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Big Pharma: How the World's biggest drug companies control illness

Overview of Big Pharma: How the World’s biggest drug companies control illness:

Big Pharma: How the World’s biggest drug companies control illness
by Jacky Law

(US subtitle – ‘…….: Exposing the global healthcare agenda’.) Published in the UK by Constable, London (2006) (ISBN: 1-84529-139-5)

Click here to purchase the book from Amazon UK, or here from Amazon US.

Most journalists report on facts, weaving them into stories that are designed to capture our imagination, helping the sale of newspapers, books, TV ratings or advertising space.

Journalists of the calibre of Jacky Law are rare, particularly in terms of their aptitude to tackle the big, bad pharmaceutical industry. It’s perhaps not so difficult to provide substantiated evidence that condemns pharma. We’ve all seen that often enough. It’s much harder to provide 250 pages of analysis of pharma’s  strategy to become the biggest factor in modern healthcare, and then provide a way forward that could actually create a paradigm shift big enough to make a difference to the way the pharma industry delivers healthcare to our children, as they hit their more senior years. 

Jacky Law draws on her 25-years of experience of reporting on health issues. For seven years she worked as associate editor for Scrip magazine, a slightly controversial monthly mag for the pharma industry. In 2004, she left to write Big Pharma. This book is a culmination of Law’s 25 years of experience.

Big Pharma - the book - tells us how it is. The book’s power is in its balance. Pharma would have hit a brick wall by now if it hadn’t had at least some success. Jacky Law gives us the whole picture, with stunning examples and referencing backing up her every assertion. If you have ever been on the receiving end of a pharmaceutical drug, or want to have reasons to not consume such molecules, Big Pharma is essential reading. Making matters even better, it’s not a bitter pill – it’s a remarkably easy read.

Arm yourself with the facts, be informed, be illuminated and then pass the information along. Provide yourself with the information that allows you to make a difference. This book should be read by everyone who has an interest in their own health, or the health of others.