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60 Lab Studies Now Confirm Cancer Link To A Vaccine You Probably Had As A Child
March 04, 2013
By Liberty Beacon

Dumbed-down Populations Accept Outrageous Vaccine Logic
February 05, 2013
By Jon Rappoport

Woman's Suffrage Movement And Mandatory Vaccination
January 12, 2013
By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO

Documents Show Merck Paid This Popular Website $3.5 Million Dollars for Promoting Vaccines
January 11, 2013
By Jeffry John Aufderheide

Should Thimerosal Ban In Vaccines Be Lifted?
December 18, 2012
By Ed Silverman

Progressives, Dutifully Taking Your Children to Be Genetically Engineered
December 02, 2012
By Andrew Baker

The Flu Vaccine: More Hype Than Substance?
October 01, 2012
By Attorney Jonathan Emord

Dangerous Banned Vaccine Repackaged and Given New Name
September 23, 2012
By Christina England

Dangerous Banned Vaccine Repackaged and Given New Name
September 23, 2012
By Christina England

How Many Of These Vaccine Facts Do You Know?
September 06, 2012
By Jon Rappoport

New Requirement for Vaccine Exemption Passed by Senate
August 31, 2012
By Lisa Aliferis

Dirty Tricks Alert: Bill Gates Will Smear and Slime Anti-Vaccine Advocates
August 27, 2012
By Jon Rappoport

Vaccine Fails to Protect Babies Against Whooping Cough
July 31, 2012
By The Extinction Protocol

Physician's Warranty of Vaccine Safety
May 30, 2012

Why is GMO Hepatitis B Vaccine Given to Newborn Babies?
May 13, 2012
By Barbara Peterson

California - AB2109 JUST PASSED Appropriations Committee
May 06, 2012

Vaccines And Autism: The Secret That You Are Not Supposed To Know
March 31, 2012
By The American Dream

Health Authorities Now Admit Severe Side Effects of Vaccination
March 19, 2012
By Karin Munsterhjelm-Ahumada, M.D.

Medical Study Confirms Gardasil Dangers Exposed By Judicial Watch
March 03, 2012
By Judicial Watch

Doctors Now ‘Firing’ Patients Who Reject Vaccination
February 21, 2012
By Mike Barrett

Vitamin C Prevents Vaccination Side Effects; Increases Effectiveness
February 13, 2012
By Thomas E Levy, MD, JD

Officials Recommend the HPV Vaccine for All Boys/ NYTimes
February 09, 2012
By Meryl Nass, M.D.

Philosophical Exemption Under Attack in Vermont
January 22, 2012
By National Vaccine Information Center

Flu Vaccine: No Good Evidence
January 16, 2012
By Damien Downing, M.D.

Mandatory Bacterial Meningitis Vaccine Required for New College Students
January 08, 2012
By Nicole Morten

The CDC Has Known All Along How Dangerous Vaccines Are - And Has Covered It Up... (Part Five)
January 04, 2012
By Consumer Advocate Tim Bolen

Support Kansans For Vaccine Rights' Conscientious Exemption HB 2094
January 03, 2012
By Dr. Stephen C. L'Hommedieu

Survey of Vaccinated Children
December 13, 2011
By Andreas Bachmair

SIGA's Sweetheart Deal for Smallpox Drug Questioned by Anderson Cooper/ CNN
December 12, 2011
By Meryl Nass MD

The Healthiest Children In The Future Will Be Unvaccinated
December 07, 2011
By PreventDisease.com

Should Boys Be Given the HPV Vaccine? The Science Is Weaker than the Marketing
December 05, 2011
By Jeanne Lenzer

Smoke, Mirrors, and the “Disappearance” Of Polio
November 22, 2011
By International Council on Vaccination

More Children Skipping Vaccines In Some States
November 10, 2011
By Ed Silverman

California Gov Signs Controversial Vaccine Law
October 09, 2011
By Ed Silverman

This Year's Flu Vaccine: Setting Things Straight
October 05, 2011
By Dr. Meryl Nass, M.D.

What Vaccine Schedule? More Parents Delay Shots
October 02, 2011
By Ed Silverman

Mandatory Flu Shots For Conn. Children's Medical Center Employees
September 29, 2011
By Citizens for Legitimate Government

California AB499 Important Information (Child Vaccine)
September 11, 2011
By Sheri Nakken

The Health Liberty Revolution & Forced Vaccination
August 29, 2011
By Barbara Loe Fisher

Infant Mortality Rates Regressed Against Number of Vaccine Doses Routinely Given: Is There a Biochemical or Synergistic Toxicity?
August 29, 2011
By Neil Z Miller and Gary S Goldman

US Department of State Urged to Support Ban of Mercury in Vaccines
August 25, 2011
By Mercury Free Drugs

Under Attack In Colorado
August 03, 2011

Seasonal Flu Vaccines, Are They Safe Or Necessary?
August 02, 2011
By Mary Tocco

Is That Plastic Shrink Wrap In Your Merck Vaccine?
July 28, 2011
By Ed Silverman

Testimony To Massachusetts Legislators on H1055 & Right to School For Vaccine Exempt Children
July 21, 2011

Preliminary Results of the State of Health of Unvaccinated Children
June 26, 2011
By Andreas Bachmair

Most Parents Still Have Concerns About Vaccines
June 08, 2011
By Ed Silverman

Georgia Court Blocks Family From Vaccine Lawsuit
May 17, 2011
By Ed Silverman

Vaccines And Blue Foot Syndrome
May 17, 2011
By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO

Florida Legislature Refuses to Limit Mercury in Vaccines
May 13, 2011
By Mercury-free drugs.org

Federal Court Compensated 83 Vaccine-Injured Autistic Children
May 11, 2011
By Alliance for Human Research Protection

Vaccine Ingredients: a List
May 03, 2011
By Meryl Nass, M.D.

