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The National Health Federation leads in the fight for the future of health freedom!

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The NHF is an international consumer-education, health-freedom organization working to protect individuals’ rights to consume healthy food, take supplements and the choice to use alternative therapies without unnecessary government restrictions.

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NHF envisions a World free of any and all artificial impediments to securing and retaining excellent, abundant health and health freedom. Individuals should be free to choose for themselves their own means of maintaining and regaining optimal health.

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NHF, together with health-freedom friends and colleagues throughout the World, vows to change and save lives through our uniquely leveraged position on the international political stage impacting food, nutritional supplements, and healing.

(A Leominister, MA activist speaks out)

Dear Dennis,

I read with great interest the 1/31/09 story in the Sentinel & Enterprise (S&E), about school nurses dealing with mental health, obesity, and so on. I've been accused of making emails too long for busy people to read. With what's at stake here, hopefully this one won't be.

But here's a summary in case anyone wants to quit early :-) We behave as a society, seemingly thoughtlessly, in ways that cause huge problems and prevent us from achieving our stated goals. A key example is the massive poisoning of the kids as a result of our way of life. Important details follow.

- - -

I know your concern for kids (and Jen Flanagan's, Superintendent Binkley's and Nurse Susan Avallone's) is genuine. With due respect to all, however, the question arising for me is whether certain crucial factors are merely not mentioned or not taken into consideration at all.

For example, while "eating right" and "staying physically active" are obviously important, no amount of these two things will sufficiently offset the horrendous poisoning of our young at the hands of our oft-touted "way of life," which President Obama says we will not apologize for. Poisoning can EASILY result in mental/emotional and weight problems, and EASILY vastly increase the workload on school nurses. This way of life includes the great poison multiplier, eternal "economic growth."

One cruel irony in Nurse Sheri Kline's recommendation for kids to eat right is the impossiblity of achieving that within the current school lunch program. A key reason is that the food comes from the toxic, nutritionally inferior output of petropoison industrial agriculture. No matter how fresh it may be, it has poor beginnings. Whereas, all food served in schools should be organically grown. You know, someone is bound to say, nice idea but too expensive. Which reinforces my frequent assertion that adult society seems willing to sacrifice the health of kids for money, while somehow always finding a way to prosecute phony wars.

However, if we the people, politicians especially, became determined to stop the enormous theft of our wealth that has gone on for a long time via Elite manipulation of the federal system, money would be no problem. $trillions have been stolen while we dropshop, barbecue, watch the game, facilitate the toxic Conehead consumer orgy, and deliberate about local growth. Much needed among local/state politicians is a significant shift in focus and emphasis from local symptoms to the wider context that incites them. Politicians and officials could/should be activists--that is, leaders who stand vocally in the way of phony wars, among other means of wealth theft by the Elite. Leaders should constantly petition government to preserve and strengthen organic standards, while promoting local-regional organic farming with associated industries (such as preserving/packaging) that could supply our schools. What's wrong with that kind of growth? I see it as a much more sane venue than biotech manufacturing, which MWCC is swooning about.

Another reason kids can't "eat right" in school is the menu itself. The program is designed by representatives of an industry that has no meaningful interest in wellness--conventional medicine, controlled as it is by the criminalized pharmaceutical industry (as is biotech). For example, dietary 'experts' perpetuate the dubious belief that pasteurized, homogenized milk is healthy. Or pasteurized bottled juice. Or pizza, sloppy Joes, hamburgers, and so on. The menus, though improved from days past, are mostly awful in terms of promoting wellness. A confounding factor is that palates are often jaded at a young age, becoming addicted to refined sugar, carbs, dead-animal food, chemicals, and food sensation. MSG plays a big role in this, and aspartame and other artificial sweeteners are allowed. All this makes it challenging to get kids on healthy food and off the drugfoods (nonfoods I call them). The analogy to drug addiction seems to go right over officals' heads.

But even if the menus remained largely the same (with some critical excisions), but all items and ingredients were organically sourced, this would make a huge improvement. Then we could see about other food items that beg to be challenged.

The Assault on Kids

The following quote is from an associate of mine, Gary Kohls, MD, a family psychologist from Duluth, who vigorously opposes Pharma's indiscriminate pushing of psychodrugs, and conducts seminars on mental health and the deadly danger of psychiatry:

My experience in practicing holistic mental health care and preventive psychiatry over the past decade tells me that any ingestion of toxic metals such as mercury, lead, cadmium, aluminum, uranium, etc. or any drug or other chemicals, even electromagnetic fields (including cell phones, microwave towers and high voltage wires) that are neurotoxic may cause acute and chronic neurodegenerative diseases that can then manifest themselves in innumerable ways, depending on the location of brain damage, the intensity of exposure, the duration of exposure, the stage of neurological development of the individual and various resiliency factors such as the absence of other toxins, the quality of nutrition, the presence of antioxidants, etc.

