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EU Issues


Help us keep the supplements, herbs, and alternative medicines that are available to us now on the shelves! It is our health-freedom right. Keep this marketplace free.

American supplement laws are being set up for harmonization to international standards. This is why we must fight against the EU member countries position on food supplement legislation.

Official European Union website - http://europa.eu/index_en.htm

If we allow re-formulation of our nutritional supplements to comply with international standards - we lose.

Our supplements will become low dose and lacking in vital nutrient forms, as it will be too difficult to comply with the new standards. Help keep safe and effective supplements on our store shelves.

Click on the EU legislation related articles below to learn more.

Codex Committee Squashes U.S. Attempts to Soften Blows to Vet Drugs
October 02, 2013
By Katherine Carroll

Law Veteran on EU Health Claim Laws: "There is something quite wrong here."
February 07, 2013
By Nutraingredients.com

Health Supreme - European Union Seeks Consumer Input on Organic Agriculture
January 23, 2013
By Sepp Hasslberger

It's Official! There are 222 General Function Approved Health Claims in the EU; 1500 Plus Rejected
December 20, 2012
By Shane Starling

Health Claims Rules Now In "Overkill:" Law Firm
November 26, 2012
By Gary Scattergood

EU-Funded Group Outlines Draconian Population Control Scenarios For The Next Forty Years
October 14, 2012
By Jurriaan Maessen

EFSA Approves Safety of GM Oilseed Rape
October 01, 2012
By www.foodnavigator.com

Did You Know: Europe Requires Warning Labels on Foods with Artificial Colors
August 26, 2012
By Elizabeth Renter

EU Enters Botanical Health Claim Crossroads
August 23, 2012
By Shane Starling

EFSA Review Reconfirms No Safety Concerns Over Food From Cloned Animals
July 09, 2012
By Foodqualitynews.com

EFSA Updates 900 Compound-strong Botanical Safety Compendium
June 07, 2012
By Shane Starling

EU Rejects France's Ban on Monsanto's GM Corn
May 22, 2012
By Common Dreams staff

Who Is Regulating EU Cyber Supplement Sales?
May 10, 2012
By Luca Bucchini

Nutrient Profiling Back on EU Agenda, Says Policy Expert
April 16, 2012
By Nutringredients.com

ESFA Finds Genetically Modified Maize Safe for Health and Environment
April 15, 2012
By Food Navigator

Europe Has Every Right to Be Emotional About Fracking
February 11, 2012
By Anna Witowska

Health Claims? Who Needs 'Em? Ask Industry Guru
January 05, 2012
By Shane Starling

Lobbyists, Start Your Engines: Can a New Health Claims Formula Be Won in the European Parliment?
December 14, 2011
By Nutraingredients

Report to Parliament: EFSA Cheats About Aspartame
December 14, 2011
By Dr. Betty Martini, D.Hum

EU Rules That Water Cannot Hydrate The Body. Are You Kidding????
November 27, 2011
By Health Truth Revealed

U.S. Businesses Face Rude Shock As EU Health Claims Laws Loom
October 23, 2011
By Shane Starling

EU Hails Groundbreaking Nano Definition
October 19, 2011
By Rory Harrington

EFSA Issues Psychological Health Claim Guidance
October 16, 2011
By Shane Starling

EU Court Bans Honey Contaminated by GE Crops
September 14, 2011
By Caroline Jacobsson

EFSA Boss: "We Were Pressured By Industry To Hijack Science"
September 01, 2011
By Dr. Betty Martini

€6m EU Project Tackles Herbal Supplement Issues
August 04, 2011
By Shane Starling

EFSA Publishes Article 13, Batch 5 - Winners and Losers
July 07, 2011
By Shane Starling

EU Member States Back Stevia; Could be Products on-Shelves by "early 2012"
July 04, 2011
By Shane Starling

EFSA Publishes Article 13, Batch 5 - Winners and Losers
June 29, 2011
By www.Nutrangredients.com

E.coli: Bio-warfare Attack on Germany...by Whom?
June 08, 2011
By Ian R. Crane

European Health Crisis Unfolding: Superbug May Be Virtually Unstoppable - 18 Dead
June 02, 2011
By The Extinction Protocol

EC Calls for New Aspartame Action
June 01, 2011
By By Ben Bouckley

Commission Requests Urgent Safety Review of Aspartame from EFSA
May 27, 2011
By Jess Halliday

Industry Groups Urge EC to Rethink Health Claim Criteria (again)
April 20, 2011
By Shane Starling

EFSA Backs Safety Of Food Irradiation, Highlights New Application Criteria
April 11, 2011
By Rory Harrington