Are Vaccines Obsolete?
May 03, 2011
By P Daniels

Survey State of Health of Unvaccinated Children
April 28, 2011
By Andreas Bachmair

NVIC Says AAP Destroying Public Trust by Bullying Parents Instead of Being Partners in Preventing Vaccine Reactions
April 27, 2011
By National Vaccine Information Center

Maine Legislators Consider Two Bills On Vaccination
April 15, 2011
By Meryl Nass, M.D.

Film Seeks To Spur Discussion on Vaccine Safety
April 07, 2011
By Anthony Kaufman

Vaccines And Autism: A New Scientific Review
April 05, 2011
By Sharyl Attkisson

A Mothers’s Concerns – And First Do No Harm
April 05, 2011
By Rosie Shyla Boyle

Attacks On Vaccine Exemptions
March 28, 2011
By National Vaccine Information Center

New Vaccine Film Premieres In Dallas
March 28, 2011

Stop Damaging Children With Influenza Vaccines
March 17, 2011
By Peter J. Collingnon, Peter Doshi & Tom Jefferson

Swine Flu: Lessons Not Learned And Health Freedom Increasingly At Risk!
March 17, 2011
By Global Researchers

Chicken Pox/Shingles Virus Transmitted By The Vaccinated
March 10, 2011
By Bruce Jancin

The "Business" Of Drugs: Updates On The Vaccine Controversies And More
March 08, 2011
By World Institute of Natural Health Sciences

U.S. Supreme Court Betrays U.S. Consumer: Big Pharma Given Total Liability Shield for Vaccines
February 25, 2011

Washington State Vaccine Bill Threatens Exemptions & Violates Privacy
February 17, 2011

IMPORTANT UPDATE! The Hearing For Bill A2450 Has Been Canceled Again! We Deserve To Have our Voices Heard!
February 09, 2011
By New Jersey Coalition for Vaccination Choice

New Jersey-The Conscientious Vaccination Exemption Bill (A 2450) Is Posted For A Hearing
February 04, 2011

Why Flu Shots May Not Be Worth The Risk
January 26, 2011
By Kathryn Minniti

Elias Tembenis, Another Vaccine-Injury Case
January 21, 2011
By Alliance for Human Research Protection

Outbreaks Prove That Whooping Cough Vaccines Don't Work
January 11, 2011
By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO

State Of Health Of Unvaccinated Children - Participate In The Survey
January 11, 2011
By Vaccine Injury.info

Vaccines Side Effects - The DTaP Vaccine
January 07, 2011
By Mary Tocco

Vaccines Side Effects - H1N1 Flu Vaccine
December 28, 2010
By Mary Tocco

Narcolepsy Surge In Sweden & Finland For Children Jabbed With Swine Flu Vaccine
December 15, 2010
By Helsingin Sanomat

Myths and Facts: Study Verifies That There Is No Value In Any Flu Vaccine
December 14, 2010
By Prevent Disease.com

Ireland Reports 64 Cases of “Adverse Reactions” to HPV Vaccine
December 09, 2010
By Hilary White

Judge Refuses to Order Vaccinations
December 06, 2010
By Kevin Martin

The Vaccine Warning And The Movie Theater Chain
December 02, 2010
By Ed Silverman

UK Citizens Unable To Opt Out Of Swine Flu Vaccine Despite Deadly Adverse Reactions
October 25, 2010
By Jo Macfarlane

Experts Admit Swine Flu Jab 'May Cause' Deadly Nerve Disease
October 18, 2010
By Jo Macfarlane

Prevention & Treatment of Vaccine Damages
October 13, 2010
By Mark Sircus Ac., OMD

Vaccine Damage Reports
September 24, 2010
By Andreas Bachmair

Polysorbate 80 In Swine Flu Vaccines = Infertility In Humans
September 21, 2010
By Organic Health

Immunization Graphs
September 10, 2010
By The One Click Group

Finland Suspends Swine Flu Vaccine As Children Struck Down With Narcolepsy
August 25, 2010
By Helsingin Sanomat

Using Fear & Prejudice to Attack Vaccine Exemptions
August 10, 2010
By Barbara Loe Fisher

Vaccines Beneath The Surface
August 03, 2010
By Investigating Journalist Jon Rappoport

FDA Proposes Dangerous Vaccine Rule Change
June 23, 2010
By Barbara Loe Fisher (National Vaccine Information Center)

More Than A Pinprick
June 21, 2010
By Vijay Simha

Report Condemns Swine Flu Experts' Ties To Big Pharma
June 20, 2010
By Randeep Ramesh (www.guardian.co.uk)

WHO Panel To Get Pharma Swine Flu Documents
May 19, 2010
By Pharmalot

First Do No Harm, The Precautionary Principle And The Autism Epidemic
April 26, 2010
By Philip Rudnick

H1N1 Spread Linked to Seasonal Flu Shots
April 09, 2010
By Prakash Sharma

The Dark Side of the Routine Newborn Vitamin K Shot
March 29, 2010
By Dr. Mercola

Vaccines 'Are Making Our Dogs Sick as Vets Cash In'
March 01, 2010
By Alison Smith Squire The Daily Mail

Pandemic Response Project Assists With Vaccine Waiver / Exemption Rights
February 22, 2010

New Hampshire Jan. 28 NH Conscientious Belief Exemption Hearing
January 24, 2010
By Dawn Richardson, NVIC Director of State Advocacy

UK Government Squandered More Than £1 Billion On Swine Flu Con
January 21, 2010
By Press Association

Detoxing From Vaccines
January 06, 2010
By Dr. Janet Starr Hull

Forced Vaccinations, Government, and the Public Interest
December 03, 2009
By Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D.

