Sample Petition Letter

The Honorable (Congressional Representative's Full Name)

Re: The North American Cooperative Security Act
S.853 & H.R.2672

Dear Representative (Last Name):

As a freedom-loving American citizen and a dietary-supplement consumer, I urge you to oppose the unconstitutional North American Cooperative Security Act, and save America, land of the free.

Under the pretense of protecting the American economy and its citizens from terrorist activity, this "sell out" of my country by opening our northern and southern borders, thereby creating a defacto "North American Union," will threaten American sovereignty and my rights as a citizen.

This incremental plan of harmonization, already set in place by NAFTA, CAFTA, and the upcoming FTAA legislation, will guarantee the loss of American laws and customs. As part of this process, supplement laws will be harmonized to restrictive UN Codex standards that are anti-health, anti-consumer, and pro-drug.

Opening our borders to Canada and Mexico will only make our currently porous borders even more open to terrorists. It will also mean more surveillance and controls over innocent American citizens, with an even greater bureaucracy with expanding regulatory controls. This is in direct conflict with the original American concept of freedom and individual rights.

Please help save America and vote to oppose this extremely harmful legislation.

I would appreciate hearing your views on the subject.


[Your Name & Address]