EU Directives - Through the eyes of a British Citizen & Natural Health Shop Owner
April 01, 2011
By Danielle Bryant

NHF-Ireland Launches Its Campaign to End Water Fluoridation
April 01, 2011
By David Massey

Cloned Animal Row Wrecks Novel Foods Regulation
March 30, 2011
By Rory Harrington

EU Court Deals Blow to French-Led Anti-GM Crops Lobby
March 22, 2011
By Agence France Presse

EC Takes Poland To Court For GMO Ban
March 19, 2011
By Alice Trudelle

Herbs Trampled By Goose-stepping Bureaucrats The EU Herbal Medicinal Regime
March 11, 2011
By Scott C. Tips

U.S. Targeted EU On GM Foods: WikiLeaks
March 09, 2011
By Citizens for Legitimate Government

UK Man Gets Six Months For Selling Illegal Herbal Supplements
March 08, 2011
By Shane Starling

EU Legislators Must Reach Cloned Animals Compromise By End March
March 04, 2011
By Paul Gander

Herbal Medicines Will Survive After Ministers Approve Plan That Bypasses EU Directive
February 25, 2011
By Jenny Hope

EU Herbal Directive Will Close Health Food Stores, Say Owners
February 08, 2011
By Shane Starling

Herbal Drug Crackdown: Europe to Ban Hundreds of Natural Remedies in UK Next Year
January 10, 2011
By DailyMail.co.uk

WikiLeaks: US Targets EU Over GM Crops
January 03, 2011
By John Vidal

Are Health Claims Making Your Business Sick?
December 24, 2010
By Shane Starling

Researchers: EU Food Supplements Directive is “Useless”
December 03, 2010
By Shane Starling

U.S., China Biggest Culprits as Report Finds 25% of EU Supplements Contaminated
December 03, 2010
By Shane Starling

Heroes in the Inner Halls
November 21, 2010
By Mark Sircus Ac., OMD

Commission Proposes Temporary Ban on Cloned Food
November 02, 2010
By Caroline Scott-Thomas

European SCHER Meeting in Brussels
October 07, 2010
By Fluoride Action Network

Bisphenol A on the Brink?
October 05, 2010
By Rory Harrington

EU Organic Logo Comes Into Force
July 12, 2010
By Lorraine Heller (www.foodanddrinkeurope.com)

Ephedra Supplier Jailed For Six Months
June 24, 2010
By Shane Starling (www.nutraingredients.com)

German Courts Pre-Empting EC Joint Health Claims
June 20, 2010
By Shane Starling (www.nutraingredients.com)

Two Cheers for the Coalition: The Libertarian Alliance on the New British Government
May 19, 2010
By Sean Gabb

Parents of Under-fives Face 'Nanny State' Home Inspections to Keep Children Safe
May 18, 2010
By Jenny Hope and Steve Doughty

NHS 'scaring patients into accepting electronic records database'
May 11, 2010
By The Daily Telegraph

Denmark First Country To Ban BPA Government 'must follow Europe's lead and ban BPA'
April 05, 2010
By Jerome Taylor

'Huge Discrepancies' Between Herbal and Vitamin Health Claim Requirements: Consultant +
March 05, 2010
By Shane Starling

Regulation: Inching Beyond Implied Health Claims
February 23, 2010
By Shane Starling NutraIngredients-USA

Head of Department Moves From European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) to Biotech Company Within Two Months
January 14, 2010
By Test Biotech

Europe Enters A Nutrition Science Dark Age
December 01, 2009
By Attorney Jonathan Emord (original on NewsWithViews.)

Ireland Says 'Yes' To The New World Order
October 21, 2009
By Sarah Foster © 2009 NewsWithViews.com

July 2010: When EU Health Claim Compliance Reaches Store Shelves
October 19, 2009
By Shane Starling (www.foodanddrinkeurope.com)

Devil Not so Bad in EFSA Health Claim Details
October 09, 2009
By Shane Starling (www.Nutraingredients.com)

Poland Ratifies EU Treaty
October 05, 2009
By Hilary Heuler

FSA Seeks Views on Food Supplement Amendments
October 01, 2009
By Guy Montague-Jones (www.foodnavigator.com)

The Evolution of Europe's Health Claims System
September 01, 2009
By Shane Starling (www.Nutraingredients.com)

EU Safe Vitamin and Mineral Source List Finalised, Finally
August 01, 2009
By Shane Starling (www.foodnavigator.com)

