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Once again, National Health Federation (NHF) President and General Counsel, Scott C. Tips, is singled out by Codex Alimentarius not only to contribute to their magazine publication at the 40th Session of the Codex Alimentarius Commission in Geneva, Switzerland but to participate on a special panel, giving a presentation at the CAC this July. The theme of the publication will be “The Science of Food Standards.”


Scott Tips has attended international Codex committees consistently over 17 years; longer than most country and industry delegates, who tend to rotate in and out over time. President Tips literally has more active participation at the global seat of power for food and nutritional supplement standards than any other health-freedom activist in history. NHF is literally Your Voice for Health Freedom. This is the massive value of your membership and support of the NHF. Scott’s work, and that of other NHF attendees, which you support, impact the lives of over 7 billion souls on this Planet protecting you and your family by providing food safety and security.

The National Health Federation is the only health-freedom organization representing the entire World at Codex. Many governments represented at Codex, where food law is set, more often than not speak from base materialism or even greed: increasing their countries’ financial bottom line at the expense of health. Unfettered trade and financial gain seems to be their goal despite Codex’s stated noble goal of providing food safety. Science is definitely lacking there and NHF speaks from credible research to create standards and guidelines that support health and life.

NHF has been faithful to champion the integrity of the human being, our right to health and health freedom, and for the Planet which supports us all. You may recall that President Tips spoke in Moscow, Russia at the request of the Codex Committee Chairman for their 50th-anniversary celebration a few years ago and once again, is asked for his valued and experienced opinions. NHF is now nearly 63-years old. NHF was there before Codex. We were championing health and health freedom before most of the World knew there was a need to.

Codex Alimentarius asks Scott Tips:

Codex Alimentarius: What are the key issues regarding food safety, quality, and trade that are important to the NHF?

President Tips: To the members of the National Health Federation it is most important to optimize nutrition while at the same time minimizing contaminants, toxins, and other harmful substances that reduce the quality and length of human existence. Moreover, when it comes to natural foods, freedom of access with minimal government restrictions ensures a healthier population.

Codex Alimentarius: Why is it important for NHF to be informed about the work of Codex?

President Tips: Codex is the ultimate global standard-setter. One can spend time at the national level on food standards, and that approach is not to be disregarded by any means; but Codex’s global reach means that Codex is really where the game is played.

Codex Alimentarius: How do you see your contribution to the development of international food standards?

President Tips: The National Health Federation is the “conscience” of Codex, providing global, unbiased balance in representation and true science and to strive for optimal health in humans and animals by applying current science, as well as striving for the least impact on the environment during the process.

Codex Alimentarius: What does Codex work being “science-based” mean to you? 

President Tips: Within the context of Codex, “science-based” means that the science supporting a Codex standard will be truly based upon the traditional, objective scientific method.  All too often, what is passed off at Codex these days as “science based” is nothing more than junk science that has been rigged, tricked up, and manipulated to achieve the desired result, not the true result. It is truly “fake” science. Real science is pushed into the shadows and ignored or overlooked.

Once again, the characteristic vocally-aggressive style of NHF predominates at Codex to shape it and the World. Personally, it is humbling to know that President Tips was speaking for me and my family before I knew of NHF or Codex. We have, most of us, a great debt of gratitude and trust to NHF and best expressed in the continued support of the international work of the NHF on our behalf. Visit to actively participate in the work President Tips does for you and your family today. Before this year ends, many more Codex meetings will feel the heat because NHF is there and all because you cared.

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