Neurotoxins of any type obviously can cause neurological signs and symptoms from the diseased, dead or dying nervous tissue, and therefore, as would be expected, various "mental", emotional or behavioral symptoms would result from the insult (which might stem from single, recurrent or intermittent exposures to the toxins).

In our medicalized culture, such abnormal emotions or behaviors would most likely lead to additional (potentially neurotoxic) drug treatment, drug-induced sleep deprivation, tranquilizer-induced learning and attention problems, hyperactivity, fussiness, poor appetite - and even eating "disorders" which always involve nutritionally-depleted and/or toxic food ingestion (and thus more neurological impairment). Parental rejection or punishment, high emotional stress, etc may happen also which colors the personality, behaviors, academic achievements or social or athletic accomplishments. - Gary Kohls, MD

From Conception

One of the most important parameters for maintaining health is the level and strength of the population of probiotic bacteria in the human gut. The expectant mother needs this, not only for her own stong immunity and health, but for that of the newborn. How many women are aware of this status before/during pregnancy?

Once the umbilical cord is established, the fetus may easily be exposed to the over 200 chemicals found in infant cord blood, 75 of which are known to cause cancer.

Now, let's say a miracle occurs and the child is born healthy, or at least without any major signs of illness. Should he be lucky enough to be breastfed, he will then be exposed to the PCBs, dioxins and other toxins present in mother's milk, which is now the MOST TOXIC of all human foods, and is actually used by the desperate body to relieve the mother's toxic burden! How's that for an accomplishment of our Great Society?

BUT, will a strong, healthy population of gut bacteria, which comprise and support 80% of bodily immunity, be created by the breast milk, as intended by Nature? No one will know, since mothers never check themselves or their offspring, nor is it recommended by doctors, who have barely a clue as a result of their medical-school indoctrination designed for disease management, not wellness. Doctors set about destroying the bacteria with antibiotics and other drugs. They're assisted in this devastation by well-intentioned, if oblivious, town and city officials who obediently chlorinate the water supply to "protect" us, because the corrupted EPA and the lapdog State give blessing. Better technology is available, but of course it may cost more, which is a problem because we're allowing our wealth to be stolen. Thus, health and the kids go down the dumper once more for economic reasons.

As Dr. Kohls points out, numerous poisons can affect the brain. Environmental toxins and even overeating calories can induce brain inflammation, which can lead to any number of so-called diseases by disrupting communication between the hypothalamus and anterior pituitary--the master hormone controller.

As the child grows, various health-negative influences assault him. To the group mentioned by Dr Kohls above, the toxic soup we call vaccines, virtually forced on people by criminal Pharma working through medicine and manipulated law, must be added to the list. Vaccination is much more associated with profit than with sound science. But if you ask me, it's even more evil than that.

Vaccine proponents say the poisons in vaccines exist in very small amounts and have not been proven to be harmful. But neither have they been proven to be safe--especially in the long term, for which not ONE study exists. Vaccination is based on a serious flaw in medicoscientific thinking that arose in the late 19th century.

One highly credentialed doctor, who was awakened by her vaccine-damaged child, calls vaccines "true WMD." I agree.

And please see what neurosurgeon Russel Blaylock, MD has to say about vaccination and the brain.

Another challenge is the blind trust politicians and officials put in the agencies of the federal government: USDA, FDA, EPA , CDC, NIH, FTC and so on. This alphabet soup of compromise and corruption tells many lies. For example, they say that fluoride and chlorine are safe. That aspartame and MSG are OK; that any number of nonfood additives are OK; that genetically modifed substances (GMOs) are OK (I've already sent information around about Monsanto et al). Of the 80,000 or so industrial chemicals on the loose in our non-apologetic way of life, it's mostly the companies that make them who have the say about their safety. Notice a fox/henhouse analogy?

But as I see it, most toxicity study, even independent study, is dangerously lacking. The potential interaction and mutual intensification of the numerous poisons, including those from vaccines, simultaneously passing into, through, and lodging in, biosystems is never taken into account.

The allowed amount of 'this poison' is safe. This amount of 'that poison' is safe, and so on. What about hundreds/thousands at once? Too overwhelming even to think about. This abstract of a technical article is readable and notes the principle of toxin synergy:

Our magical way of life is also jeapordizing the sexuality of wildlife species (not to mention humans).

