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The National Health Federation leads in the fight for the future of health freedom!

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The NHF is an international consumer-education, health-freedom organization working to protect individuals’ rights to consume healthy food, take supplements and the choice to use alternative therapies without unnecessary government restrictions.

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NHF envisions a World free of any and all artificial impediments to securing and retaining excellent, abundant health and health freedom. Individuals should be free to choose for themselves their own means of maintaining and regaining optimal health.

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NHF, together with health-freedom friends and colleagues throughout the World, vows to change and save lives through our uniquely leveraged position on the international political stage impacting food, nutritional supplements, and healing.

The only way to prevent Alzheimer’s is to prevent most other diseases throughout life because these numerous infections are the cause of toxic biological wastes (“gunk”) that finally kills brain cells, resulting in Alzheimer’s. Nature’s solution gunk from the brain. Super Hygiene is the basis of reducing infections, lowering the stress on the immune system, and allowing more “osmotic room” in the serum for high albumin profiles. “Cleanliness is indeed next to Godliness.”

Many may remember the articles I have written over almost twenty years in Health Freedom News as well as from my talks at the NHF conventions about how almost every disease (and finally mental performance) has an amazing link to the standard of hygiene. Some may remember my National PBS television appearances on such programs as “The Life Factor” in June 1993. My quest has always been for optimal intelligence throughout life, not just avoiding Alzheimer’s. This answer automatically solves all forms of senile dementia. 

From 1994-1997, at the American Academy for Anti-aging Medicine meetings in Las Vegas, Nevada, attended by thousands of the most-respected scientists worldwide involved in research on aging, cancer, Alzheimer’s, and other health issues, I presented my own research paper “Can High Serum Albumin Prevent Alzheimer’s.” At the 1996 meeting, this research received an award of Excellence. Since then, my paper has stood the test of time against all arguments and accumulated sufficient objective evidence today for me to be very confident it is correct. 

Recent and compelling evidence proves that maximizing optimal intelligence, and avoiding Alzheimer’s right up to maximum lifespan, is the Grand Prize of higher hygiene. So, surely today, everyone living in developed countries like the USA practices good hygiene? Certainly not, and scientific biochemical evidence proves that actually fewer than 10% of Americans have optimal hygiene. This is why poor hygiene has emerged as a basic cause of cancer, colds, allergies, aging, sub-optimal intelligence, and Alzheimer’s senile dementia – all of which are linked to the one important health factor, namely serum albumin levels. 

The 6,000-year-old Middle-Eastern saying “All health is 2/3rds Hygiene” has endured longer than all other health claims! The wise ancient Greeks called the Goddess of Health “Hygeia” and believed that she was the only one who could prevent and cure diseases. Today, we have confirmed that lifespan is linked to the standard of hygiene more than any other factor.

The cave man, genetically identical to modern man, had an excellent natural diet, full of nutrition, without preservatives, calorie restriction during those frequent times when food was unavailable, ample exercise chasing – or being chased – by large animals, low pollution, early to bed, and no modern-day stress. Yet, nevertheless, he still typically lived less than twenty years because hygiene was poor and albumin was similar to most animals at 30g/l.

Today, very-clean Japanese usually reach almost 90 years of age in robust, useful, loving condition, with intelligence and secure family life.  In 1984, I appeared on the National Japanese Broadcasting Corporation television network and also won first place in the Health and Medical section at the 1989 International Invention Convention. The main judge was the famous Dr. Yarisho Nakamata, the World’s greatest inventor. Thus, my message about Super Hygiene spread to improve “Shinto Hygiene.”

Followers of Shinto take baths, wash their hands, and rinse out their mouth often. Today, the Japanese are the longest living humans in the World, with the lowest Alzheimer’s incidence, resulting in very-low and affordable health-care costs. An important lesson for the United States and others! Albumin levels in Japan (44g/l) are amongst the highest in the World, often remaining at 48g/l in old age. However, they are still not high enough and super-serum albumin profiles (above 48g/l) following my Super Hygiene System will one day become the norm in the U.S.A. When that happens, American health care will work and save trillions.

Consider that cells grown in a culture dish in high levels of albumin equivalent to ~52g/l in serum, lasted ten times longer and none converted to cancer lines compared to cells grown in the same levels (41g/l) found in the average person. (Note: When you look at your blood test and see albumin of 4.2g/dl simply move the decimal point and read it as 42g/l, this stops the confusion of using silly grams per deciliter.) A gain of only one gram of albumin from 41g/l to 42g/l is 50 trillion additional little albumin super-shipping molecules to carry nutrients and remove wastes, like super submarine transporters.

