?)

www.lifeenergies.com (become informed about the causes and health effects of electrical pollution and electrosmog)

www.sageassociates.net (SAGE EMF Design - Environmental Consultants)

www.rfsafe.com (Radio Frequency Safe - Be RF Safe To Be Sure)

www.cleanenergycanada.com (The Clean Energy Foundation - Protecting you from dirty electricity)

www.safewireless.org (Safe Wireless Initiative)

www.shieldus.com (Vermont campaign - Shield us!)

http://elettrosmogvolturino.interfree.it/index.html (Italian site - electric pollution in Volturino town)

www.enviratest.com (EMF Safety Protection Products for Electromagnetic Fields)

www.mastaction.co.uk (Mast Action UK - National Campaign for the Sensible Siting of Masts)

www.w-a-r-t.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk (UK - Wednesbury Action for the Removal of Telephone masts)

www.emrpolicy.org (The EMR Policy Institute - Advancing Sound Public Policy on the Use of Electromagnetic Radiation)

www.sauvonsleon.fr (Bilingual - Sauvons Léon / Let's Save Leon)

http://blakelevitt.com (an award-winning journalist who has researched the biological effects of nonionizing radiation since the late 1970's)

www.nomasts.org.uk (Goldsworth Residents Against the Masts)

www.next-up.org (Roger Santini - multilingual site)

www.scram.uk.com (set up in 2003 by Eileen O’Connor and Lynn Insley who attributed their illnesses to a mobile phone mast)

www.stopumts.nl/english.php (A cricical view on the health aspects of mobile communication devices)

www.lessemf.com (The Place to Buy Gauss Meters, RF Meters, & Shielding)

www.iddd.de (articles in Polish, German and English)

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