Critique Of Dr Diane Harper's Comments On Gardasil® Vaccine
December 02, 2009
By Judy Wilyman Ph.D. Candidate Murdoch University

Swine Flu Hysteria Confirmed Anew
December 02, 2009
By Chris Reed (Union-Tribune)

France - 70% Refusing Swine Flu Vaccine
November 10, 2009
By Michael Cosgrove (Flesh & Stone)

Physicians & Health Professionals Speak Out on the Risks of ALL Vaccines
October 26, 2009
By Eileen Dannemann

One Reason Not To Give Your Kids The H1N1 Flu Vaccine
October 23, 2009
By Shane Ellison M. Sc. (Original on NewsWithViews.com)

75% Of Finns Say No To Swine Flu Vaccine
October 22, 2009
By http://theoneclickgroup.co.uk/

Albany Judge Blocks Vaccination Rule
October 17, 2009
By Anemona Hartocollis and Sewell Chan

Top Insurer Tells 1,000 GPs Not to Give Swine Flu Vaccine
October 16, 2009
By Eilish O'Regan (Irish Independent)

Can Vitamin D Help Prevent H1N1 Swine Flu From Spreading?
October 14, 2009
By Byron J. Richards, CCN (original on NewsWithViews.com)

New York Nurses To Sue Over Swine Flu Vaccines (They object to state mandating health workers be vaccinated)
October 14, 2009
By Scott Waldman (TimesUnion.com)

Mandatory Vaccination Is An Assault On Individual Liberty
October 12, 2009
By Attorney Jonathan Emord Original on (NewsWithViews.com)

What To Do if You are Forced to Take Swine Flu Shot
October 05, 2009
By Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D.

A Heretic's View Of Influenza's Role In Health & Disease
October 04, 2009
By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO (original on NewsWithViews.com)

Study Clearly Demonstrates That Aluminum Found in Vaccines Can Cause Neurologic Damage
September 30, 2009
By Roman Bystrianyk

Protesters Rally Against Swine Flu Vaccine
September 30, 2009
By Politics on the Hudson

Homeopathy For H1N1
September 29, 2009
By Dr. Carolyn Dean, MD, ND (original om NewsWithViews)

Rule Suspended That Limits Amount of Mercury in Vaccines Given to Pregnant Women and Children
September 29, 2009
By Seattle Times

Swine Flu Prompts Changes to Mental Health Act
September 28, 2009
By Management in Practice

18 Reasons Why You Should Not Vaccinate Your Children Against The Flu
September 27, 2009
By Bill Sardi, Knowledge of Health, Inc. (original on NewsWithViews.com)

Support Maine's Vaccination Freedom Bill
September 21, 2009

The Swine Flu Vaccine - More Dangerous Than the Disease
September 21, 2009
By Alliance of Registered Homeopaths

Using Nutrition To Help Perceive And Combat Swine Flu
September 18, 2009
By Byron J. Richards, CCN (original on NewsWithViews.com)

Reports Big Pharma Is Testing "Mock" Viruses In Vaccines
September 13, 2009
By Dr. Leonard Horowitz

France to Use Swine Flu to Gut Laws
September 09, 2009

The Narrow Scope Of Flu Vaccine Usefulness
September 09, 2009
By Byron J. Richards, CCN (original on NewsWithViews.com)

Nurses Needed to Give Flu Shots
September 08, 2009

Flu Vaccines And The Risk Of Cancer
September 04, 2009
By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO (original on NewsWithViews.com)

Doctors May Refuse Swine Flu Vaccine
August 28, 2009
By Sarah Boseley

Mandatory Vaccinations? Tell Feds And States To 'Stick It'
August 24, 2009
By Devvy Kidd © 2009 - NewsWithViews.com

Layman's Response to Massachusetts Mandatory Vaccination Issue
August 24, 2009

Swine Flu Pandemic Declared On False Pretences - Drug Barons And Government Dealers Clean Up
August 18, 2009
By Shane Ellison M. Sc. (original on NewsWithViews.com)

Cervical Cancer Vaccines - Renewed Safety Questions
August 18, 2009
By Marie McCullough Philadelphia Inquirer

The Truth About the Swine Flu Shot
August 06, 2009
By Felix Ravikovich

Squalene: The Swine Flu Vaccine's Dirty Little Secret Exposed
August 04, 2009
By Dr. Mercola

Refusing Vaccination Labels You A 'Criminal', So Says WHO
July 30, 2009
By Marti Oakley (www.farmwars.info)

The Terrifying World Of Vaccine Adjuvants VRAN - Vaccination Risk Awareness Network
July 21, 2009
By Edda West

ESSENTIAL VIEWING - "60 Minutes" Expose on 1976 Swine Flu Vaccine and the Obscene Fraud on the American Public
July 15, 2009
By Jay Newman

Vaccine May Be More Dangerous Than Swine Flu
July 14, 2009
By NHF member Dr. Russell Blaylock

Swine Flu Vaccine to be Cleared after Five-day Trial
July 13, 2009
By http://timesonline.co.uk/

Swine Flu Vaccine To Be Given To Entire Population
July 12, 2009
By Ben Leach (Telegraph.co.uk)

Swine Flu Vaccine: Will We Have A Choice?
July 10, 2009
By Barbara Loe Fisher (President of the National Vaccine Information Center)

Vaccines: Mandatory Swine Flu Vaccine Risks
July 10, 2009
By Fred Burkes

How To Legally Say "NO" To All Vaccines!
June 28, 2009

Neutralising The Toxicity Of Vaccines
June 19, 2009
By Jagannath Chatterjee (Bangladesh's Independent News Source)