The chart above shows how albumin levels fall in aging, particularly in disease, yet can be maintained when Super Hygiene is followed. By the age of 90 years, most Americans, if they even live that long, will have evidence of senile dementia, especially Alzheimer’s.

Today, in tens of thousands of medical papers, the most important biochemical scientific factor determining mortality and morbidity is the level of albumin in the blood.


How is all of this linked to the prevention of Alzheimer’s when one is 90 years of age? This is clearly explained below and it is a clever secret of Mother Nature. Remember most supplements, herbs, vitamins, nutrition, and even prescription drugs are associated with albumin because it transports and delivers most of them. Also, it removes toxic wastes in the most remarkable, exact way. All of these myriad molecules of nutrition do not simply float along in the blood. They must all be carried safely to their correct destinations in the body and off-loaded in the correct amount. Compare this to a truckload of fruit and vegetables dumped onto the road in California in an attempt to send them to New York City. What a mess that would be – they have to be loaded onto the correct truck and unloaded at the correct destination and protected from rot along the way. 

All of this is just one of the vital roles of trillions of carrier proteins. The “Mother Ship” is albumin because approximately 80% of all these carrier proteins are albumin as it dominates the blood. Over 80% are albumin in the cerebral-spinal fluid (CSF), the fluid that bathes, supports, nourishes, and removes wastes from the brain. Only 1 out of 200 albumin molecules are specially selected to enter, nourish, and remove the toxic wastes from the brain. If dirty albumin carrying dangerous cargo gets in, it can cause Alzheimer’s. This can also happen if serum albumin drops to very-low levels, that is, to the levels seen in Down’s syndrome where Alzheimer’s is almost universal in aged individuals and albumin levels can often be only 33 g/l.

See the pie chart below explaining albumin concentration throughout life

A robust condition in a human or animal is the hallmark of high albumin. On the other hand, the terrible wasting that accompanies Alzheimer’s and cancer is the direct result of falling albumin levels. Albumin is cut up after about thirty days and is used to rebuild the body like a recycling shipyard made of precious material. Amazingly, the albumin ship collects the toxic wastes for safe elimination at the correct waste dump of the body. The finest purifying compound is albumin, specially designed for the most remarkable computer – the human brain – to keep it free of toxic wastes safely and over a long lifespan.  Interestingly enough, albumin is also used in cooking, refining, and photography for purifying. 

Trillions of albumin molecules travel endlessly through the body and specially selected ones, carrying the required cargos are allowed into the brain to feed and purify the cells and connective tissues. The larger and more highly developed the brain in the animal kingdom the higher the level of albumin required. Humans, apes, dolphins, and whales all have high albumin levels, usually well over 40g/l, and thus a long life. Animals such as dogs, cats, rats, and the like have albumin levels of ~30g/l and thus relatively short lives. Humans should have albumin as high as ~55g/l and thus long lives to learn so many different wisdoms. 

The Cause of Senile Dementia

The brain is certainly a remarkable super computer and much more because it has love, caring, amazing emotions, and logic. The loss of the mind is the most terrifying and saddest thing that can happen, especially to a human. When the light of the mind fades, we lose our fundamental reason to live. That is why I have studied this subject for fifty years to understand how to prevent such a loss.

The big problem is that we humans live so long – our human potential is at least 125 years. By the time we reach 60 years, though, enough gunk has accumulated in our brain via metabolic and immune wastes to kill our brain cells. The basic cause of this is long-term, low-level, and acute common infections, particularly of the respiratory tract and skin that leaves lots of wastes in the brain. These wastes are called plaques, tangles, strange proteins, oxidative damage, and inflammation; and this gunk is toxic, especially to the highly long-lasting brain cells. There is also a breakdown of the fatty-acid homeostasis that is an essential factor because brains are mostly made of fat. Albumin carries fatty acids in the most amazing way, controlling the entire lipid system. Albumin is really a VHDL-controlling fat homeostasis! 

Wastes have to be constantly removed, and the brain purified, probably mostly in our sleep. Ben Franklin stated “early to Bed and early to rise makes a person Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise.” Consider the Bowhead Whales with their large brains up to nine pounds and elephants with their eleven-pound brains. Bowheads have been recorded to live almost 300 years, yet their large brains do not appear to accumulate this gunk. The underlying constant in these large-brained, long-lived animals that avoid Alzheimer’s is bathing. In the left column of this page is the diagram of the daily sinus bath, essential to prevent respiratory infections and maintain high albumin levels.

