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December 06, 2009

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December 6, 2009

     The House has passed the Pelosi government-run, health-care legislation, H.R.3962.  Now, the Harry Reid Senate bill, H.R.3590, is being debated.  H.R.3590 was a House bill pending at the desk of the Senate, to which Majority Leader Harry Reid substituted his health-care bill – hence, there is no Senate bill number.  This is more deception by Congressional Democrat leadership and the Obama Administration so as to confuse average people, and thereby deny them the ability to make their voices heard in opposition to a complete Federal government take-over of health insurance in America.

62% of Voters Reject These Bills

     According to a new Rasmussen poll, an enormous 62% of voters are rejecting the single-payer plans being pushed by the Democratic Congressional Leadership.  Only 27% of voters in the nationwide Rasmussen poll favor a single-payer health-care system.  Both H.R.3962 and H.R.3590 go far beyond reforming our private health-insurance market, they will restructure our medical economy and eliminate alternative medicine as we now know it.

     The NHF strongly opposes both bills, as do certain other health-freedom groups, medical professional groups, and a majority of Americans.  Everyone should realize that the “Disease-Care” system that either bill would put in place would eliminate free choice in health care, and with their “top down” decision-making would really be nothing more than a single-decider, not single-payer, system.

The Fatal Embrace between Big Business & Big Government

     Of course, the big health-care industry players love these bills because they will ensure even more sick customers and eliminate the competition.  Some of that industry’s key executives, like Liz Fowler and Nancy-Ann DeParle, have left that very industry to push for the bills’ passage from the inside!  Liz Fowler is now Senator Max Baucus' top aide and director of the Committee's health-care staff, while Ms. DeParle is the so-called health-care "czar" spearheading reform efforts for the White House.

     At the same time, congressional representatives like Senator Dick Durbin, Congressmen Waxman and Dingell, and others, perhaps your very own Representative and Senators, are the ones who – in their utter conceit – think that all solutions to economic problems can only be resolved politically at the Federal level.  Instead of removing the Federal government from the medical marketplace, which intervention was the original source of the problem, they want to take us even further down that road.  They believe that Americans need bigger government control over individual rights, and that unlimited control is better than letting average Americans take individual responsibility and make their own decisions.

     If you have not done so before, or even if you have, your vote and voice need to be registered with your two Senators, especially if they are Democrats.  Health-freedom advocates need to take a united stand with their elected Congressional representatives against this Monstrosity.  The NHF has serious issues with all of the main policy thrusts of the Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi bills:

     First, both bills, establish a rigidly-structured Federal bureaucratic system, controlled by 110 new agencies and a small, elite group of bureaucrats and politicians, that will ration what medical treatment options we can receive, regardless of whether these treatments are conventional or integrated forms of medicine.  Click here to read more about how your health-care will be rationed.  This is a complete restructuring of our medical economy.

     Second, this system is completely unaffordable!  It will cost U.S. taxpayers at least $2.8 trillion, since the true cost of implementing this Disease-Care system has been hidden in rampant accounting fraud that would land any ordinary citizen using such practices in prison!  The United States is technically, if not actually, bankrupt and in very real danger of defaulting on its debt.  Yet, these lunatics running the insane asylum want to heap $2.8 trillion in new debt on our country’s already-burdened shoulders.

     Third, there is the proposed excise tax on individuals having health insurance, and the payroll tax on businesses that will disproportionately hit small businesses, which will be unable to afford both healthcare insurance coverage and employees.  Either costs will be passed on to already-burdened consumers, or else employees will have to be fired.  Unemployment, already sky-high, will rise further.  And dietary-supplement companies and alternative practitioners will be especially hard hit as their customers, now having to pay some $12,000 to over $20,000 per year in mandatory (read, “coerced”) health-care payments, will have precious little money left to buy supplements to protect their health.  That’s even more sick customers for the Pharmaceutical Industry!

     Fourth, on the taxpayer-funded government-insurance-plan option, the Senate may change from a mandated requirement to a requirement with a "trigger option."  Under the option, if private insurers do not meet specified targets for insurance coverage, the government insurance plan would kick in.  But, who establishes these targets, the Congress or a bureaucratic agency?  Either way, in our view, this is just a clever means to trick voters into a government-controlled, single-payer system.

     Fifth, both bills mandate the collection and government bureaucratic use of individual electronic medical records to make medical-treatment-option rationing decisions.  This spells the absolute end of doctor-patient confidentiality and medical privacy.

     Sixth, per the Congressional Budget Office, both bills establish taxpayer-paid health-insurance coverage for at least 2.5 million illegal aliens.

     Seventh, there are the numerous hidden and stated increases in Federal taxes.  There are major cuts in Medicare benefits for seniors and serious jail time for people who choose not to purchase health insurance.  This is a clear violation of our constitutional rights.

     If you share our opposition to allowing a federal take-over of our health freedoms to choose, our opposition to the rationing of any conventional or alternative/integrative forms of medical treatment options by bureaucrats, our opposition to spending trillions of taxpayer dollars for 110 new Federal agencies and for health insurance coverage for illegal aliens, or are opposed to circumventing our constitutionally protected individual right to not be forced to buy health insurance and end up in prison if we do not, then we are asking for you to personally contact your U.S. Senator now.

     The message to you can send to a US Senator is simple and direct – "Dear Senator, I am opposed to H.R.3590 and want you to vote against it on final passage. I support health insurance market reform but am opposed to a Federal bureaucratic take-over of my health-care treatment choice freedoms."  Click here for a more-complete sample letter to your Senator.

     This is an urgent request for your help. The NHF and other groups were partially successful with the Senate Food Safety legislation. With this looming “Disease-Care” legislation, we now need to defeat the Reid and Pelosi legislation.  Please write, call, and e-mail them now.

     Act Now Petition   (http://www.usalone.com/cgi-bin/petition.cgi?pnum=1009)


Click on this address to find your U.S. Senators:  http://www.senate.gov

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