Vaccine in Children Causing Brain Damage
June 18, 2009
By Benjamin Zeller

Autism, Vaccine Toxins And Pharmaceutical Industry Dollars
June 15, 2009
By Dr. Jay Gordon

Readying Americans for Dangerous, Mandatory Vaccinations
June 10, 2009
By Stephen Lendman of Global Research

The Mandatory Vaccine: The Secret Plan Against the Flu
June 01, 2009
By Citizens for Legitimate Government

If Vaccines Become Compulsory, The UK State Must Fund Compensation
May 14, 2009
By Dr Peter Mansfield

Humans, Hogs May Eat Their Way to Flu Resistance
May 12, 2009
By Bryan Salvage of Meat & Poultry.com Provided by Dr. Rebecca Carley

Court Rules Against Lawsuits Over Vaccine Injuries
April 02, 2009
By Jon Hood (ConsumerAffairs.com)

Education About Toxic Vaccines Is Sweeping The Nation
March 18, 2009
By Mary Tocco (original on NewsWithViews.com)

Calls For Cervarix HPV Vaccine To Be Suspended In The UK
March 12, 2009
By Daily Mail Reporter

Jab makers linked to vaccine programme
March 09, 2009
By Lucy Johnston (Sunday Express)

Accidental' Contamination Of Vaccine With Live Avian Flu Virus Virtually Impossible
March 09, 2009
By Paul Joseph Watson

UK Government Vaccines Director Threatens Legal Action Against One Click
March 04, 2009
By Jane Bryant (www.TheOneClickGroup.co.uk)

AUS Health Officials Recommend Study Idea on Vaccinated vs. Unvaccinated Children Will Media Take Note
March 04, 2009
By David Kirby

AMA Trying to Stop Religious Exemptions for Vaccinations
March 03, 2009
By Dr. Rebecca Carley

Chicken Pox Vaccine Funded By Taxpayer Set To Cause 50% Rise In Cases Of Shingles
March 03, 2009
By Jerome Burne (Daily Mail)

Another Autism Case Wins In USA Vaccine Court
February 26, 2009
By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and David Kirby

Toxic Novartis Meningitis C Vaccine- Emergency Recall UK
February 26, 2009
By Steve Connor (The Independent)

The MMR Vaccine Is Not Holy Water
February 17, 2009
By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO NewsWithViews.com

Tables Turning: Vaccine Proponents Becoming Increasingly On The Defensive
February 12, 2009
By The Idaho Observer

Gardasil: More Adverse Reactions and Scandals
February 04, 2009
By NewsInferno.com

How Important is Hepatitis B Vaccination at Birth?
February 02, 2009
By Deanna Gromowski

The Politics and Commerce of Autism
January 25, 2009
By The One Click Group

Aluminum In Vaccines - A Neurological Gamble
January 21, 2009
By Think Twice

Autism Explosion Followed Big Change in MMR Shot
January 13, 2009
By Dan Olmsted

To Encourage Others
January 10, 2009
By Martin J. Walker MA

Award Winning Lina Moreco Launches Vaccine Film
January 09, 2009
By The One Click Group

Cancer Experts Slam HPV Vaccine
December 30, 2008
By The Times of India

US Government Refuses To Help Gulf War Vets
December 29, 2008
By Jake Stump Charleston Daily Mail

Nobel Prize Bought By Pharma Kick Back
December 01, 2008
By Celia Farber (Newsmax.com)

First Report Linking Vaccine Aluminium With ME/CFS
November 20, 2008
By OneClickGroup

Top Ten Concerns About the Future of Vaccination
November 13, 2008
By Dan Schultz, DC

Merck's Gardasil Should Not Be Mandatory: Report
November 12, 2008
By Pharmalot

Vaccines And Autism - Thank You Bob Wright
November 11, 2008
By The OneClickGroup

MMR May Harm Your Child
October 30, 2008
By The OneClickGroup

Flu Shots For The Elderly Are Ineffective
October 23, 2008
By Orthomolecular Medicine News Service

Anthrax Vaccine Safety Data - Will CDC Panel Advise Mandatory Shots for First Responders?
October 20, 2008
By Alliance for Human Research Protection www.ahrp.org

Anthrax Mass Deadly Vaccine Project - Liability Vanishes
October 20, 2008
By The One Click Group

Dr Paul King Reviews Florida Autism Task Force Report
October 20, 2008
By The One Click Group

New Jersey Mandates Flu Shots For Children
October 17, 2008
By Ridgely Ochs www.newsday.com

Vaccine Freedom Rally & Lawsuits: Saving the Children
October 15, 2008
By Barbara Loe Fisher www.nvic.org

UK Government Fears Vaccine Backlash
October 15, 2008
By The One Click Group

Update On Forced Vaccinations In Maine
October 08, 2008
By Scott Tips

Wyeth Can Be Sued For Thimerosal In A Vaccine
October 07, 2008
By Pharmalot

Big Pharma Ties Want to Shut Down Vaccine 'Conspiracy Theories'
October 04, 2008
By Dr. Mercola

Vaccine Damage Cover Up - US Defense Department/British MOD
September 26, 2008
By The One Click Group www.theoneclickgroup.co.uk

Congress & Senate Rally For Vaccines/Autism Briefing
September 24, 2008
By The One Click Group www.theoneclickgroup.co.uk

Want To Become An American Citizen? Take Your Vaccines Or Go Home!
September 05, 2008
By Health Truth Revealed www.healthtruthrevealed.com

40 Infallible Reasons Why You Should Not Vaccinate Infants
August 30, 2008
By Jagannath Chatterjee (Fighting Vaccines Since 1985)