While hygiene, exercise, and diet (HED) are the basis of a healthy life resulting in high-albumin profiles, most readers will ask why not eat lots of protein like eggs or clean your liver with herbs so that it makes more albumin. The laws of nature are far more remarkable than just that simple thinking. Albumin plays a major role in the entire homeostasis of the fluid levels in the three compartments of the body (cells, connective tissue, and blood). The major control of how much albumin will be in the serum is the osmotic pressure, not the diet. The total amount of proteins in the serum should be ~75g/l, the ratio of albumin to the other serum proteins is controlled by the stress on the immune system. When the globulins are high, for example 35g/l due to infections, inflammation and stress, then albumin must be lowered to only 40g/l so that the total level of all proteins in the serum is ~75g/l. This physiologic factor keeps the average level of albumin ~40g/l in the Human race. This indicates biochemically low-level, long-term infection stress. This is the factor that results in albumin 40g/l; and it is not high enough to clean the tissues, especially from the remarkable brain. Lifespan will be low and senile dementia high.

Over the last 35 years of testing I have established the minimum human albumin level profile to be 45g/l, A/G ratio 1.7. Do not panic when you see 4.1g/dl on your blood test, simply move the decimal point and read 41 g/l. That means you have 41 grams of albumin in the water content of your blood. This is not high enough because your Hygiene is not high enough. Do not be offended, but simply improve your Hygiene (soap to clean the fingernails, facial dip to clean the upper respiratory tract, and daily bathing in the ions until you reach 48g/l, with an A/G ratio of 2.0. You will feel the great difference, ensure that Alzheimer’s and cancer are rare, and have a long life.


The result of this toxic gunk accumulation in the brain is death and malfunction of various brain cells in the billions. The average human loses approx 230 gms of brain matter in normal aging, in Alzheimer’s it can be over 500 gms from approx 1400 gms, the normal brain size. If albumin can be maintained at 48g/l, with an A/G ratio 2.0, as I have achieved over the last thirty years, the loss of any brain size at all may be avoided even over 90 years of age. It really mirrors the wasting of the brain, which is so easy to see with Alzheimer’ bodies.

Robust, muscular bodies are an excellent sign of high albumin. Look at the great physique of Steve Reeves in his prime with super high albumin of ~ 60g/l. He was also highly intelligent. Really, the quest to prevent Alzheimer’s is the quest to maintain super-robust bodies and brains as long as possible by maintaining high serum albumin.

Those who swim and spend good time at the beach during their lifespan are very resistant to senile dementia. Swimming and sensible exposure to sunlight brings higher serum albumin profiles. The Starlight Hormone, Vitamin D3, is also essential for good health and is carried by and related to albumin. Persons 90 years of age who continue to visit the ocean and swim can maintain serum albumin as high as 50 g/l and avoid Alzheimer’s. It is also wise to follow the Super Hygiene system.

Photo of the great Steve Reeves with albumin ~60g/l, who was Hercules in the movies in the 1950s. Reeves was an expert in health and an inspiration to many. He promoted no-drug body building. He was also a strong advocate of hygiene. Contact the Steve Reeves International Society.

Understanding Why Albumin Prevents Alzheimer’s

One in 10 at 65 years has Alzheimer’s in the U.S. and 1 in 2 at 85 years and at 90 all have signs of Alzheimer’s. In Japan there are many at over 90 years without Alzheimer’s.  Alzheimer’s is far more common in lower socio-economic persons who have lower education. These are the same persons with lower education in hygiene and thus lower serum albumin profiles. The average albumin level in this group is only ~40g/l and the risk of senile dementia is high.

My daughter and granddaughter following the Super Hygiene System achieved super Albumin profiles, daughter albumin 59 g/l, A/g Ratio 2.95, and granddaughter albumin 54g/l A/g 4.12; and they were fantastic humans.

The fundamentals is to practice the Super Hygiene System every day that reduces the stress on the immune system until the body  naturally reduces the unneeded globulins to the perfect level, thus allowing more ‘Osmotic Room’ in the blood for  super high albumin and high A/G ratio. Albumin is also the major antioxidant in the body dominating all other antioxidants. For example there is over 5,000 times more albumin than Vitamins C and E.

Albumin also acts as the amyloidal degrading enzyme preventing the plaques also stabilizes the brain cells and vital in regeneration of damaged ones. The blood brain barrier that is designed to prevent dangerous chemical from reaching the brain can be crossed safely by albumin bringing the needed cargos into the brain safely. Further, albumin can donate the required electrons to ensure full natural electrical functions of the brain.

How much albumin should be in the brain to prevent Alzheimer’s?