- - -

"The very luxuries we pride ourselves on being able to afford are making us biologically poorer for having them." - Robert Ovetz, PhD, Sea Turtle Restoration Project

Now "Scientific American" reports the puzzle over the dramatic increase in autism in America's young over the past 15 years (600 to 700 percent in California): "To nail down the causes, scientists must unravel a mystery: What in the environment has changed since the early 1990s that could account for such an enormous rise in the brain disorder?"

Study authors call for "a nationwide shift in autism research to focus on potential factors in the environment that babies and fetuses are exposed to, including pesticides, viruses and chemicals in household products." This approach shouldn't be limited to autism, though, since many symptomologies are likely related to poisons. BIG mystery, indeed? What they're saying is that we must ID the poisons causing this trouble so we can keep the rest for economic reasons until some other crisis arises that "science" must solve.

However, there's not even a passing suggestion here aimed at the wireless revolution. Will "scientists" even look at the possibility that microwave breaks down the blood/brain barrier, facilitating brain toxification? It's already KNOWN that the young are much more susceptible to the radiation (facilitated of course by schools and libraries). Also, could microwave radiation increase the damaging effects of noxious Pharma medicaments such as psychodrugs, as noted by Dr. Kohls? Does it strike you as a bit questionable that 'adult' society has established and become addicted to a multi-billion dollar industry without knowing if it's safe?

Also, sooner or later Baby or Toddler's almost bound to be introduced to 'dead' processed foods laden with sugar, white flour and other grains, processed dairy, and chemicals. All serve to weaken the body. But in our society, sugar and pastry are CUTE. The S&E is fond of publishing pictures of this drugfood addiction as a reflection of society's ignorance.

Why does nobody in a position of leadership seem to make the connection between our increasingly toxic way of life and suicidal conventional economic growth on the one hand, and the rising cost of health care and the need for hospital expansion on the other? One dares to hope that REAL pride would come from being able to avoid hospital expansion. But not among the growthmongers. It's all good BIZ, even if dependent on rampant illness which we're brainwashed to accept as a given.

To say that 'adult' society owes the kids an apology for the way of life it thoughtlessly exposes, conditions, and addicts them to would be a monumental understatement. Just the two afflictions mentioned in the article headline--mental health and obesity--serve as excellent examples of the results of the way of life we've submitted to and been conditioned to rely upon for survival and prosperity. Have you ever seen a 'better' oxymoron? You've said you read my emails. Maybe you'll recall the "idiotized society"? :-)

Misguided hypocrisy

And given all of the above, which isn't all there is, one has to have a great 'laugh' over the wide-eyed, disinformed, politically correct concerns by 'reponsible' adults about what might harm kids today. One example is allowing kids into Chuck E Cheese, McDonald's or Denny's, while fretting about marijuana, one of the safest substances around (I'm not recommending its use by kids--just noting the outrageous hypocrisy :-)

Dennis, you're campaign slogan was "The right choice for a healthy Massachusetts." I'm not sure what you have in mind, but I respectfully suggest that conventional growth and administrative health-care reform will never achieve this. My wish for your career in Boston is that you become the first state politician to acknowledge publicly the critical need for Holistic methods in mainstream health care. Make it clear that our medical system and its penchant for expensive surgery and drug pushing is the cause for more disease than there would be otherwise; and that if we're to become a healthy state, we must break through medical dogma and release Pharma's stranglehold on the Commonwealth.

I strongly urge you--and Jen, and all politicians who've read this far--to initiate a process by which we can get the statute change suggested near the bottom of this page (click the "Immediate Actions" Link at top):

Sorry for the length. Thanks for 'listening.'

- - -

"Industrial parents, forced to procreate manpower for a world into which nobody fits who has not been crushed and molded by sixteen years of formal education, feel impotent to care personally for their offspring and, in despair, shower them with medicine." - Ivan Illich, "Medical Nemesis"

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"A great group pulling for your right to choose not to be dictated to… keep up the good fight NHF!"
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"An extremely worth while organization. They go out of their way to protect us. Please like and support The National Health Federation."
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"Thank you for standing up for us. I honestly can't think of anything more immediately important."
—Bob R.
"A great group pulling for your right to choose not to be dictated to… keep up the good fight NHF!"
—Sunday M.
"An extremely worth while organization. They go out of their way to protect us. Please like and support The National Health Federation."
—Laura N.
"Thank you for standing up for us. I honestly can't think of anything more immediately important."
—Bob R.

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