Parents On The Run With Baby After Refusing Vaccination
August 30, 2008
By Kate Benson (Brisbane Times)

Public Increasingly Skeptical Of Vaccine Promotions Age of Autism
August 01, 2008
By Anne Dachel

Doctors Make Millions From Vaccines Endorsement
July 13, 2008
By Alliance for Human Research Protection

Doctors' Advice - Do Not Vaccinate Children For Chickenpox
July 12, 2008
By Express India Provided by www.theoneclickgroup.cp.uk

1 in 88 Children With Autism/ASD In Military Families
July 09, 2008
By F. Edward Yazbak, MD, FAAP & Raymond W. Gallup

Reasons To Just Say No To Vaccines
July 09, 2008
By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO

Girls Paralysed By Gardasil Vaccine Sue Merck
July 08, 2008
By http://www.theoneclickgroup.co.uk/

Gardasil Vaccine - Deaths And Adverse Reactions Update
July 02, 2008
By Alliance for Human Protection www.ahrp.org

What You Need to Know About the New Flu Shots
June 30, 2008
By Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny

FDA Approves 5-In-1 Pediatric Vaccine
June 24, 2008
By http://www.pharmalot.com/

Vaccination Victory In Maine
June 23, 2008
By Scott Tips and Pamela Gerry

23 People Die and 123 Are Hospitalised after Being Given Flu Vaccine
June 21, 2008
By AHFA (Australia)

AAP Leadership Fights Informed Vaccine Choices
June 19, 2008
By Barbara Loe Fisher www.nvic.org

Hidden CDC Data Confirms Vaccine-Autism
June 12, 2008
By CoMeD, Inc.

Obey The Med School Grad With Needle Or My Conscience?
June 11, 2008
By Barbara Loe Fisher

Sick Monkeys: Research Links Vaccine Load, Autism Signs
May 16, 2008
By Dan Olmsted

Long Shot? Autism And Vaccines Trial Begins
May 12, 2008
By Pharmalot www.pharmalot.com

FDA Warns Merck To Fix Vaccine Plant Problems
May 01, 2008
By Linda A. Johnson (Associated Press)

Efforts to Make Gardasil Mandatory Stall in Some States
April 24, 2008
By NewsInferno.com www.newsinferno.comc

Toxic Anthrax Vaccine Forced On Military Recruits
April 23, 2008
By Barbara Loe Fisher http://www.nvic.org

Child Pneumonia Caused By Vaccine
April 14, 2008
By Jeremy Laurance www.independent.co.uk

Pediatrician Slams AAP Policy On Vaccines
April 12, 2008
By K.P. Stoller/Medical Veritas 5 (2008) 16991700 1699

How To Prevent Vaccine Injury
April 11, 2008
By Byron J. Richards, CCN

Vaccine Lottery Unacceptable To Parents Jenny McCarthy and the Autism Dilemma
April 08, 2008
By Alison Rose Levy (The Huffington Post)

Top Ten Concerns About the Future of Vaccination
April 08, 2008
By Dan Schultz, DC

Multiple Vaccines Schedule - Risks Unknown
April 04, 2008
By Bill Leonard

Jenny McCarthy Crucifies Vaccine AAP On Larry King Live 85% of Larry King viewers think autism and vaccination are related
April 03, 2008
By Barbara Loe Fisher http://www.nvic.org

Can Vaccines Cause Autism? CDC: "We Don't Know"
March 29, 2008
By David Kirby (The Huffington Post)

Vaccines, Neurodevelopment and Autism Spectrum Disorders
March 12, 2008
By Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.

MMR Vaccine Damage: Dr. Wakefield Defends Research
March 06, 2008
By Sepp Hasslberger www.newmediaexplorer.org/sepp

Sticking Point: Government Concedes Vaccine Case
March 06, 2008
By Ed Silverman www.pharmalot.com

U.S. Vaccine Maker Target Of Homocide Investigation
March 03, 2008
By Jim Kouri

Let Parents Tell The Vaccine Truth Some want personal vaccine exemption restored
March 02, 2008
By Andale Gross

The AAP Knows Vaccines Cause Autism
February 25, 2008
By Dr. David Ayoub

Mercury Is Good for You (Short Video)
February 25, 2008
By http://www.brasschecktv.com/

Toxic Vaccines Cause SIDS
February 22, 2008
By Ingri Cassel (www.idaho-observer.com)

Flu Vaccine Misses Flu Strains....Again
February 18, 2008
By Barbara Loe Fisher http://www.nvic.org

The UK MMR Vaccine Trial Demonstration
February 13, 2008
By The One Click Group (UK)

End Profit Driven Vaccination Racket
February 12, 2008
By Evelyn Pringle (Scoop! Independent News New Zealand)

Are We Poisoning Our Kids In The Name Of Protecting Their Health?
February 11, 2008
By Generation Rescue www.generationrescue.org

Vaccines & Infant Death (SBS): Pediatrician Speaks Out on NVIC's The Doctor's Corner
February 05, 2008
By Barbara Loe Fisher National Vaccine Information Center

An Overview On The Polio Vaccine
January 27, 2008
By Mary Tocco

Vaccination Toxicity Can Cause Injury
January 16, 2008
By Mary Tocco (Original on www.NewsWithViews.com)

California-Oregon Unvaccinated Children Survey
January 08, 2008
By Generation Rescue www.generationrescue.org

Militant Enforcement Of U.S. Vaccine Policy Vaccine Police At Work in New York
January 04, 2008
By Barbara Loe Fisher www.nvic.org National Vaccine Information Center

