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The Exalted Spiritual Origins of the National Health Federation

(Part I of the History of the National Health Federation)

By Katherine A. Carroll, NTP, Associate Editor


The National Health Federation’s (NHF’s) spiritual origins spring from the fusion of one man’s consuming love for his wife Eva and a righteous indignation aimed at the medical establishment. Seemingly Divinely appointed but conceived in dark adversity by one couple, the Harts and their physician, Albert Abrams, M.D., a brilliant and inspired medical researcher who delved outside the respected norms, the National Health Federation’s incarnation was 60 years ago. Your World has never been the same.

Origins Founded Upon Integrity Facilitate Successful Outcomes

NHF’s distinctive foundation, an amalgamation of love and fury, only adds to a peculiar trait that NHF alone possesses: an international scope of impact. NHF shapes Global policy almost as powerfully as Russia, Canada, the United States, the European Union, China, or India sitting at the international bargaining table. Read that again.

NHF’s first President, Fred Hart, birthed NHF in America from passion on both ends of the spectrum. Current President for the past eight years, Scott Tips reinvented NHF as an international Federation out of dire necessity.

Scott Tips had the sagacious foresight to realize that unless he brought NHF to the global stage of politics by employing all his legal finesse to find the loophole, we were simply keeping pace with the domestic health-freedom crowd. NHF has always been a leader and this bold move preserved our defining signature of bringing health and health freedom not only to America but to the World.

Some have made a defining mark in history – like those present, let’s say, at the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Scott Tips has made his mark. Fred Hart’s original vision, as monumental and absolutely vital as it was for the era, exploded out of the small confines of America and into the whole of Planet Earth when President Tips brought NHF to the World and you with it, bringing our collective Voice to change billions of lives at Codex Alimentarius. Think about that … You are invested, body, mind, and spirit, in something this powerful; this profoundly impacting. The World will never be the same.

“Consider your origins: you were not made to live as brutes, but to follow virtue and knowledge."  Dante Alighieri

Perhaps weaving the spiritual essence of love and a “holy anger” based on love and compassion, i.e. activism, into our early fabric is why NHF not only still stands, but expands when so many solid names in the “for profit” as well as the “not for profit” sectors have disappeared since 1955, the year when NHF was born.

Championing Sanctity of Life in a Day of Depopulation and Genocide

The profane impacts in 2015 from geoengineering, GMOs, contaminants, additives, vaccines, fluoride-poisoned water, and drug residues in our food supply wreak destruction in a multi-pronged attack threatening the sanctity of our very humanity and, indeed, life on Earth. Fred Hart birthed not only a Federation but a new concept in the creation of the National Health Federation. He created a vehicle by which a “David” whirling stones at multiple advancing giants could clone himself throughout America and take them all down. His personal battle for Eva’s life went national.

"If the people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the bodies of those who live under tyranny." Thomas Jefferson

As shared, years later long after Fred Hart was dead, NHF President Scott Tips would take this battle to the global stage of food-politics with his successful penetration of Codex Alimentarius where only greedy industries and countries bent on unfettered trade went before. A concept that we had the right to choose the medical care we desired, read the material we choose, and try alternative therapies morphed into food-activism and the protection of nutritional supplements among many other current issues NHF addresses today. But the origin remains: a sacred concept that we have rights that cannot be stripped from us.

We must fight to the death for health freedom because we will die if we do not fight for it. – Kat Carroll

Seeking alternatives apart from a failing conventional medical-model shows a tenacious ingenuity. Fred Hart, NHF’s founder in 1955 possessed a resolute and unbendable will. You see, Fred Hart loved his wife Eva. He couldn’t bear to watch her die of breast cancer that conventional medicine failed to cure and still generally fails all these many decades later.

And so, years later after Eva’s death, NHF was born of committed love and fierce battles fueled by Fred’s anger at orthodox medicine’s rejection of Eva’s doctor’s use of an unapproved radionics frequency device in her treatment. The American Medical Association branded Eva’s pioneering doctor a quack and a fraud without evidence. How convenient. Frequency devices later went on to be approved by the FDA. A senseless travesty and loss of life and for what? Power and control, the same motives in operation today. Even today, the pharma-controlled Wikipedia wrongly brands Fred Hart a fraud.

The conception of NHF was accomplished. An indignant anger, fully justified, resided alongside Fred’s great loss when Eva died. Instead of letting it consume him, Fred transformed it into a powerful and positive Federation to make sure this would never happen again. The gestation of NHF commenced.

