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The National Health Federation leads in the fight for the future of health freedom!

NHF's Mission

The NHF is an international consumer-education, health-freedom organization working to protect individuals’ rights to consume healthy food, take supplements and the choice to use alternative therapies without unnecessary government restrictions.

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NHF envisions a World free of any and all artificial impediments to securing and retaining excellent, abundant health and health freedom. Individuals should be free to choose for themselves their own means of maintaining and regaining optimal health.

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NHF, together with health-freedom friends and colleagues throughout the World, vows to change and save lives through our uniquely leveraged position on the international political stage impacting food, nutritional supplements, and healing.

The word "VACCINE" comes from the Latin word for "cow" which is "vacca".  Now all artificial forms of "inoculation" -  coming from the word ‘inoculare’ (its original meaning ‘to graft a bud’), is considered an "immunization" meaning to exempt or protect from taxes, military service or disease.

These pharmaceutical VACCINES are grafting disease (the one that the vaccine was made to prevent and others that come from animal or human that the viruses are cultured upon), within the tissues (muscles, bone marrow, organs, brain, lymph), along with the heavy metals such as Mercury, Aluminum and chemicals such as antifreeze.  Then a substance known to preserve dead tissue "formaldehyde" is placed into the mix in order to make the virus of the vaccine STICK onto the tissue of the body, so that it does not reject it, as is the naturally occurring action of  the system.

May I also add that there are no safe levels of formaldehyde known for human or animal injection or consumption.

Over-vaccination of one disease causes an over abundance of other "atypical" diseases.  Oft times there are other diseases in the matrix of the animal or human tissue that the virus (for the vaccine) is cultured upon. 

For instance there was an increase of tuberculosis after vigorous campaigns of Smallpox vaccination.  In fact one of the first recipients of the smallpox vaccine back in 1796, an 8 year old boy, soon developed tuberculosis and died of it 12 years later. 

This original inoculation invented by Edward Jenner, in Gloucestershire, England began the first widespread tuberculosis outbreak, as well as, spreading more smallpox upon the population at large.    In 1822 Edward Jenner suppressed reports of these deaths due to his smallpox vaccine.  By 1831, 2,000 vaccinated people were stricken with smallpox.  An epidemic of smallpox erupted in 1853 that lasted to 1860 after over 90% of the population of England had been inoculated and many of these folks several times due to the invention of the hypodermic needle. 

Then the second epidemic came to England from 1863 to 1865, after forced smallpox vaccination was instituted in 1855.  From 1857 to 1859 over 120,000 vaccinated people died of smallpox.  In 1863, 20,000 died. 1871 there was another epidemic of smallpox after the Vaccination Act of 1867 required babies to be vaccinated within the first 90 days of life.  There were 7,706 cases of smallpox in individuals of whom 6,795 were fully vaccinated.

MERCURY is just one of the negative components in any vaccine out there on the market.  Flu shots are worse because these influenza viruses are most easily overcome and folks can get over the flu with little problem, giving them a permanent immunity to that disease and others that are similar, should they ever return.

THEY... "the researchers/pharmacrats" try to frighten everyone into believing that each year "this is going to be the BIG  ONE... the one that will be like the Spanish Flu of 1918", that killed so many.  THEY don't want you to realize that this devastation came because of the overuse of a cocktail of  vaccines .. http://www.whale.to/vaccine/sf1.html   (Mercury was not used back then...  Mercury use was a more recent addition to the vaccine pool.)  

 I now want to turn to FLU... or INFLUENZA.  I want to demonstrate the PATTERN  of vaccine and epidemic... 

The CDC recommends that elderly persons... or those over 50 years of age and those who are quite young, children under the age of  3 years,  get the flu vaccine. These are the most vulnerable of the population.  Often those who are sick with respiratory illness, cancer, AIDS and other weakened immune system responses, are recommended they get these flu shots.  When their immune systems are under compromise and they then receive inoculations of these viruses, with all of their chemical and viral contaminants, these folks are the "vectors" that begin the epidemics. 

