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Canada Ractopamine Petition

NOTE: Only Citizens and or Legal Residents
may sign their own country's petitions.



We, the undersigned, demand that the Canadian delegates to the Codex Alimentarius Commission (CAC) cease opposing and obstructing the wishes of the majority of Canadians who support a ban on meat treated with growth-promoting hormones such as ractopamine. In particular, we oppose any Codex standard that will allow ractopamine-doped meat to be sold to the public. We are all consumers and we have the right to know exactly what we are consuming.

Recent polls of the Canadian people show that they strongly oppose consuming meat treated with growth-promoting hormones as 20% of this veterinary steroid drug remains in the meat with side effects of increased heart rate, constricted blood vessels, and carcinogenicity. In fact, the Canadian people concur with 70% of the World that bans import and export of such steroid-doped meat.

Despite such strong global support for banning doped meat, the Canadian delegate to these Codex meetings has ignored for many years now the wishes of Canadians and has instead promoted the very meat that the majority of Canadians wish to ban, along with the majority of rest of the World. She has instead sided with the narrow commercial interests of those who produce this veterinary drug and who stand to profit from the distribution of doped meat.

The Canadian delegate must be instructed to abandon her opposition and immediately begin supporting the wishes of the Canadian people – that is, support a ban on such ractopamine-doped meat and oppose any Codex standard that would allow its use in foods. We demand that this ban be enacted with all meat products sold in Canada.  And if she refuses once again to follow the wishes of her employers, we the Canadian people, then she should be replaced with someone who will.

Sincerely Yours,


Now, Send your petition to Kathy Twardek!

Kathy Twardek, Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Government of Canada
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Ottawa, ON K1A 0Y9


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