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Help Us Help You

Message to Our Members & Others Wanting to Help


How can you help spread the NHF's health-freedom message?

It's easy, but at the same time it's something we need to do make others aware of the freedoms they are losing right now.

As you know by our past letter-writing campaigns, a deluge of letters from alarmed but persistent individuals can make a huge impact on legislative decisions.  Remember, politicians don't see the light, they feel the heat!

At this time, we truly need to awaken the general public to these critical issues that we as NHF members know will greatly affect the health freedoms of us all.

Let's boost our membership and let others know of the NHF and its health-freedom message, thereby providing the NHF with more support and even more voices to be heard.

Call, e-mail, or write the NHF office to be listed to receive our "Strength in Numbers" packet to be mailed to your home.  The packet will include a number of useful items, such as membership forms, an NHF countertop ad, and a larger hanging NHF poster. With these tools, we ask you to visit your local health-food store(s) where you are probably already acquainted with the managers or owners, and speak with them about displaying our signs and making the membership forms available to their customers. Also, encourage them to go online and visit our website (www.thenhf.com).

Your individual voices can encourage the voices of many.  Contact us now and let's get started in making a real difference.  The time is right, and there is no time to waste!

Your Help is Greatly Appreciated


List of available resources to educate others concerning the NHF and important issues that affect everyone:


 1. An Invitation - Click Here

 2. Help Double Our Membership - Click Here

 3. Diagnosis: Death By Apathy - Click Here

 4. Two Page Codex handout - Click Here

 5. Six page English NHF Overview handout - Click Here

 6. Codex book - Click Here

 7. Suggest to others to advertise in Health Freedom News to support our efforts

 8. Join the NHF 1 page handout - Click Here

 9. Local action leaders "The NHF Is Calling For  Volunteers" - Click Here

 10. The National Health Federation Declaration of Health Freedom  - Click Here

 11.  Add us to your Facebook page - Click Here

 12. NHF members with websites or Business websites- Please e-mail the NHF and let us know that you have shown your support of the Federation  by placing a live link from your website to the NHF homepage.  Help us  inform as many individuals as possible.

 13. Forward the NHF Press Releases to your e-lists.

 14. How To Be An Activist  for the NHF

Please contact us if you can volunteer to do one or more of the following:

 1. Collect names on Petitions for current issues. Pass out information on current issues, take flyers to local health food stores in your area,  etc.

2. Man booths at upcoming health/trade shows in your area.  This usually involves handing out flyers and educating peope about issues and goals for our organization.

3. Phone, e-mail, and write letters to legislators and newspapers in your area/district.

4.  Be a local representative in your local community and start an NHF Chapter.

5.  Help in fundraising since we exist on membership dues, donations, and bequests only.