Half of All the Fruit & Vegetables You Buy is Contaminated
August 01, 2009
By (Environment Editor-The Sunday Herald, Scotland)

How The Judicial Review Of The CFS/ME NICE Guidelines Was Lost
July 31, 2009
By Jane Bryant (The One Click Group)

EU Loses Patience with UK over Differences in Irradiated Food Regulations
June 30, 2009
By Rory Harrington (Food Quality News.com)

New EU Regulation on Authorising Food From Cloned Animals Sparks Heated Debate
June 26, 2009
By Rory Harrington (Food Navigator.com)

EU Proposal for National Opt-outs on GM Crops
June 26, 2009
By Rory Harrington (Food Navigator.com)

EC Moves to Block Health Claim Withdrawals
June 10, 2009
By Shane Starling (Nutraingredients.com)

European Safety Watchdogs Reaffirm Belief in Safety of BPA
June 03, 2009
By Rory Harrington (Food Quality News)

UK Parliament Motion Calls for Food Supplements Directive Amendment
May 29, 2009
By Nutringredients.com

Health Freedom in the UK
May 21, 2009
By Glenda M. Davies, NHF-UK Executive Director

If Vaccines Become Compulsory, The UK State Must Fund Compensation
May 12, 2009
By Dr Peter Mansfield

Launch Of The Federation In The United Kingdom - Glenda Davies To Lead
May 07, 2009

Splitting Britain from Europe's Ill Health
May 02, 2009
By Scott C. Tips

UK Issues Herbal Products Registration Guidance
April 16, 2009
By Shane Starling (FoodNavigator.com)

ECJ Red Rice Verdict Relaxes EU Food Supplements Law
April 10, 2009
By Dr Gareth Morgan (www.Nutraingredients.com)

European Commission Nutrition Chief to Address Industry
April 09, 2009
By Shane Starling (NutraIngredients.com)

March 09, 2009

EU commission urged to drop 'GM agenda'
March 01, 2009
By The Parliament.com

EU Nutrient Profiling Delays to Continue
February 02, 2009
By Shane Starling (Food Quality News)

EU Reviews Vitamin Limits After Irish Petition
January 21, 2009
By Fiona Gartland (Irish Times)

EC Shifting Against High-Dose Vitamins and Minerals: HFMA
January 07, 2009
By Shane Starling www.FoodNavigator.com

UK Regulator Urges Herbal Product Registration
December 01, 2008
By Shane Starling Nutraingredients (www.nutraingredients.com)

Wide Scepticism of Industry Interest in Cloned Food, Commission Survey
October 10, 2008
By Jess Halliday Food and Drink Europe.com

EU Lines Up Cash For Failed Treaty
September 04, 2008
By Nicola Smith www.timesonline.co.uk

EU-Wide Dietary Guidelines Not Feasible, Says EFSA
August 20, 2008
By Food Quality News.com

How Many More Will Die Before FDA Ghouls Are Held Accountable ?
July 14, 2008
By Devvy Kidd www.newswithviews.com

Colourings to Come with a Warning
July 09, 2008
By Laura Crowley www.foodqualitynews.com

EU Health Claim List Trimmed to 1500
June 09, 2008
By Shane Starling www.foodnavigator.com

Irish Association Of Health Stores Heeds D'Estaing's Words Decision Taken To Endorse A 'No' Vote To Lisbon Treaty
June 09, 2008
By The Irish Association of Health Stores

FSA Issues Guidance for Clearer Labelling
June 06, 2008
By Laura Crowley (Food Navigator.com Europe)

EU Delays Launch of Organic Logo
April 10, 2008
By Charlotte Eyre (www.foodqualitynews.com)

European Commission Moves Goalposts on Health Claims
April 08, 2008
By Alliance for Natural Health

Consumer Organizations Launch Campaign Demanding Right to Referendums
March 04, 2008
By Alliance for Natural Health

Onerous Laws For Botanicals Threatens Consumer Choice
February 22, 2008
By Alliance for Natural Health

Commission Takes Emergency Measures on GM Rice Imports
February 14, 2008
By Jess Halliday www.foodqualitynews.com

Health Services: Patients And Medical Doctors Call For EU Action
February 11, 2008
By By Medical News Today www.medicalnewstoday.com

Germany Proposes GM Approval Overhaul
January 01, 2008
By Food Navigator (Europe) www.foodnavigator.com

Tens Of Thousands Of Consumers Appeal To Mary Harney Spurious Science Being Used to Regulate Vitamins
December 09, 2007
By Irish Association of Health Stores

Vocal Opponents of Natural Medicine Fight On
December 07, 2007
By Lady Medea, BSc in Holistic Nutrition [High Hons]

