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The National Health Federation leads in the fight for the future of health freedom!

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The NHF is an international consumer-education, health-freedom organization working to protect individuals’ rights to consume healthy food, take supplements and the choice to use alternative therapies without unnecessary government restrictions.

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NHF envisions a World free of any and all artificial impediments to securing and retaining excellent, abundant health and health freedom. Individuals should be free to choose for themselves their own means of maintaining and regaining optimal health.

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NHF, together with health-freedom friends and colleagues throughout the World, vows to change and save lives through our uniquely leveraged position on the international political stage impacting food, nutritional supplements, and healing.

There are three conditions in which high blood pressure is a significant concern where the basic knowledge to understand cause-and-effect is readily appreciated by plumbers but very perplexing to medical doctors.  Two of these conditions are serious disorders that are life threatening, and the other is so commonplace that it affects nearly everyone.

Simple Hydrodynamic Forces and Principles

Your plumber can understand what your doctor never learned because the forces and principles that are acting within the body are simple hydrodynamic forces and principles.  Most of the time, the blood flow through arteries is really no different than water flowing through piping materials.  This is especially true in arteries that are at higher pressure.

The example of renal artery stenosis has some complex anatomy and vocabulary but the hydrodynamics are simple to explain.  Stenosis (narrowing) of the artery leading to either one of the kidneys (renal artery) causes certain specialized tissues (called “juxtaglomerular apparatus”), which are situated next to (i.e., “juxta-“) each of the kidney's filters (glomeruli), to release renin, a hormone named after the Latin name for the kidney.  Renin is then converted to angiotensin, which itself is an unstoppable agent to elevate the body's blood pressure.

Wow!  Understanding that one sentence is equivalent to almost two units of medical-school education.  We will use the abbreviation “jga” and content ourselves with the assurance that the renin-angiotensin system for elevating the blood pressure has been well researched for scores of years.  It is the basic hormonal system for regulating blood pressure.

One medical-school experiment, called the Goldblatt kidney, was an unforgettable experience.  A rat's kidney is covered with a fast-drying layer of liquid plastic in order to induce high blood pressure.  As a pathology experiment, we were supposed to watch the effects of hypertension develop over a period of four weeks; but, being a good artist, I must have painted a lot of liquid plastic around the kidney, and my animal died after only two weeks.

Renal artery stenosis is the condition which is mimicked by the Goldblatt kidney.  It occurs relatively rarely, but it leads to an expression of high blood pressure that does not respond to medications and where the pressure increases are so serious that a stroke or heart attack is destined to occur, sooner or later, unless a surgical intervention reverses the stenosis.

Hydrodynamic Turbulence

A plumber knows that turbulence occurs in a pipe system whenever a branch comes off of the main line at a right angle.  Our human bodies are fortunate in that nearly all of the larger arterial branches are at more gradual angles, much less than ninety degrees; but the renal arteries exit from the aorta at a ninety-degree angle.

When allergic particles of food irritate the skin lining of the renal artery (see “Seven Secrets of Metabolism,” HFN, Vol. 22, No. 4, p.10), the combination of irritated and more fragile skin and increased hydrodynamic turbulence (the plumber’s knowledge) produces microscopic areas of erosion in the outer surface of these skin cells.  In order to prevent the erosion from penetrating into the center of the skin cell, cholesterol is attracted to the lipid layer of the cell membrane when the erosion has gone halfway through, exposing the internal lipid’s of the cell’s membrane.  Eventually, this leads to permanent, macroscopic deposits of cholesterol, which themselves contribute to more turbulence, to more erosion, and to higher and higher blood pressures.  Ultimately, the artery develops a stenosis; and if it is not diagnosed accurately, the person will die.  Proper diagnosis usually comes from the clinician’s experience that the hypertension is not responding to ordinary or advanced medications, even in higher dosages.  When additional tests are requested, the correct diagnosis should be made.

The process of irritation caused by allergic particles of food, turbulence, erosion, and deposition of cholesterol is the basic pathophysiology of artery disease everywhere.  Plumbers, not being doctors, are of course unaware of this disease connection.  But, then, doctors are also unaware of this process.  Doctors have been manipulated to be “unaware” because a common diagnosis of food allergy for common diseases is politically and economically not in the best interests of the medical profession.

Serious artery stenosis also occurs in the carotid arteries, diagnosed with a stethoscope, and in the coronary arteries, diagnosed with special x-rays; but these do not lead to hypertension because the jga is not stimulated to release renin.  The kidney releases the rennin implicitly whenever blood flow to the kidney is reduced because the kidney must always be filtering the blood at a constant rate and not a rate that fluctuates with the pressure of the blood.

The Causes for Blood-Pressure Fluctuations and Increases

The next condition that relates to plumbing concerns the main cause for daily fluctuations of blood pressure.  This affects everyone, but it is still a secret from the medical profession.  Customers using blood-pressure machines found as a free service in many pharmacies will read on the machine’s instructions that blood pressure will normally fluctuate up to 30 millimeters of Mercury during the course of a day, due to different levels of stress and exercise.  However, a very significant factor is always missing; and your plumber knows exactly how significant this other factor can be.