The Great Thimerosal (Mercury) Vaccine Cover-up
December 30, 2007
By Dawn Prate

Vaccine Ingredients
December 28, 2007
By Informed Choice www.informedchoice.info

Health Canada Suspends MMR Vaccine
December 12, 2007
By The Canadian Press

Merck Recalls Contaminated Childhood Hib Vaccine
December 12, 2007
By The Chicago Tribune

The Autism-Vaccine Debate: Anything But Over
December 03, 2007
By David Kirby (The Huffington Post)

More on Mercury (+) Harmful Power
November 19, 2007
By Peter Tocci Health freedom Activist

Police with Dogs: Vaccinating Kids in Maryland
November 19, 2007
By Barbara Loe Fisher

No Panic. The Truth about Bird Flu, H5N1, Vaccines and AIDS
November 17, 2007
By Christopher Ray

Vaccines Threaten Up to 44,000 U.S. Soldiers
November 15, 2007
By Dr. Rebecca Carley

Hands On HPV
November 10, 2007
By Dr. Millie Lytle, ND

Gardasil: Conservative Group Trumpets Side Effects
October 09, 2007
By Pharmalot www.pharmalot.com

Combo Vaccine Study Proves Nothing
October 08, 2007
By Barbara Loe Fisher NVIC E-news

Bush Veto of Child Healthcare Bill Leaves Mercury in Vaccines
October 04, 2007
By Sepp Hasslberger www.newmediaexplorer.org/sepp

Soldier Faces Threats from Military After Refusing Anthrax Vaccine
September 17, 2007
By Julie Weisberg www.rawstory.com

Smallpox; Just one of many disasters waiting to happen
September 06, 2007
By Dr. Hans J. Kugler, Ph.D. International Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine

Costa Rica HPV Vaccine Trial Failed - Public Health vs. Private Wealth
August 26, 2007
By Alliance for Human Research Protection

Mercury's Costly Links to Autism
August 20, 2007
By Mary Vance www.ecologycenter.org

Anthrax Vaccine Fails Efficacy and Potency Tests
August 12, 2007
By Meryl Nass, M.D.

Britain Crucified By Vaccine Lab Biosecurity Breach
August 05, 2007
By The One Click Group (UK)

MeNZB Approaches Another Milestone (New Zealand)
July 30, 2007
By Ron Law

New Study: Vaccinated Boys 2.5 times More Likely Neurological Damage
July 25, 2007
By Alliance for Human Research Protection

President Bush to Veto Ban on Mercury in Flu Vaccines
July 23, 2007
By Alliance for Health Freedom Australia

July 15, 2007
By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO (Original on www.newswithviews.com)

The Court Of Public Opinion Decides
July 15, 2007
By Jane Bryant http://www.theoneclickgroup.co.uk/

Autism and Vaccines: Why are They Afraid to Look?
July 04, 2007
By Anne Dachel

June 26, 2007
By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO (original on www.NewsWithViews.com)

June 19, 2007
By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO Original at (www.NewsWithViews.com)

California Politicians Forcing HPV Vaccine
June 12, 2007
By Barbara Loe Fisher www.nvic.org

HPV Vaccine Not Cure All
June 08, 2007
By Bill Sardi

Military Disinformation Re: Anthrax Vaccine
April 06, 2007
By Alliance for Human Research Protection

The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You - "Mandatory" HPV Vaccination for Grade-School Girls
March 23, 2007
By Scott C. Tips Editor of Health Freedom News NHF President and Legal Counsel

The Danger of Overvaccination with the Present Vaccine Policy
March 22, 2007
By Dr. Russell Blaylock, M.D.

How Safe Are Vaccines?
March 21, 2007
By Crusador Health News Source: http://www.vaproject.org

March 16, 2007
By Devvy Kidd www.NewsWithViews.com - © 2007

The Mandatory HPV Vaccine: Where O Where is the Alt Med Community?
March 15, 2007
By Ekaterina Katz

Texas Governor Perry Took Merck Money Before Mandating Cervical Vaccine
February 26, 2007
By David Edwards and Mike Sheehan Provided by The Crusador www.healthtruthrevealed.com

Medical Insanity: Mercury Laced Flu Shots Recommended For Pregnant Women & Children
February 19, 2007
By The Crusador www.healthtruthrevealed.com (Original on www.putchildrenfirst.org)

Texas Governor's HPV Vaccine Order Carries No Force of Law
February 18, 2007
By Sepp Hasslberger www.newmediaexplorer.org/sepp

Vaccine Order Is Based on Politics, Not Science Gov. Rick Perry's arbitrary decision will enrich the giant pharmaceutical company, Merck
February 18, 2007
By Dr. Steven F. Hotze

FDA Reports that Rotavirus Vaccine May Harm Infants
February 13, 2007
By FDA Public Health Notification

February 08, 2007
By Donna Voetee (original on www.NewsWithViews.com)

February 08, 2007
By Devvy Kidd www.NewsWithViews.com - © 2007

Why You Should Avoid Taking Vaccines
February 07, 2007
By Dr. James Howenstine, M.D. www.naturalhealthteam.com

Mandatory Anthrax Vaccinations Raise Concerns
January 26, 2007
By Greg Gordon McClatchy Newspapers

Dan Olmsted - Autism's Dick Tracy
January 20, 2007
By Evelyn Pringle

Revealing Research About Vaccines: Dr. Gary Goldman Exposes Childhood Chickenpox Vaccination And The Epidemic Of Corruption
January 18, 2007
By Dr. Gary Goldman

January 01, 2007
By Phyllis M. Georgic, C. Hom. (USA)

December 16, 2006
By Greg Ciola

Senate Approves Burr's Bioterrorism Bill Critics warn about the effects of 'secret vaccine production'
December 12, 2006
By Mary M. Shaffrey

Tamiflu, Vaccines May Spark Pandemic 'Bird Flu'
November 25, 2006
By Sepp Hasslberger www.newmediaexplorer/sepp.org