EU to Release Proposed List of Banned Herbs Imminently!
December 06, 2007
By Alliance for Natural Health

EU Commissioner Kyprianou Shrugs off Consumer Concerns over Nutrients
October 31, 2007
By Sepp Hasslberger www.newmediaexplorer.org/sepp

Codex Alimentarius: Will EU Laws Become World Standard?
October 15, 2007
By Sepp Hasslberger

The Biggest Danger Facing Natural Medicine is Called Europe
September 28, 2007
By Marlene Houghton The Kevala Centre www.kevala.co.uk

EU Law Bitter Pill to Take
September 24, 2007
By http://independent.ie/

IRELAND - Ireland to Hold Referendum on EU Treaty
September 23, 2007
By Zeus Information Services

PublicView Food Supplements Directive As Reason To Vote 'No' In Referendum On EU Treaty
September 14, 2007
By Irish Health Store Association & Irish Association of Nutritional Therapists

Food Policy Expert Fears Impact of Nutrient Profiling
August 29, 2007
By Stephen Daniells www.nutraingredients.com

ANH Clarifies EU Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation
August 24, 2007
By Alliance for Natural Health

ANH Clarifies Comments by U.S. Based Natural Solutions Foundation
August 23, 2007
By Alliance for Natural Health

Natural Sources of Vitamins and Minerals Protected from Potential Bans
August 10, 2007
By Alliance for Natural Health www.alliance-natural-health.org

If Gordon Brown Forces This EU Treaty On Us, You Can Kiss Goodbye To Democracy
August 06, 2007
By Christopher Booker www.dailymail.co.uk

EUROPE: A Genetically Modified Potato, Not for Eating, Is Stirring Some Opposition in Europe
July 24, 2007
By Elisabeth Rosenthal The New York Times

EU to Standardise Organic Labelling
July 06, 2007
By altmedzine www.altmedzine.com

EU Directive Could Close 700 Health Stores
June 07, 2007
By Natural Products (UK)

U.S. and EU Agree 'Single Market'
May 10, 2007
By BBC News (UK) http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/europe/6607757.stm

European Food Regulation and the 'Normal Use' Concept
May 04, 2007
By Sepp Hasslberger

Alliance for Natural Health responds to EFSA accusation of legal threat over EU food supplement applications
March 27, 2007
By Alliance for Natural Health www.anhcampaign.org

ANH Launches Next Phase of Legal Strategy on EU Food Supplements
March 16, 2007
By Alliance for Natural Health

EU Relaxes 15-year Usage Norm for Indian Herbal Exports
January 23, 2007
By La Leva di Archimede

Non GM status Of Rice Threatened
December 11, 2006
By Chris Gupta www.newmediaexplorer.org/chris

EU, India to Seek Free Trade Pact
September 27, 2006
By www.bilaterals.org

You Don't Want GM Foods? Too Bad
August 09, 2006
By Michael Meacher (Telegraph.co.uk)

European Union Bans Atrazine, While the United States Negotiates Continued Use
August 07, 2006
By Jennifer Beth Sass, PhD, Aaron Colangelo, JD Provided by Steve Tvedten

EU Guilty of Concealing GMO Documents
July 19, 2006
By Friends of the Earth Europe

My Luxembourg Morning
July 08, 2006
By Scott Tips Editor of Health Freedom News Board Member and Legal Counsel for NHF

Polish GE Seed Ban Big Step Towards Sustainability
June 03, 2006
By Greenpeace

May 05, 2006
By Tamara Theresa Mosegaard www.mayday-info.dk

EU Food Watchdog Whitewashing Aspartame: Cancers 'Not Due To Sweetener'
May 05, 2006
By Sepp Hasslberger www.newsmediaexplorer.org/sepp

EU Approves Genetically Modified Foods Despite Serious Concerns New documents Reveal EU Commission's Double Standards
April 18, 2006
By Friends of the Earth Europe/Greenpeace

EU Alters GMO Assessments to Satisfy Resistant Member States
April 17, 2006
By http://www.ens-newswire.com/

Health Claims and Dubious Media Articles in Europe
March 02, 2006
By Paul Anthony Taylor

WTO Orders: Europeans Eat GMO - Africans Next In Line Vow To Resist
February 09, 2006
By Sepp Hasslberger www.newsmediaexplorer.org/sepp

ANH Press Release
February 09, 2006

Austria Bans Monsanto GM Rape
January 23, 2006
By Friends of the Earth www.foe.co.uk

EU Commission Allows GM Contamination of Organic Farming
December 29, 2005
By Friends of the Earth