For example, when a drain gets plugged up from accumulated debris, a person might use a plunger before actually calling the plumber.  Pushing down on the plunger over and over again sometimes forces the plug to go downline to a place where the pipe is wider.  Isn't it easy to see that the repetition of a slightly increased hydrodynamic force, caused by pushing down on the plunger, is the same as a slight increase in blood pressure delivered by each beat of the heart?  Since the "downline" never gets any wider in the body, the increase in blood pressure becomes permanent.

Concerning daily fluctuations of blood pressure, however, there is no "plug" in any part of the system; but there is an obstacle that prevents the complete drainage of the system.  This obstacle is the bladder; or, more accurately, it is the bladder's sphincter muscle.  As the bladder gradually fills with urine, a "back pressure" is formed.  If the pressure in the bladder is ten millimeters of Mercury, then the blood pressure must increase by ten millimeters in order to compensate for the pressure in the bladder.  Otherwise, the rate of formation of urine will decline due to the back pressure; and toxins will accumulate in the blood.  The body will not readily accept the situation of increasing toxicity and prefers to elevate the blood pressure, using all means possible.

During the course of a day, the pressure of urine in the bladder can easily go up by thirty millimeters; and, specifically when one experiences a sense of urgency, the pressure can increase by sixty or ninety millimeters.  What one feels as a progressively increasing sense of urgency upon failure to void the bladder correlates perfectly to an increase in blood pressure.  This is a far more meaningful cause of "fluctuation" than is stress or exercise because the doctor's nurse always checks the blood pressure before asking the patient to give a urine specimen to the laboratory for analysis.  Thus, a falsely elevated measurement of blood pressure is more likely to occur during an expensive trip to the doctor's office than it is during a trip to the pharmacy to use one of their free machines.


The third condition is really a variation of this everyday circumstance in the special case of a woman who is in the latter stage of pregnancy.  It is called high blood pressure of pregnancy or eclampsia, or toxemia of pregnancy.  This condition is experienced worldwide and threatens not only the health of the expectant mother but also the health and life of the unborn child.  Mortality rates for both the mother and child are high everywhere, especially in developing countries.

It should be clear and easy to understand after the previous discussion that the enlarging uterus also causes an increase in intra-abdominal pressure, and this pressure must be a factor that “adds on” to the total pressure experienced in the glomeruli and sensed by the jga.  However, since eclampsia does not occur in every pregnancy, there is obviously another key factor, and this is likely to be a point specific area where one of the ureters (the main conduit that collects the urine from all of the glomeruli and conducts it into the bladder) is directly pressed upon by the uterus.  This compression of the ureter acts like the Goldblatt experiment and causes the jga to sense an extremely high back pressure, resulting in an elevated blood pressure that is very serious and life threatening.

Even many plumbers might not understand this last example, so there is no doubt in my mind why it is not a part of every doctor's medical education.  However, there is a condition regularly seen in emergency rooms that alludes to the doctor’s potential to learn this knowledge.  Unconscious patients with full bladders are known to have back pressures on admission that are very high; and a catheter inserted into the bladder to relieve the back pressure automatically lowers the blood pressure at the same time!

Therefore, the therapeutic response to eclampsia should not be “bed rest in the supine position,” which tends to put more pressure from the uterus on to the bladder.  Rather, the proper advice should be to “ambulate on the hands and knees,” which diverts the the pressure from the enlarging uterus away from the bladder.

Considering the maternal risks of eclampsia, if all the readers of Health Freedom News could convince their doctors about the importance of "back pressure" in the bladder as a cause of elevated blood pressure and eclampsia, then many lives could be saved; and there will be many more happy parents and grandparents.

Dr. Narayan deVera is a medical doctor, age 61, who has been an accomplished artist for almost 30 years.  He has specialized in the prevention of disease since 1976.  Extensive cardio-pulmonary stress testing at age 50 showed that his body did not age appreciably after 18 years on a low-allergy diet.  His most recent health book is You Be The Judge.  He has also written Discovered Defense, a book about the game of chess and one about particle physics and religion, called Einstein's Dream.  Currently, he is very active in the Civil Society Movement and has made four trips to Africa to help solve the problems of poverty and chronic hunger.  While in Nairobi recently, Narayan met the mother of “Kenya’s tiniest baby,” who had already lost three pregnancies due to eclampsia.  A friendship was formed with the mother and her husband to test Narayan’s theory about how to bring a pregnancy to full term when eclampsia develops.  Progress will be reported on his website: www.heartofhumanity.org.

Some of the things people are saying about the NHF

"We appreciate the great work you do!"
—Dr. Frank K.
"The National Health Federation is unique among health-freedom groups in having an opportunity to positively and directly affect the health and lives of some seven billion individuals worldwide."
—Alan S.
"Thanks for keeping us informed.
—Joyce B.L.
"We appreciate the great work you do!"
—Dr. Frank K.
"The National Health Federation is unique among health-freedom groups in having an opportunity to positively and directly affect the health and lives of some seven billion individuals worldwide."
—Alan S.
"Thanks for keeping us informed.
—Joyce B.L.

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