November 20, 2006
By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO NewsWithViews.com

EMERGENCY ALERT! Great Danger Lurking In Flu Shots Health Risks Far Outweigh Benefits!
November 18, 2006
By Greg Ciola

Important Vaccination Injustice Case - Austin, Texas
November 15, 2006
By Ingri Cassel www.vaclib.org

Why the Compulsory Vaccination Laws Must Be Repealed NOW
November 02, 2006
By Ingri Cassel and Dewey Duffel www.idaho-observer.com

Controversial Norwegian Vaccine Used In New Zealand
October 18, 2006
By Sepp Hasslberger www.newmediaexplorer/sepp.org

October 16, 2006
By National Vaccine Information Center

Profit as Usual and to Hell with the Risks: Media Urge that Young Girls Receive Mandatory Cervical Cancer Vaccine
October 11, 2006
By Emma Holister

$75,000 Vaccine Offer
September 17, 2006
By Jock Doubleday www.SpontaneousCreation.org

GP Suspended for Changing Child's Medical Records
September 15, 2006
By the Rossendale Free Press www.therosendalefreepress.co/uk

Vaccination Information
August 18, 2006
By Patrick Quanten, M.D. Active Health www.activehealthcare.co.uk

Government Investigation Finds Autism Vaccine Related
August 13, 2006
By Evelyn Pringle

New Zealand: Meningitis Vaccination Shows Little Effect
August 05, 2006
By Sepp Hasslberger www.newmediaexplorer/sepp.org

Conventional Health "Experts" Now Recommend Cervical Cancer Vaccine for Boys
August 01, 2006
By Dr. Joseph Mercola www.mercola.com

Anaphylactic children - canaries in the public health mine shaft? Are vaccines responsible for the epidemic of anaphylaxis in young children today?
July 20, 2006
By Rita Hoffman Provided by Vaccination Risk Awareness Network

July 18, 2006
By Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, DO www.DrTenpenny.com

Backlash Fears Over Baby Jabs
May 27, 2006
By Kelly Andrew (The Dominion Post) www.stuff.co.nz/stuff

Autism and Vaccine
April 21, 2006
By Tim O'Shea, DC. www.chiroweb.com

Polio: the Virus and the Vaccine
April 19, 2006
By Janine Roberts www.theecologist.org

CDC Says Bird Flu Not Serious Threat to Humans
April 18, 2006
By Sepp Hasslberger www.newmediaexplorer/sepp.org

Battle Lines Drawn Over Mercury in Shots
April 10, 2006
By Paul Connett Fluoride Action Network

Betrayal of Trust
April 02, 2006
By Mark Sircus Ac., OMD Director International Medical Veritas Association www.MagnesiumForLife.com www.imva.info

Vaccines Show Sinister Side
March 23, 2006
By Pieta Woolley Vancouver Free Press

March 01, 2006
By Mark Sircus Ac., OMD International Medical Veritas Association (www.imva.info)

Iowa - Urgent: Potential Loss of Vaccine Accommodations in Iowa Legislature
February 21, 2006
By Eileen Dannemann Director, National Coalition of Organized Women www.ProgressiveConvergence.com

Vaccination: Gravy Train To Lifelong Sickness
February 21, 2006
By Sepp Hasslberger www.newmediaexplorer.org/sepp

Thimerosal: Proven Systemic Human Poison, Immunogen, and Autoimmunogen, and Suspect Human, Proven Animal, Tertatogen (Mutagen)
February 18, 2006
By Dr. Paul King Source: Crusador (www.healthliesexposed.com)

Multiple Vaccinations
February 14, 2006
By Mark Sircus Ac., OMD Director International Medical Veritas Association

Support the Repeal of Invasive TB Testing in Hawaii
February 12, 2006
By Ingri Cassel (Vaccination Liberation)

Former Science Chief: 'MMR Fears Coming True'
February 10, 2006
By Sue Corrigan www.dailymail.co.uk

Radio Show (Exposing the CDC)
January 30, 2006

Lessons in Low-Level Toxicity
January 23, 2006
By Mark Sircus Ac., OMD Director International Medical Veritas Association

Andrew Wakefield Conference The Origins of the Autism Epidemic
October 27, 2005

CODE RED ALERT: U.S. Senate Bill Broadly Eliminates Liability for Vaccines and Drugs
October 19, 2005
By Chris Gupta www.tinyurl.com/7vwvs

EMERGENCY ALERT: Great Danger Lurking In Flu Shots Health Risks Far Outweigh Benefits!
October 08, 2005
By Greg Ciola, CRUSADOR Editor

Doctors & No-Vaccine Families
October 05, 2005
By Mark Sircus Ac., OMD Director International Medical Veritas Association

August 18, 2005
By Eleanor McBean

Vaccination Information for Parents
August 18, 2005
By Erwin Alber (New Zealand)

Autism Reaches Epidemic Levels-Concerned Parents Believe Vaccines Are the Cause
August 06, 2005
By Greg Ciola, Editor of the Crusador Interviews April Oakes

FDA & CDC Smear Respected Independent Scientists and Researchers
August 03, 2005
By Evelyn Pringle www.onlinejournal.com

July 26, 2005
By FreeMarketNews.com

Children Won't Be Used In Vaccine Test Trials National Institutes of Health says it made a mistake
July 19, 2005
By Thomas D. Williams (Courant Staff Writer)

July 11, 2005
By Mark Sircus Ac., OMD International Medical Veritas Association

Deadly Immunity Robert F. Kennedy Jr. investigates the government cover-up of a mercury/autism scandal
July 02, 2005
By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