Adding fuel to the slow, hot burn within Fred’s heart, later the Food and Drug Administration violated freedom of the press by declaring it illegal for health food stores to give away, lend, or sell books and reprints to inform customers about their products.i Fred waged total war by birthing NHF in 1955. Fighting against the suppression of life-saving therapies and curtailing freedom of speech in nutritional literature, Fred defined a new era in health and health freedom. He converted “slacktivism,” i.e. impotently griping and complaining or signing a few petitions, into a mightily effective “activism” and changed the World forever. When there is a “Veteran’s Day for Health Freedom Fighters,” Fred Hart gets first entrance.

The rest is a rich history in which you now play a leading role. NHF was born for adversity. The older you get, the stiffer the wind in your face; you can handle it and transform adversity into a healing path for others as Fred did. More than ever, NHF’s restraining presence is needed in a World careening deeper into an insanity that truly is threatening life on Earth.

NHF: The Fulcrum Tipping the World to Health, Health Freedom, Liberty for 60 Years Now.

The newly-formed National Health Federation in 1955 opened the meetings of the Board of Governors with prayer in Fred’s day. Imagine that. No political correctness. They just plain prayed and sought help from a higher power than themselves. When Charles Crecelius, NHF’s oldest living past president turning 94-years old this month, assumed the position a decade after Fred, Charles opened his Board meetings with prayer as well. When NHF met with Charles many times over the course of the last 3 ½ years, every time we looked into his eyes we saw a light that told us he was still at it. Just as armies have their Chaplains, NHF provided spiritual guidance for a budding heath-freedom warriors “formed for people in all walks of life to oppose monopolistic trends in health and protecting the freedoms of the American people in all matters of health.”ii

Both early presidents’ spiritual influence permeated NHF. It was a defining signature of the origins of NHF. Recognizing that human beings are a compilation of body, mind, and spirit, they and others after them empowered NHF with a rich seedbed of vision, hope, and a strong backbone able to stand and withstand corporate and government forces without yielding ground. They did it by prayer. Core, key, foundational guiding tenets that reached outside of the limited confines of our “selves” built character into NHF providing us with a great heritage shaping future health-freedom fighters. Origins are indeed of great importance and the willingness to take the hits and make the sacrifices. Origins that factored in the need for outside intervention having staying power. If you doubt this statement, read the Chronicles of the Kings. The foundations of prosperity and success are not bound to Earth.

Someone must teach new things, Someone must take the abuse, Someone must be ostracized, Someone must be called a fraud and a quack.

Then out of all of it comes the new truth to become a part of us… Thus we receive new facts to make up our proud possession of knowledge.” Fred Hart

Many highly esteemed past and present NHF members such as Dr. Jeffrey Bland, Linus Pauling, Dr. Jonathan V. Wright, and numerous others who initiate immense change on our Planet joined NHF in leadership roles. These great freedom warriors have defended health and health freedom, and fought to preserve our right of free choice – so important now with the vaccine exemption being threatened, which if implemented is analogous to the bodily violation of a rape, and in so doing they create optimal health through the exceptionally peculiar and unique vehicle of NHF.

Sixty years later, the National Health Federation still bears the fragrance of the noble concept that was its genesis; that love and commitment to health and health freedom, often found by embracing new and alternative therapies, could change the World one life at a time. Fred Hart fought for me before I was even conceived to make sure the World I was born into was a safe one that could nurture the sacredness of a brand new human being. Scott Tips fought for me before I even knew I needed fighting for. Tell me this is not a profoundly humbling experience, to be a part of such a great concept that has actualized into a powerful, global reality and that has left a trail of slaughtered giants in its wake and served up health to us like an unanticipated booty.

True health encompasses a commitment to the care and nurture of our body/mind/spirit complex. I believe that because NHF was grounded correctly, this early “good start” allows our continued existence every bit as much as a naturally-birthed, breastfed baby reared with a loving family enjoying eating organic food around the family table will have a great start to ensure a lifetime of optimal health.

We have sacred, healthy, noble origins; a passion for truth and liberty, born of a love willing to fight for that which we can be truly proud of.

Many involved in NHF’s work today feel a great sense of gratitude and humility to be allowed to share in a portion of this gallant work; work that lives on long after we pass. In an increasingly Codex-induced homogenized World, hold fast to the spiritual origins upon which NHF was founded for they lead to greater success for us individually, for our Federation, and for the Planet. Your power resides in your start; in your origins. And they are sacred, blessed, and powerful beyond belief. You are destined for great things.

Maybe Michael Korda said it best, “Success has always been easy to measure. It is the distance between one's origins and one's final achievement.”

ii Ibid.

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