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Citing a US Supreme Court ruling earlier this year that federal law shields vaccine makers from product-liability lawsuits filed in state courts, the Georgia Supreme Court has reversed a closely watched and controversial 2008 ruling that a family could sue Pfizer’s Wyeth unit (read the opinion here).

At the time, the Georgia Supreme Court upheld an earlier decision by the Georgia Court of Appeals, which allowed the Ferrari family to pursue charges that thimerosal, the mercury-based preservative, caused their son to develop neurological problems. This was the first appellate court in the nation to hold that the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Compensation Act does not preempt state law.

The 1986 law says that a vaccine maker should not be held liable in a civil action if an injury was caused by unavoidable side effects, “even if the vaccine was properly prepared and was accompanied by proper directions and warnings.” The provision bars lawsuits in state courts, except for claims alleging a manufacturing defect or a failure to warn.

The Ferrari case prompted protests from the vaccine industry and numerous groups, including the US Chamber of Commerce, which argued federal law preempts state law and vaccine makers should not confront a hodge podge of state laws across the country (back story). Seven other states had sided with vaccine makers.

This past February, however, the US Supreme Court ruled 6 to 2 against the parents of another child who sued Wyeth in Pennsylvania. The court decided the 1986 law specifically preempts lawsuits against vaccine makers because the same law established a special vaccine court that spares manufacturers from the cost of defending against such lawsuits (read this).

I grow weary of people who continually want “proof” that vaccines cause harm and can cause autism. Every year the insistence for “More research!! More research!” goes by, four million more children born each year are lined up to be injected with dozens of doses of 16 different vaccines. Many of these precious bundles will become chronically ill; some will become statistics.

Webster defines proof as "something that induces certainty or establishes validity." What level of "proof" yet needs to be demonstrated that will be described as definitive confirmation? Video of children the day before, and then the day after, vaccines have documented autistic regression; the recordings are even admissible in Court as evidence. Is that enough "proof"? Heart wrenching stories about side effects after vaccines – high pitched screaming, vomiting, seizures and even death – have been told by the thousands of parents. Is that proof, or all they all liars?

By now, identifying vaccine injury should be obvious. But instead, it is much like the story of a child who dropped a large frozen turkey on his foot…

Within hours, his foot became bright blue. His parents, concerned because the child cried inconsolably and refused to walk, quickly sought medical help.

The doctor examined the young lad’s foot and said, “Hmmmm…. I see he is experiencing Blue Foot Syndrome. We don’t know what causes it but we are seeing more and more children with this condition in the last few years.”

The parents retort, “But Doctor – he started screaming and lost his ability to walk within a few hours after a frozen turkey landed on his foot."

“Tisk, tisk,” says the doctor. “We have proven that frozen turkeys have no link to Blue Foot Syndrome. In a study of more than 4 million kids, the number who developed a blue foot after being struck by a frozen turkey was statistically insignificant. We have determined something else must be causing Blue Foot Syndrome.”

With that, thousands of dollars of medical tests were conducted to find any possible reason for the boy's blue foot. Even though medical science had no explanation for the problem, doctors werecertain the thump by a frozen turkey was absolutely not the cause.

Sadly, the doctor informed the parents no reason for their child’s Blue Foot Syndrome was found. He affirmed the condition shows up randomly and was slightly more common in those with susceptible blood vessels. In fact, since 1 in 87 now seem to have this random Blue Foot Syndrome, and research is underway to find a defective gene to blame.

The devastated parents, terrified they may have a defective gene causing their child's pain and loss of ambulation, asked, "But doctor, there must be something we can do to help him walk and stop being in pain!"

Leaning back in his chair, the doctor pontificated, "Today, many therapists specialize in Blue Foot Syndrome. Colleges are even offering courses to become experts in this anomaly. I'm sure you can find a number of treatments that may help eliminate his pain, but there is no cure. A word of caution: Never use Blue Foot Syndrome on your insurance forms. You can use "painful foot" or "discolored appendage" or "abnormal ability to walk" but never use Blue Foot Syndrome or your insurance will deny payment of all your medical bills."

As silly as this story may sound to some, it is the tale of vaccine injury and the long list of sensory integration disorders, language abnormalities, and yes, even autism.

More than 400 articles, published in peer-reviewed literature, document vaccines can cause harm – including allergies, autoimmune disease and a long list of neurological disturbances. Is that "proof" enough?

The newly released report by EBCALA[1] and PACE Environmental is amazing and 65 pages worth reading.[2] The press conference[3] in Washington DC on May 10, 2011 presented documents that confirmed vaccines can cause autism, and exposed a government cover up that deserves a congressional investigation. It appears this isn't enough "proof" either?

The vaccine industry, the government and the medical mafia need to be put on the defensive. Where is *their proof* that vaccines do NOT cause autism? Every study they tout has "proof" of no connection has been a large epidemiological assessment, research that has little bearing on the individual. And every one of their "cornerstone studies" has been proven to be flawed and some are even fraudulent.