The PHARMACRATS...i.e. the CDC, AMA, AAP, UPMC, Highmark Blue Cross/Blue Shield.. know this very well that this is the case.  Yet they seem not to be interested in resolving it.. There was a cartoon recently in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette on page C-12, BIZARRO is the comic by Dan Piaro.  The block at the bottom of the cartoon reads, "FIRST DAY OF MED SCHOOL"...  There is a professor/doctor standing in front of a chalkboard with a pointer.  On the board is written, "PREVENTATIVE MEDICINE KILLS return business."

It has been well known that when the Primary Healthcare Physician encourages you to come in for all sorts of "baseline" testing, he/she has been informed by the insurance provider that he/she must always use every office visit as an opportunity to push some vaccination or another on the patient.  THEY are referring to it as "preventative medicine" yet they know that it is "repeat business" for them.  For once the vaccine is injected there will be continous return of that patient for stomach ailments and sinus problems and ear infections and respiratory illness and then heart and kidney disease soon to follow.  THEY live on that "repeat business"...  God Bless us all.

MERCURY is not the only problem with vaccines.  There are far too many diseases that are being INJECTED into our babies and into the populous at large.  The DNA of the animals that these viruses are cultured upon, are causing disease to jump into the human population that would never arrive through natural means. 

Vaccines are insidious and have been so long before the use of mercury in them.  There are too many atypical forms of disease such as outbreaks of odd forms of chickpox-like eruptions in children who have just been vaccinated for chickpox.  The same goes for measles vaccines. 

Often children will break out with high fevers and then measles or roseola.  These are the side effects of attempting to immunize without actually experiencing the natural form of the disease. 

Yet if you track the history of disease, it tends to bring about a healthier population after the epidemics, as long as there is no interference through artificial means of immunization. 

We focus on autism and learning disabilities, yet there are high rates of cancer, leukemia, and diabetes in the worst case scenarios, as well as ear infections, tonsillitis, asthma, eczema, sinusitis and allergies of all sorts to all types of common foods - molds, animals and dust, in our current vaccine-injected population. 

The predispositions to various illnesses and disorders  would lie dormant in the system and would be cleared through the experience of disease that are known as epidemics.  These epidemics clear and strengthen the immune system and reduce chronic aliments from the population if they are permitted to experience the "disease" in its natural entrance points. 

Our body's defenses are much smarter and cause a series of "blockers" to capture and reduce the complications.  Sneezing, mucous, fevers, eruptions, expectoration all surround and limit the virus's ability to migrate deeper into the system to attack the brain and nervous system.  Vaccination sends those viruses deep into vital organs where they can do the most damage without benefit of high fever or mucus and liver blockades to give the immune system the time to respond. 

Thus we have a population experiencing odd brain, respiratory, renal, sebaceous, bone marrow and nervous disorders that are given all sorts of labels such as autism, asthma, eczema, psoriasis, leukemia, epilepsy, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, shingles, otitis media (ear infections), tonsillitis, colitis, Crones Disease, Gillian Barre disease, Epstein Bar, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Alzheimer's Disease, premature aging disorders, Bipolar and OCD, learning disabilities to name just a few...  and, of course the worst case scenario... premature death as in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome and brittle bone disease in small children.

The "chicken" would "hatch" in a much different and less devastating and more purposeful manner if we were allowed to experience disease in its natural form in the way our immune systems are most capable of mastering. 

There are no means of testing an individual to ascertain if they actually have a natural immunity to any of these disease for which vaccines are proposed to prevent.  If, indeed the individual does and is yet given the vaccination for that disease there can be a plethora of complications that can arise (as I have stated in the above paragraph) from this practice of injection.  Their own immune responses are not allowing these viral products to enter yet the needle will bypass the body's natural blockades into the more vulnerable zones and create havoc where there would have been none without that penetrative invasion.

