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The Chickenpox Vaccine: A New Epidemic of Disease and Corruption

Overview of The Chickenpox Vaccine: A New Epidemic of Disease and Corruption:

The Chickenpox Vaccine: A New Epidemic of Disease and Corruption
by Mark Orrin based on the research of Gary S. Goldman, Ph.D.

296 Pages     Size:  8.25"x11"  ISBN-10    0-9788383-1-9 (paperback) for The Chickenpox Vaccine

296 Pages     Size:  8.25" x11" ISBN-10    0-9788383-2-7 (Hardcover) for The Chickenpox Vaccine

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Revealing Research About Vaccines:
Dr. Gary Goldman Exposes Childhood Chickenpox Vaccination And The Epidemic Of Corruption

Big Pharma - and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control - may be risking the public's health in pursuit of big bucks.

by Dr. Gary Goldman
January 18, 2007

Gentle rumblings in communities across the United States have not as yet heightened to the point at which adverse effects due to the chickenpox vaccine are well-known by parents, pediatricians or the media - but preliminary evidence indicating that universal varicella (chickenpox) vaccination has the potential to create a shingles epidemic is what has driven Dr. Goldman to pen "The Chickenpox Vaccine: A New Epidemic of Disease And Corruption."

Despite concerted efforts by public health officials to restrain Dr. Goldman from publicizing studies and the links he uncovered, Goldman catalogues his undertakings as a research analyst and the long-lasting ill-effects that the universal varicella vaccination program will have on the U.S. population.

Since the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) moved to approve the chickenpox vaccine in March of 1995 - the same time Dr. Goldman served as a research analyst of a CDC-funded study on the effects of universal varicella vaccination - the potential for a decades long increase in the incidence of shingles among adults has often been suppressed. Shingles may involve excruciating pain and is a reactivation of the chickenpox virus. Both chickenpox and shingles derive from the same varicella-zoster virus. Shingles accounts for 75 percent of all medical costs associated with the varicella zoster virus and may cause hearing loss, blindness, facial paralysis, bladder impairment and the long-term debilitating pain even after the rash has resolved, termed post-herpetic neuralagia (PHN).

The facts remain as published in a study by W. Katherine Yih and others (including the CDC) - the incidence of adult shingles has increased by 90 percent from 1998 to 2003, during a time when chickenpox vaccination coverage has increased.

Following a study 300,000 people in the Antelope Valley Community (in Los Angeles county), Goldman's research for the CDC-funded Varicella Active Surveillance Program (VASP) indicated that exposure to a child with chickenpox provided an immunological "boost," to help postpone or protect against shingles - if childhood chickenpox were to be nearly eradicated, the benefit of exposure and thus natural protection against shingles would be lost.

Attempts by Goldman to share epidemiological studies and results with CDC officials and Merck & Co. representatives were rebuffed. While all positive trends concerning the dramatic decline in chickenpox were published, suppression of the deleterious trends Goldman presented and inability to continue objective research lead to his departure from from the program and to his submission of findings to peer-reviewed, scientific journals.

Since 2004, Goldman has served as editor-in-chief of a medical journal free from the conflicts of interest of the pharmaceutical industry. As a public advocate, he has authored numerous articles on varicella vaccination and shingles - working to raise awareness of the continual disease and treatment cycles fostered by varicella vaccination, booster vaccines, and shingles vaccines. As someone intimately connected to the research, The Chickenpox Vaccine lays bare the issues before the public.

"Whenever research data and information concerning potential adverse effects associated with a vaccine are suppressed and/or misrepresented by health authorities, not only is this most disturbing, this goes against all accepted scientific norms and compromises professional ethics," Goldman said. "It is now time to raise awareness of real health issues and call for accountability in medical research."

About Dr. Gary Goldman

Gary S. Goldman, Ph.D. is president and founder of Medical Veritas International Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity that supports medical/scientific research and education, seeks to challenge current medical practices by choosing alternatives to the aggressive paradigms of traditional medical orthodoxy, and initiate a climate of change in health and medicine. Since 2004, he has served as editor-in-chief of Medical Veritas, a journal free from advertising, offering untainted and uncompromised research.

Dr. Goldman has served as a reviewer for the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), The American Journal of Managed Care, and Vaccine. His biography is included in Marquis' 2005-2006 Who's Who in Science and Engineering and 2006 Who's Who in the World. Articles discussing Dr. Goldman's research have been published in JAMA, The Journal of American Physicians and Surgeons, Pediatrics, Vaccine, and The International Journal of Toxicology.

Along with his various authoring roles, he is director of Pear Blossom Private School for grades K through 12, which has provided quality educational programs to thousands of students throughout the United States since 1989.

Dr. Gary Goldman
President and founder of Medical Veritas International Inc., a non-profit 501(c)(3) public charity.

The Chickenpox Vaccine: A New Epidemic Of Disease And Corruption may be purchased online at 'http://www.injectionbook.com/chickenpoxvaccine.html'.