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by Scott C. Tips

Some people just talk, others act. Dr. Rodrigo Rodriguez is one of those few who acts and then accomplishes what he sets out to do.

Dr. Rodriguez has been a member of the National Health Federation Board of Governors since 1999. At the time he joined the Federation, his business expertise was very much needed; and he immediately acted to help improve the organization in several ways, but especially in contributing money and personnel to Health Freedom News. This generous contribution improved the quality of the magazine while saving on costs. It also infused a new spirit into the publication.

An Internationally Recognized Pioneer

Dr. Rodriguez obtained his medical degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico and followed that up with post-graduate studies and a fellowship in the United States, Canada, and Mexico. Although his post-graduate work in Nuclear Medicine seemingly earmarked him for a conventional career in orthodox medicine, Dr. Rodriguez had other plans. He extensively studied nutrition and the metabolic processes in the human body and then applied that knowledge to helping people suffering and dying from cancer. His pioneering nutritional and metabolic approaches to treating cancer and other degenerative diseases not only eased the suffering and extended the lives of many of his patients but also served as concrete examples to other doctors and researchers of the efficacy of his methods.

After having practiced medicine with other alternative doctors having clinics in Tijuana, Mexico, Dr. Rodriguez decided that he could improve upon the treatment that cancer patients were receiving. In 1976, he joined with a group of doctors in co-founding the medical center that is now known as the International Bio Care Hospital and Medical Center (www.ibchospital.com; Tel: 1-800-785-0490). Three years later, he became head of the hospital, a position that he has occupied ever since.

International Bio Care Hospital and Medical Center Uses Advanced Treatments.

Located in Tijuana and catering to an international and domestic clientele that comes from the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, and elsewhere, the IBC Hospital has, under Dr. Rodriguez's direction, implemented innovative medical protocols for the treatment of cancer and degenerative diseases. At the same time, Dr. Rodriguez has freely shared this life-saving information with numerous consultants and research institutes around the World. He has also participated in symposia and workshops in the United States, Canada, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and of course Mexico so that others could benefit.

In collaborative research projects with Mexican and foreign institutions, Dr. Rodriquez has employed cellular therapy, ozone therapy, gene therapy, whole-body hyperthermia, and intravenous hyper alimentation in the treatment of cancer and degenerative diseases. In fact, patients and physicians from around the World seek out Dr. Rodriquez and his IBC Hospital to learn about the latest advancements in metabolic/nutritional therapy.

Dr. Rodriguez's IBC Hospital Is State of the Art.

In 1982, Dr. Rodriguez and his staff of doctors, nurses, and researchers moved into the present facility in Tijuana, where the building is clean and cheery, the equipment state of the art, and the staff extremely friendly and helpful. When asked how he got such nice people on his staff, Dr. Rodriguez responded that he only hires nice people. Yet, one secret to his success in this regard is that he sends his people to the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Hawaii to stay so that they can experience the same first-class treatment that Dr. Rodriguez has his staff provide to the IBC Hospital's patients.

However, the surroundings, the equipment, and the staff are only the vehicle by which Dr. Rodriguez's innovative alternative treatments are applied. It is the innovative treatments that are most important: His supplementation of patients for optimal-health enhancement and for slowing down the aging process, his advanced cancer-treatment programs, and his oxidative therapies for chronic infectious diseases.

A Rare Jewel

In a World where most doctors take the easy path and follow the road of orthodox "treatments" that actually harm their patients more than cure or help them, it is refreshing to encounter a medical doctor such as Dr. Rodriguez who genuinely cares enough about his patients and his integrity to want to treat all of his patients with the best means at his disposal. But, very admirably, Dr. Rodriguez then takes his high standard of medical practice and ethics even further by continually fulfilling the duty that the late Dr. Ross Gordon said that every doctor owed his patients: "The duty to search and find those cures that we doctors have not yet discovered."

His patients are lucky to have him. As is the NHF.