The process of vaccine manufacture is the issue.  Growing viruses on dead tissue and blood products of monkeys, mice, sheep, cattle, horses and humans causes the DNA chains of these creatures to jump into the recipients of the injection.  Those little vials of vaccine are causing mutation to the human in whom they are injected.  

We are injecting animal diseases and the disease of other humans into our tissue.  This is where all of the odd and strange diseases are coming into being.   If vaccination campaigns continue for another generation of children on this planet, we will see disease and deformity as we have never seen it before in humankind.  Global Warming and Radiation toxicity will be nothing in comparison to it.  If another generation of vaccine injected parents give birth to children who will again be vaccinated to the hilt for everything under the sun, humans will be dying of old age at 35.

I sit here with my hands in prayer and shaking my head because I do not wish to even think about the devastation that it will bring upon mankind.  This is Sick, Sick , SICK... and the removal of one component from the vaccines, such as MERCURY will do nothing to stop it.  Every time I think of COMPULSORY VACCINATION... I want to SCREAM. We must stop the "vaccination process".. and stop it NOW.

I lived in the era of Mercurochrome.  This was an antisepic at the time but was unsed in the 1600's as a antiparasitic to kill body and head louse. As a small child it painted on ever scrape or cut that I had the misfortune to receive.  It caused severe allergic reaction immediately, bringing about a gluey pus to form on even the slightest scratch, to which my parents' response was more Mercurochrome in their asumption that it was infected!  I had 10 amalgam fillings by the age of 8.  I had allergies to Band-Aids because the gauze has been cleared or filtered with thimerisol. Mercurochrome was taken off the market in the 60's due to these poisoning effects, yet that was not reported.

Another thing that is not reported to the general public is that every bit of gauze out there on the market to this day, is filtered or cleaned with mercury?  MERCURY/Thimerisol is not a preservative... IT IS a BACTERICIDE.  Bacteria will not grow on MERCURY.  Thimerisol (the form of mercury that was used in Mercurochrome)  is an organic form of mercury that becomes inorganic when it attaches itself to the cell wall.  It also rots your teeth and makes you stupid. Yet far and away, it is not the only reason that we have problems with vaccines. 

I am also writing this because of my own son's autism and it appeared to be directly associated with his vaccination of DPT.  Even though I attempted to discuss this with a pediatrician, I was told repeatedly that it was not the case.  Whenever I mentioned it, I noticed that the physician became upset and outraged at me.  I thought this very unusual and I became quite suspicious of the entire situation.  "Me thinks he dost protest too much!"  I began an investigation on my own and found out things that I really did not care to know, yet I needed to know in order to cure my son and get him onto the road to independence and health. 

I had read a book about two years before my son’s birth about a child who was diagnosed with a "rare mental disorder of AUTISM".  This book was written by the mother of a child called Jessie and she happened to be the sister of Neil Youngblood who is Neil Young the rock 'n roll guitarist/songwriter/singer. 

I thought it unusual that I would pick up a book about this topic.  It was such a "rare" thing then but something about the photo of this cute little three year old on the cover somehow inspired me to read it.  Somehow this was divinely placed there for me to read and understand for the future.  That is how I see it.  (By the time I did have my son, John, I had given the book to someone else who had some interest in what I was telling them about the book.  So I have lost it and have never seen it again anywhere.)

I had no idea that I would have an autistic child nor did I wish to have one.  I was amazed at how Jessie's mom dealt with it all and aided him, in small ways because she loved him, even though the doctors would tell her that she was either neglective of him or over protective of him.. that she was a "refrigerator mom"... I was astounded.  What would cause such a problem?  Jessie seemed so normal yet he could not speak and communication was limited to posturing and actions. 

I had read a Jeanne Auel novel "Clan of the Cave Bear" afterwards about the posturing signals of the Neanderthal.  These were a people who had limited vocal function.  They made most of their communication by postures and signals with their eyes or hands or facial twitches.  This was what I had noticed with my own child after the vaccination. 