Mental Health: EU Green Paper Invites Comments
November 25, 2005
By Sepp Hasslberger www.newmediaexplorer.org/sepp

Herbal Remedies Under Threat From 'Ludicrous' Law
November 02, 2005
By Nicole Martin

Food Supplements: Too Much Precaution May Be Bad For Your Health
October 13, 2005
By Sepp Hasslberger www.newmediaexplorer.org

The Summer of Our Discontent How the Codex Commission lost its rulebook and the European Court of Justice found its own.
September 02, 2005
By Scott Tips Editor of Health Freedom News Board Member and Legal Counsel for NHF

Beware the Secret Heart of the EU
August 08, 2005
By Ashley Mote

July 28, 2005
By Tamara Theresa Mosegaard www.mayday-info.dk

July 25, 2005
By Scott Tips Editor of Health Freedom News Board Member and Legal Counsel for NHF

A Call to Action: How We Can Beat the European Food Supplements Directive
July 13, 2005
By Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) www.NewsTarget.com

'We Become Silent' - A New Documentary - Exposes the Dangers of the EU Food Supplements Directive, Free Trade, and Codex Alimentarius Kevin Miller (Natural Healing International, Inc.)
July 01, 2005

April 20, 2005
By Louise Mclean

Judge Offers Hope of Reprieve for 5,000 Vitamins and Health Foods
April 12, 2005
By Sam Lister, Health Correspondent www.timesonline.co.uk/newspaper

EU Judge Rules Food Supplement Laws 'Invalid'
April 05, 2005
By Geoff Meade, PA Europe Editor, in Brussels

March 20, 2005
By Tamara Theresa Mosegaard www.mayday-info.dk

Nutrition and Health Claims Regulation
March 19, 2005
By Alliance for Natural Health

Food Supplements: Italy Allows More Nutrient Sources
March 13, 2005
By Sepp Hasslberger www.newmediaexplorer.org

EU Supplements Directive 'Is Good For Consumers' - British MP
February 03, 2005
By Sepp (Josef) Hasslberger www.newmediaexplorer.org

Why Do Meddling Eurocrats Want to Ban Your Vitamin Pills? (Could it be anything to do with the drug giants hoping for huge profits?)
January 25, 2005
By Daily Mail

Announcement to All on ANH Lawsuit Court Attendance
January 13, 2005
By Louise Mclean, Zeus Information Service

Vote Against Blair, Says Cherie Guru in Vitamin Pills Row
January 11, 2005
By Zeus Information Service

Herbal Medicines: Italy Seeks Clarification
January 04, 2005
By Sepp (Josef) Hasslberger

Government 'Has Given in to EU Ban on Health Food Supplements'
January 03, 2005
By Colin Brown

EU Rules Threatening to Sweep Away Vitamin Pills
December 29, 2004
By Gaby Hinsliff, Political Editor - The Observer

Food Supplements: European Court To Hear Anti-Prohibition Case In January
December 09, 2004
By Sepp (Josef) Hasslberger

Overview: The Differences between Codex and the EU Food Supplements Directive
October 22, 2004
By Paul Anthony Taylor

Saving Us from Ourselves - Codex
October 18, 2004
By Chris Gupta (www.newmediaexplorer.org)

The French Prohibition on Words Related to Healing
September 25, 2004
By Emma Holister www.Candidainternational.org

Whose Truth About Vitamins?
September 17, 2004
By ANH Press Release

EU Health Products Directives To Have 'Serious International Impact'
September 13, 2004
By Sepp (Josef) Hasslberger

The Trouble With the EU
June 16, 2004
By Jude Blanchette

Food Supplements in Europe - What is the Problem?
April 21, 2004
By Sepp (Josef) Hasslberger

Beating Cancer Nature's Way
January 04, 2004
By the Alliance for Natural Health

EU to extend concept of medicine - eliminate "borderline products"
December 20, 2003
By Sepp (Josef) Hasslberger NHF Advisory Board Member

Will supplements be classified as medicines in Europe?
December 18, 2003
By the Alliance for Natural Health

October 17, 2003
By Alliance for Natural Health Press Release

Europe Threatening To Ban Dietary Supplements International Assistance Needed To Stop Draconian EU Vitamin Laws
June 26, 2003
By John C. Hammell

Supplement Industry Under Massive Global Assault What You Can Do To Fight Back
June 11, 2003
By John C. Hammell

While Americans Slept
May 24, 2003
By A. Ofria

Health Freedom is Under Global Stealth Attack
May 16, 2003
By John C. Hammell