That should be "proof" enough for the whole world that the time has come to Just Say No to vaccines.[4]


1, Elizabeth Birt Center for Autism Law and Advocacy (EBCALA) 
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© 2011 - Sherri Tenpenny - All Rights Reserve


Dr. Sherri J. Tenpenny is a board-certified osteopathic medical doctor. She is widely regarded as one of the country’s most knowledgeable and outspoken physicians on the negative impact vaccines can have on health. In addition to concerns about childhood vaccinations, her book, Saying No to Vaccines, addresses vaccination issues facing adults, international travelers, healthcare workers, nursing home residents, adoptions, college students, and those in the military. Dr. Tenpenny is a regular columnist for Her books, "Saying No to Vaccines" and FOWL! are available through this site. Other tapes and materials are available To learn about her medical clinic at

In addition to vaccines, Dr Tenpenny is an expert on many topics within the field of Integrative Medicine. She speaks frequently on breast health, women's health, natural approaches to thyroid and adrenal conditions. She is a contributing author to the best-selling book, "Vaccine Epidemic: How Corporate Greed, Biased Science, and Coersive Government Threaten Our Human Rights, Our Health and Our Children."






There was a lot of interest in my discussion of the benefit of knowing the ingredients in vaccines.  There was further interest in what these ingredients are.  I have therefore annotated a CDC-derivedingredient list for vaccines by highlighting those ingredients derived from animals or humans, and circling in red those ingredients obtained from a human fetal cell line, MRC-5, derived from lung fibroblasts.  Click HERE for the annotated list.
Posted by Meryl Nass, M.D.

New study uncovered 83 federal-court- adjudicated cases of autism linked to vaccine-induced injury--thereby unmasking government duplicity.

For over 20 years, the federal government has vehemently denied a vaccine-autism link. But a new study, the first to examine the successfully adjudicated cases of vaccine-induced brain injury by the federal Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP), uncovered 83 cases of autism among those who have been compensated for vaccine- induced brain damage--most notably, "encephalopathy," "residual seizure disorder," "developmental regression."

The evidence uncovered by this study, clearly belies public pronouncements by government officials who have for decades misled the public by claiming emphatically that "no evidence exists linking autism to vaccines" and "no case of vaccine- induced autism has ever been compensated."

The peer-reviewed study by Mary Holland, Research Scholar and Director of the Graduate Legal Skills Program, NYU School of Law; Louis Conte, Robert Krakow, and Lisa Colin, was published in the Pace Environmental Law Review . 

The authors relied on evidence recorded in VICP court documents. Their review of 170 adjudicated cases, found that 83 children with autism received compensation for vaccine-induced injury. That number, the authors note, is probably the tip of an iceberg.

The overwhelming majority of petitioners in the VICP have not received compensation.
Of the 13,755 claims filed in the VICP to date, 2,621 awards have been paid, or less than 1 in 5 ofthe total number of claims filed. So far, 5,277 claims have been dismissed and 5,857 claims are pending.  In all, 2,500 cases have been compensated by VICP.

The 83 cases of children diagnosed with autism who were compensated for vaccine-induced brain damage,demonstrate that the VICP court has quietly, though inconsistently, compensated some children who suffered  vaccine- induced neurological damage associated with autism--since the inception of the VICP program in 1986.

 The study is likely to ignite the acrimonious debate about vaccine-induced autism. The findings raise serious questions about the unfair, inconsistent, inequitable treatment the VICP has applied to thousands of similar cases that have been brought before it.

How do the 5,000 cases of “autism” that the VICP rejected in the Omnibus Autism Proceeding (2010) differ from the cases of “encephalopathy” and “seizure disorder” that the VICP has compensated before and since?

The catalyst for this Pace law review of VICP published compensated cases, was the case of Hannah Poling.  In a 2008 report submitted to the VICP (which was leaked to the press) the Health and Human Services administration "conceded"  that vaccines had triggered Hannah Poling’s encephalopathy and subsequent developmental regression. HHS’s description of the child’s condition implied a distinction between “autism- like symptoms” and “autism,” although there was no ambiguity that Hannah Poling in fact had autism.

 In 2010, the VICP court award Poling $1.5 million, while denying other similarly injured children compensation. Nevertheless, in March 3, 2011, HHS baldly disclaimed its own 2008 "concession" document, stating in its Statistics Report: “HHS has never concluded in any case that autism was caused by vaccination.”


Of note,a key similarity among the 83 successful claims, including the Poling case, claims which produced more than $96.7 million in settlements and awards, is semantics not evidence of injuries: the families who were successful in their claims did not assert that autism was their child’s primary injury.

The authors call for Congressional hearings to examine the lack of fairness and inconsistency in VICP compensation determinations.

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Mary Holland et al, PACE Environmental Law Review

Autism and vaccines, a surprising connection

CBS has opened with the questions surrounding vaccination in broadcasting work by Helen Ratajczak.

Many question the benefits.

