Engineering the Biosphere, An Unfolding Cataclysm

By Dane Wigington (
What you don’t know can hurt you. What if there were a monumental environmental threat that you didn’t even know was happening? What if you found out about this threat and then realized it was affecting your health and that of people you know and love? What if […]

NHF Call to Action for SB277

National Health Federation Call to Action
Steps available to defeat CA SB277 this week 
1. Call and email the CA Senate Health Committee that is set to review the bill Wednesday (April 8th).
Committee Address: State Capitol, Room 2191 Sacramento, California 95814
Senator Ed Hernandez (Chair)
Senator Janet Nguyen (Vice Chair)
Senator Isadore Hall, III
Senator Holly J. Mitchell
Senator Bill Monning
Senator […]

2014 National Health Federation Health Freedom Hero Award

2014 National Health Federation Health Freedom Hero Award
The NHF Board of Governors voted to present the NHF Health Freedom Hero Award for 2014 to Katherine A. Carroll, NTP, Associate Editor for her unceasing efforts on behalf of health freedom and the National Health Federation. Her Award was presented […]

The National Health Federation – In the Beginning

In the Beginning
The Exalted Spiritual Origins of the National Health Federation
(Part I of the History of the National Health Federation)
By Katherine A. Carroll, NTP, Associate Editor
The National Health Federation’s (NHF’s) spiritual origins spring from the fusion of one man’s consuming love for his wife Eva and a righteous indignation […]

The MMR Vaccine Spreads Infection


20 years ago, the MMR vaccine was found to infect virtually all of its recipients with measles. The manufacturer Merck’s own product warning links MMR to a potentially fatal form of brain inflammation caused by measles. Why is this evidence not being reported?

The Vaccinated Spreading Measles
The phenomenon of measles infection spread by MMR (live measles-mumps-rubella vaccine) […]