The basic it to have high albumin that is pure, well over the level required for all the many other roles of albumin that is sufficient to be available to clean the brain. Dirty albumin can cause brain damage. That level in my 35 years of research is a minimum of 45g/l in the serum with globulins lower than 24g/l. At this minimum level, cancer is rare, and high mental performance is maintained. The body and brain remain robust and useful. In the many large NIH studies, this result is well documented. The basic way to achieve this is HED (Hygiene, Exercise, and Diet), a safe and natural solution, compared to the drug approach to Alzheimer’s called foolish and dangerous by the major medical journals. 

Alzheimer’s and bathing 

Once such issues which seems to become very evident early in the stages of Alzheimer's involves the issue of inadequate hygiene, especially in terms of bathing. For the Alzheimer's patient, the issue of bathing is not simply a matter they choose not to address but, instead, is a practice they quickly forget even exists as a requirement.”

                                     – Alzheimer’s caretaker observation 

Early stage Alzheimer’s can be reversed if the Super Hygiene is used every day. The problem becomes difficult as the Alzheimer’s’ person becomes confused with bathing and requires a person to assist. This is what first gave me the idea 20 years ago that there was a strong link among the failure to bath, low albumin, and senile dementia. Alzheimer’s patients often neglect their hygiene for years when they are over 50 years of age and it is overlooked by their family until full-blown Alzheimer’s has developed. Bathing in Japan is a daily religious Shinto ritual and also swimming in the sea at places like Okinawa, which helps to explain why Alzheimer’s is far rarer in Japan. The Super Hygiene System also has the regeneration sodium and calcium ion bath that should be used every night, before sleeping, to ensure high serum albumin cleans the brain and bathing lowers Cortisol and stress, leading to lower globulins. For 17 years I have asked Alzheimer’s organizations to conduct bathing on early stage Alzheimer’s, yet they have foolishly failed to act.

I am reminded of “Occam’s Razor, the simplest solution is usually correct yet overlooked.”

Albumin in the brain is only 1/200 of that in the serum and that is because the circulation in the brain is highly controlled by the blood brain barrier and like a Super Computer Room one just cannot walk in without special clean clothes and forced air to prevent contamination. Despite this, there are still billions of specially selected albumin shipping molecules flowing into and out of the brain, being changed 4 times every 24 hours to maintain performance. The stress level comes when albumin in the serum falls below 45g/l and becomes very dangerous when serum albumin drops to the 35g/l or less area. 

Supporting Research and Thanks:

Numerous papers have been published during the last 17 years confirming that albumin is the dominate factor that clears the brain of the toxic wastes that cause alzheimer’s and is lower in alzheimer’s reversal is possible in early stages of alzheimer’s.

Thanks to The Lancet medical journal and the London British Heart study.

Credit to my dear arlene Hale, who has kindly assisted with this article. the following are her words about her own personal experience: “I am 70 years old, just had stage-3 breast cancer and completed eight chemo treatments. while taking the treatments, my albumin dropped from 41 to 38. I had the last chemo treatment a year ago and now my albumin is up to 47g/l with a ratio of 1.9. the albumin level starts to drop in people beginning in their 50s, but mine has risen to 47 at 70 years old. my oncologist told me on my last visit that each time they tested my blood there were no more cancer cells. I think the super Hygiene system has helped contribute to the rise in my albumin, the absence of cancer cells, my mental ability, and the fact that my looks have improved amazingly.”


David J. Llewellyn, Kenneth M. Langa, Robert P. Friedland & Lain A. Lang

Available:   Pub. Med. Feb. 7, 2010

Department of Public Health and Primary Care, University of Cambridge, Cambridge, UK


In Kenneth Seaton’s 30 year study serum albumin levels of  >48g/L, A/G 2.0 were easy to maintain, via Higher Hygiene, not diet for life, thus Alzheimer’s can be prevented 100%.   Reference: 1994-1997 American Acad. Anti-Aging Convection, Las Vegas.  Seaton’s Super Hygiene can eliminate   senile dementia including Alzheimer’s.  © Kenneth Seaton   Sept. 2011


Contact Kenneth seaton at:

© 2011 Kenneth seaton

A copy of my paper at the Anti-aging Conference is available for a donation to the NHF for $10.00. It is easy to read and understand and I welcome any questions via email on the paper or this article.

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"Keep up this vital work and I hope your voice continues to be heard."
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"Well done. Good Job by the good guys NHF… Very proud of you and your hard work."
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"Keep up this vital work and I hope your voice continues to be heard."
—Bridget W.
"Well done. Good Job by the good guys NHF… Very proud of you and your hard work."
—Kim M.
"Can't express my gratitude enough! Thank you."
—Geoff E.

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