"The article in the Journal of Immunotoxicology is entitled 'Theoretical aspects of autism: Causes--A review.' The author is Helen Ratajczak, surprisingly herself a former senior scientist at a pharmaceutical firm. Ratajczak did what nobody else apparently has bothered to do: she reviewed the body of published science since autism was first described in 1943. Not just one theory suggested by research such as the role of MMR shots, or the mercury preservative thimerosal; but all of them.

Ratajczak's article states, in part, that "Documented causes of autism include genetic mutations and/or deletions, viral infections, and encephalitis [brain damage] following vaccination [emphasis added]. Therefore, autism is the result of genetic defects and/or inflammation of the brain." ...

A number of independent scientists have said they've been subjected to orchestrated campaigns to discredit them when their research exposed vaccine safety issues, especially if it veered into the topic of autism. We asked Ratajczak how she came to research the controversial topic. She told us that for years while working in the pharmaceutical industry, she was restricted as to what she was allowed to publish. "I'm retired now," she told CBS News. "I can write what I want."

... many government officials and scientists have implied that theories linking vaccines to autism have been disproven, and Ratajczak states that research shows otherwise.

Dr. Ratajczak's work has added greatly to the vaccination controversy which continues to grow.  The growing controversy, the increasing yet unexplained sicknesses, and the effort to stifle scientists are signs of a failing paradigm.

Those promoting vaccines and getting them mandated by law have large financial stake in them, have financial control of health agencies, and there is corruption involved - even around the need for them, even in the science behind the "diseases."

Vaccines are being propped up by financial interests and political power but as the side effects they cause (including predictable deaths) mount up, that prop is inadequate to hide a medical reality that vaccines are failing.  One need only look at a short list of references on vaccines showing they are causing the diseases they are purported to prevent and are generating additional diseases, to recognize something is fundamentally wrong.

At this point, questions are being asked about the faulty science of bypassing the body's immune defense system to inject foreign protein into people, something the body must reject.  The body, after vaccination, would be left  futilely attacking itself to rid itself of those injected foreign proteins and substances, things that could never have gotten past the body's protective defenses except via insertion by vaccines.   This self attack is the definition of  autoimmune diseases now at epidemic levels and increasing.

Shiv Chopra, microbiologist, vaccine developer and vaccine safety official, describes how vaccines actually violate the laws of biology.

Anyone knowing the basics of biology should know:

1. That all vaccines by their very nature are antigens and that every antigen by definition must be a foreign protein or a substance attached to one’s own or some other foreign protein;

2. That no foreign protein can be absorbed into the blood stream unless it is digested in the alimentary canal into its basic amino acids;

3. That it is these amino acids which after being absorbed into the blood stream are reconstituted into one’s own proteins and it is these proteins which distinguishes every being of existence into self and non-self.

4. That any interference or tampering with these laws of existence can bring calamity to the being in which it occurs such as by causing auto-immune conditions like autism, etc.

This is precisely what may be occurring due to vaccine injections in people...

The foreign proteins in vaccines originate from not only the infectious organisms against which one wishes to produce infection-fighting antibodies but also the artificial media in which these organisms are grown. Contained in such media may include one or more of the following materials: bovine serum, horse serum, chicken egg, monkey kidney, insect cells and even human fetal cells.

Apart from the foreign proteins, vaccines may also contain other harmful substances, including mercury, aluminum, formalin, oily adjuvants, etc., plus untold number of stray viruses with the potential to cause cancer, HIV, serum-hepatitis, and so on.

Meanwhile, evidence indicates that except for smallpox, no other infectious disease, e.g.: tuberculosis, cholera, typhoid, anthrax, measles, mumps, rubella, DPT, polio, influenza and others, has been eradicated and that this continues to be so despite the decades of vaccinations against each of these diseases. Also, during the same period, the incidence of many previously uncommon diseases, such as autism, diabetes, allergies, andcancer, has been increasing in pandemic proportions.

Vaccines are under serious question now but in fact, they are unnecessary.   Overwhelming medical evidence shows there is an effective and entirely safe alternative, thus a far superior treatment for infectious diseases.

"Many viral infectious diseases have been cured and can continue to be cured by the proper administration of Vitamin C.  Yes, the vaccinations for these treatable infectious diseases are completely unnecessary when one has  the access to proper treatment with vitamin C.  And, yes, all the side effects of vaccinations...are also completely unnecessary since the vaccinations do not have to be given in the first place with the availability of properly dosed vitamin C."---Dr Thomas Levy M.D., J.D. (Vitamin C,  Infectious Diseases and Toxins p30)

With vaccines proven to cause damage, deaths and more diseases; with the assumed science behind vaccines actually contradicting the basics of biology; with vaccines being promoted and forced on populations primarily by financial interests and political corruption; what is left of vaccines medically?

Given studies over 75 years to back up IV vitamin C cures of the very infectious diseases for which vaccines have been promoted, the logic becomes inescapable - vaccines are medically obsolete.

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Helen V. Ratajczak, Journal of Immunotoxicology, 2011; 8(1): 68–79
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