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    Providing expert and positive representation in all matters relating to health and health freedom at international Codex Alimentarius meetings as the only health-freedom organization actively shaping global policy to protect food, beverages, nutritional supplements, and our general health
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    Protecting the health rights and freedom of individuals and healthcare practitioners, including access to safe foods, beverages, and nutritional supplements in therapeutic values for optimal health as well as freedom of choice in healthcare practitioner and therapy
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    Educating consumers, producers, healthcare professionals, and government and other leaders about health and healing modalities and how to secure and preserve health freedom
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The National Health Federation is the World's first health-freedom organization—and the ONLY one able to speak, submit scientific research, and actively shape global policy at international meetings of Codex Alimentarius, which means “food code” in Latin. NHF protects the health and health freedom of 7 billion people on the Planet.

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The National Health Federation leads in the fight for the future of health freedom!

NHF's Mission

The NHF is an international consumer-education, health-freedom organization working to protect individuals’ rights to consume healthy food, take supplements and the choice to use alternative therapies without unnecessary government restrictions.

NHF's Vision

NHF envisions a World free of any and all artificial impediments to securing and retaining excellent, abundant health and health freedom. Individuals should be free to choose for themselves their own means of maintaining and regaining optimal health.

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NHF, together with health-freedom friends and colleagues throughout the World, vows to change and save lives through our uniquely leveraged position on the international political stage impacting food, nutritional supplements, and healing.





July 29, 2009

     The U.S. House of Representatives, at 3:30 PM EST, on July 29th, voted against H.R.2749, the so-called “Food Safety Act of 2009.”  This Act would have given the Federal Government unprecedented powers and control over the United States food supply, all in the supposed name of “food safety” but at great expense to health freedom.  Fortunately, enough U.S. lawmakers saw through this charade to vote against the House Leadership’s strong push to pass this Bill through a special parliamentary procedure that limited debate but required a higher percentage vote in order to pass.

     The vote today was 280 For and 150 Against the Motion to suspend the rules and pass H.R.2749. Under suspension, 2/3rds in favor are needed, or 287 Yea votes, for a Bill to pass.  148 No votes were needed to defeat the Bill.  Many Democrats joined with Republican House members in opposition, voting against this Bill that would have made food less safe, not safer.

     Is H.R.2749 dead for the rest of this session of Congress?  No.  The Bill stays on the regular order calendar and can be brought back up for a recorded vote later in the Session.  So, the Federation will stay on top of this Bill in order to be sure it is defeated once and for all.  With your support and quick action we can defeat H.R. 2749 again when it is brought to a vote again.

     In the meantime, we thank all of our NHF members who contacted their Representatives to register their active opposition to this monstrosity.  You made your voices heard.

     But do not rest on your laurels, contact your Representatives again to thank them for their support (or condemn them for not supporting health freedom) and urge them to vote against any and all attempts to pass H.R.2749! This is important.


Bill Text  H.R. 2749  Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009- http://www.govtrack.us/congress/billtext.xpd?bill=h111-2749

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As the oldest and best-respected health-freedom group on Capitol Hill, the NHF continues to be the credible source of objective assessment of, and proactive actions on, Congressional legislation and FDA matters that have material impact upon our freedom-of-health choices and access to dietary supplements and nutritional foods.


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National Health Federation: Established in 1955, the National Health Federation is a consumer-education, health-freedom organization working to protect individuals' rights to choose to consume healthy food, take supplements and use alternative therapies without unnecessary government restrictions. The NHF is the only such organization with recognized observer-delegate status at Codex meetings. www.thenhf.com


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Some of the things people are saying about the NHF

"Thanks so much for the amazing work you do. "
—Julia S.
"Thank you for all you do! Where would we be without our hard working dedicated health food advocates! Bless you!
Christine H.S.
"Great work you are doing, much appreciated."
—Helen F.
"Thanks so much for the amazing work you do. "
—Julia S.
"Thank you for all you do! Where would we be without our hard working dedicated health food advocates! Bless you!
Christine H.S.
"Great work you are doing, much appreciated."
—Helen F.

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