"Evidence of Harm" & "The Rising Tide of Mercury"
May 17, 2005
By Mark Sircus Ac., OMD

Vaccines, Statistics & The Media
April 29, 2005
By Zeus Information Service

Only Vaccinated Amish Children Are Autistic!
April 20, 2005

Activists Nationwide Respond to National Infant Immunization Week
April 14, 2005
By Press Release by Ingri Cassel (VacLib Director)

New Vaccines in Food 'Will Save Public from Diseases'
April 14, 2005
By Ian Johnston (Science correspondent) www.thescotsman.scotsman.com

Soldiers Shouldn't Be Guinea Pigs
April 12, 2005
By David Hackworth www.worldnetdaily.com

Parents Don't Know Who to Trust on Vaccinations
April 12, 2005
By Anne Michaud Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, PA

Playing Politics at Kids' Expense Bill Would Insulate Pharmaceutical Firms from Liability
April 10, 2005
By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

Parents Shoot Down Plan For Statewide Immunization Database
April 05, 2005
By The Denverchannel.com

Cancer Vaccine Will Be a Hard Sell Parents Balk at Idea of STD Drug for Kids
April 03, 2005
By Ed Silverman, Star-Ledger Staff

A Message from Alan
March 25, 2005
By Alan Yurko

Is It Child Abuse -- Or Something Else Entirely?
March 20, 2005
By Susan Pearce

Pharma Reticent About Mercury, Vaccine Damage
March 15, 2005
By Sepp Hasslberger www.newmediaexplorer.org

Are Biological Warfare Vaccines The Same As Routine Childhood Vaccines?
March 02, 2005
By Lee Bechtel National NHF Advocate

MERCK KNEW - '91 Memo Warned of Mercury in Shots
February 08, 2005
By Myron Levin, Times Staff Writer

Power and Profit v. Freedom and Individual Liberty: The Difference Between Provaccine and Antivaccine Movements
February 08, 2005
By Alan Yurko

Investigation Shows Chiron, Officials In NZ Vaccine 'Meningococcal Gold Rush'
February 07, 2005
By Sepp (Josef) Hasslberger www.newmediaexplorer.org

ACLU Vaccination Inquiry
January 17, 2005
By Robert Murdoch P.A. (Alan Yurko Project Mgr.)

The Final Yurko Update-Great News!
January 14, 2005

BioWar: Mandatory Anthrax Shots Loom Again
January 05, 2005

Safe Vaccine Lawsuit? Hmm...
December 30, 2004
By Chris Gupta www.newmediaexplorer.org

December 29, 2004

Mercury, Vaccines and Medicine
December 13, 2004
By Mark Sircus Ac., OMD Director International Medical Veritas Association

A User-Friendly Vaccination Schedule
December 10, 2004
By Donald W. Miller, Jr., MD Copyright © 2004 LewRockwell.com

Fear is No Reason to Trust Flu Vaccines
December 02, 2004
By Maureen Kennedy Salaman

"Vaccines Are Good Business for Drug Makers"
November 10, 2004
By Zeus Information Service

Arizona Judge Amends Parenting Plan, Orders Vaccinations Can a judge be unbiased when forced to rule whether or not his own order caused permanent injury to children?
November 10, 2004
By Don Harkins

U.S. Barred From Forcing Troops to Get Anthrax Shots
October 28, 2004
By Marc Kaufman Washington Post

October 25, 2004
By RFD Columnist, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny www.redflagsweekly.com

Anthrax Vax - Victims of Vaccine?
October 24, 2004
By Elizabeth Leland

Flu Crimes at the CDC
October 16, 2004
By Mark Sircus Ac., OMD International Medical Veritas Association

Principles of Vaccination
October 16, 2004
By Sylvie Simon

What?! No Flu SHOT? Relax. You Don't Need One.
October 10, 2004
By Dr. Meg Jordan, PhD, RN (Global Medicine Hunter Bulletin)

Hepatitis B Vaccine Reaction in Children
October 05, 2004
By Chris Gupta www.newmediaexplorer.org

ALERT: California Members AB 2943, Mercury Containing Vaccines
September 23, 2004

MMR and Autism - The Link Really Has Been Established
September 13, 2004
By Chris Gupta

September 04, 2004
By Russell Blaylock, M.D.

There Is a Link Between the MMR Jab and Autism - Claims New Research
August 29, 2004
By Rachel Ellis, Medical Correspondent

August 25, 2004
By Louise Mclean, LCCH, MARH

Institute of Medicine (IOM) Meeting Statement from Barbara Loe Fisher of NVIC
August 23, 2004

Be Truthful About Vaccines or Keep Away From My Children
August 15, 2004
By Carmen Reid (United Kingdom)

Are Vaccines Causing More Disease Than They are Curing?
July 24, 2004
By Alan Cantwell Jr., M.D.

The Yurko Project: Triumph Over Tragedy
June 04, 2004
By Francine Yurko Edited by Hans Sherrer

The Case of Janet Burton vs. Hutchinson
March 29, 2004

Medical Practice Loses the Capacity to See the Forest for the Trees
February 21, 2004
By Mark Sircus

February 14, 2004
By Alan Yurko

What's in Vaccines?
December 16, 2003
By Dawn Winkler

Are Vaccines Really Safe and Effective?
December 12, 2003
By Jock Doubleday

December 10, 2003

Mothers Lose MMR Shot Battle
July 02, 2003
By BBC News

February 01, 2003

Military Mandates Unnecessary, Uncertain Anthrax Vaccine
January 11, 2003
By NHF President Maureen Kennedy Salaman

20 Reasons Not To Take the New Smallpox Vaccine
January 09, 2003
By Amy Worthington

Interview of Ex-Vaccine Researcher
January 08, 2003
By Jon Rappoport