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What Do I Get As A Member?

With your new membership, you will receive two wonderful e-books -The Hidden Epidemic, by Bill Sardi and Medical Conspiracy in America by Dr. Harvey Bigelsen.


By joining the NHF, you will...

  • Help support the World’s oldest health-freedom organization and become part of its members’ combined efforts to advance your rights to alternative health therapies as well as to those dietary supplements you seek.

  • Support our Washington, D.C. lobbyist in his efforts to protect your health-freedom rights, while staying informed on the latest legislation threatening or advancing those rights.

  • Fund lawsuits to protect the rights of alternative doctors, chiropractors, and health-food store owners.

  • Receive our Health Freedom News quarterly magazine covering topics such as the latest health threats, vaccinations, mercury fillings, legislative updates, fluoridation, and nutritional health products.

  • Stay up-to-date on the NHF issues throughout the year by receiving our E-newsletters.

  • Have access to our National Health Federation Memorial Library, one of the largest alternative-medicine libraries in the U.S.

  • Receive pro-health-freedom representation at the annual Codex meetings in Europe.

  • Have access to Alternative Healthcare Provider Referral List.

  • Support the NHF website, updated regularly with hundreds of current articles and alerts that affect your health and health freedom.

Our personal pledge is to support and work for our members!


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