There was more primal behaviors.   Somehow the vaccine had reversed the forward flow of neurons.  The child seemed to be reverting back to ancient behaviors.  Vocalization was in grunts and squeals with loads of hand flapping in hyper drive, leg kicking or just odd leg raises.  No eye contact was noticed.  Neanderthals would not make eye contact in close quarters because they did not wish to INVADE the other person's privacy or they did not want their privacy invaded.

Due to the fact that the vaccine for diphtheria was involved with whooping cough vaccine (Bordetella virus),  I investigated what the complications of each of these diseases entailed.  I found that they both affect the throat and ears -  COMMUNICATION!!!!  It seems that autistic individuals have  hyper hearing.  They cannot discern the volume of one sound over another.  They are all at the same level to them. This causes extreme frustration and thus they attempt to avoid eye contact because they do not want their space invaded any more then it already happens to be.   When I realized this I had the key to a vast area of information that would aid me to reduce the stressors on my son. 

I studied homeopathy because it was aiding in his runny, drippy nose, sinus infections, thus removing the ear blockages and opening up his throat because his tonsils were enormous.  He was now getting more oxygen to the brain.  Happiness was returning to my child... There were times that he had fevers and setbacks and they were due to more vaccinations.  I finally put my foot down and proclaimed..."NO MORE VACCINES WILL BE GIVEN TO MY CHILDREN". 

I cured my son of autism through homeopathic means.  As I continued to work with him homeopathically, I noticed that he was becoming more coherent and more aware of the world around him.  I studied more on vaccines and continued studying homeopathy and he was my first success. 

The homeopathy slowly, but surely cleared him of his ailments and thus cleared him of the autism and of course the heavy metals and other components of the vaccines as well as the antibiotic junk that caused all of the yeast build up in his system.  His brain was burned in the pathways of learning, so the homeopathic remedies were changed accordingly in order to re-route those neuro-pathways so that he could learn and speak and love and hug and kiss again...  Glory Hallelujah...

He is now 22 years of age and doing outstandingly well.  Noone would ever know that he was ever autistic.  He is a meat cutter at a local grocery chain and has several workers under him that he must manage.  He is a volunteer fireman at his local fire company.  He has an active social life. He graduated from high school in a mainstream atmosphere and played football for three years on the varsity team. He now helps other children who are autistic, for as he explains it: "I know how to reach them...because I was there once."  He loves to teach children and seems to be able to even reach out to infants at their level.

He can engage in very intelligent conversations about current events - science, politics, religion, or sports with any adult.  He is very respectful of women and the elderly.   He is a hunter and has been so since age 12 years. He practises responsible gun safety and usage.  He is not handicapped in any way physically or mentally.   What a wonderful man he has become.  He is independent and totally functioning with great skills in life and in the work place.  He is normal in every way.

None of this would have been attained just through the removal of mercury from his system.  There were far and away too many other contaminants in his system from the vaccines that needed to be cleared.  And all of the brain damage that had been done to him, had to be reversed and restored before he would have been able to recover. The bacterial and viral loads had to be removed entirely for him to be able to achieve his cognition and physical healing.

The antibiotics that are in each vaccine are the largest issue that causes the yeast growth that brings about the foggy headedness and the allergies.  The adjuvants in these vaccines are full of chemical toxins that causes dismemberment of cells and a breakdown of the immune responses.  These need to be addressed.  Vaccines are killing all of us, even those of us who do not get injected with them. 

I have been vaccine damaged.  I am 54 years of age.  I was loaded with DPT, IMP (dead virus injected polio) and OVP (oral live virus polio), as well as smallpox and several tuberculosis tests as a child.  The Swine flu vaccine gave me a heart attack several weeks afterwards at the age of 24 years.

I became a homeopath because it was working to clear my children of their vaccine damage and healing their every illness and injury.  In the meantime, I realized that there are homeopathic remedies that have been around for two centuries that deal with a wide variety of illness and injury. 

