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Opposing the Dietary Supplement Safety Act 2010

To the United States Senate,

We are writing in regard to the recently introduced Dietary Supplement Safety Act of 2010. Among the 60% of Americans taking dietary supplements, we are opposed to this bill because it repeals parts of existing FDA laws already in place and being enforced by the Food and Drug Administration to protect consumers. Additionally, it would create a Euro-style “positive list” of “acceptable” new dietary ingredients. And by “acceptable,” the bill means acceptable to an appointed bureaucrat which is just nonsense. Failure to comply would result in punitive fines upon such a company selling or distributing a product not being “accepted.”

The Dietary Supplement and Non-Prescription Consumer Protection Act (PL109-462) already requires supplement manufacturers and distributors to register and report adverse medical outcomes to the FDA. The FDA has industry guidance in place. The intent of this bill is already being accomplished, and is protecting consumers.

In a press release, the bill sponsor said that this legislation was needed, based on six NFL players being accused of taking supplements containing steroids. According to the NFL, these all related to these athletes’ desire to lose weight. Supplements have other healthy benefits, and access of millions of consumers of dietary supplements should prevail over six highly paid football players, who cannot read the labels on supplement products.

In our view, the arguments for the need for this legislation are worthless with regard to protecting consumers. They are more political than they are substantive. It is curious that the bill sponsor is up for re-election, and that this bill was introduced during Super Bowl week. Many, many, Americans, ourselves included, believe that our federal politicians are out of touch with reality. In this case, the bill sponsors do not even read existing federal law before pronouncing the need for a new law.

We seriously hope that you will not, in any form, support this legislation. Oppose this bill and vote against it. How you do vote on this will definitely be remembered.

Respectfully submitted,

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