I have used many of these simple homeopathic remedies throughout my 21 years of study in dealing with several of the following and with great success: diphtheria, tetanus, whooping cough, measles, mumps, rubella, hepatitis (A, B,C), meningitis, smallpox, plague, scarletina, chicken pox, polio, influenza, lyme disease, rabies, anthrax, botulism, typhoid, typhus, cholera, yellow fever, rocky mountain spotted fever, malaria, not to mention simple colds, ear infections, strep throat, staph infections. 

And this is just a small portion of the acute illnesses or epidemic diseases that homeopathy has been proven time and time again to heal. There are a plethora of injury, insect, snake and animal bites as well as, chronic illnesses of every measure and breadth.   

Homeopathic remedies deal with conditions from small bumps, abrasions and bruises, to the man who was electrocuted with over 7,500 volts from a power line!  He said that he saw his spirit leave his body and then he chose to fall back into it because he wanted to live.  The medical team at a highly prestigious hospital burn unit, thought he would be dead in a few hours.  But his wife wanted him to live and he told the chaplain that he wanted to live to see his children grow. 

His wife called me and we began with simple homeopathic remedies that she had in her Emergency/First Aid Kit.  It was a struggle and a year in the hospital with rehab for several months thereafter.  Yet with those homeopathic remedies he moved through it with leaps and bounds.   He now lives and breathes and walks and plays with his children and interacts with his wife and life and is happy due in large part to homeopathic remedies.    

Another example of the miraculous cures of homeopathy is this.  There is an 18 year old boy who had a stroke causing a car accident that resulted in a horrible head injury.  He was paralyzed with his cranium removed to release the swelling caused by an aneurysm that caused him to be a in a coma and non responsive.  His parents sought me out because his doctors had nothing to offer him.  He would be a vegetable and soon pass away if he did not "wake up".  Homeopathic remedies changed that in a few weeks.  He is again walking, talking, writing, eating and laughing and living again.  He will have his cranium replaced in a couple of weeks and his physician is astounded!

Autism is only one of the chronic illnesses that homeopathy can reverse..  What is holding all of this good healing, so called - ALTERNATIVE, medicine back? ... MONEY...  Stockholders...

There is no money in homeopathy.  There is health, well-being, longevity, vibrancy of life and INDEPENDENCE from the pharmaceutical companies and their Reps who bribe the physicians with vacations (and) or seminars at fancy hotels in posh resorts on lovely tropical islands.

We have so much out here.  We don't need vaccines and the devastation that they cause.. We need them GONE.  We need to trust in what has been here with us for centuries... Not this new stuff that is killing, sometime quickly, oft times slowly... draining us of life and our pursuit of happiness.

Phyllis welcomes emails from other homeopaths and individuals on this subject. 


Article provided by ZeusInfoservice.com.

Some of the things people are saying about the NHF

"Thank you for being the voice of the consumer, the voice of reason and the voice for human rights. Your advocacy is greatly appreciated. Keep up this vital work and I hope your voice continues to be heard."
—Bridget W.
"Very few want to stand up and fight for our health. They can't believe our country and all these big money companies don't have our best interests at heart. We have to be responsible for our (own) health… to learn, study and research… whatever it takes! Thanks for what you do!"
—Debbie B.
"You could possibly not imagine how much at home it feels to see an organization that's so sincere… something that the bullies have not been able to buy… my most humble gratitude and much respect."
—Chandan M.
"Thank you for being the voice of the consumer, the voice of reason and the voice for human rights. Your advocacy is greatly appreciated. Keep up this vital work and I hope your voice continues to be heard."
—Bridget W.
"Very few want to stand up and fight for our health. They can't believe our country and all these big money companies don't have our best interests at heart. We have to be responsible for our (own) health… to learn, study and research… whatever it takes! Thanks for what you do!"
—Debbie B.
"You could possibly not imagine how much at home it feels to see an organization that's so sincere… something that the bullies have not been able to buy… my most humble gratitude and much respect."
—Chandan M.

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