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Plea to Governor Jeb Bush for Yurko Clemency

To Governor Jeb Bush, the Governor's Office, State Capitol, Tallahassee, Florida

The National Health Federation ( NHF), the nation's oldest health-freedoms proponent organization, has been carefully following for six years the plight of Floridian Alan Yurko, currently incarcerated at Century Correctional Facility for a life imprisonment sentence plus l0 years for the alleged "shaken baby syndrome" (SBS) death of his infant son, and is aware of the international campaign in support of his excarceration led by his wife, Francine, a movement now including hundreds of medical experts and researchers in many countries who sustain Alan's thesis that Alan Ream-Yurko died as a result of various medical mishaps, in particular a "hot lot" bad vaccination.

NHF became aware on Feb.12 that the state's Medical Examiners' Commission ruled that Orange-Osceola Medical Examiner Shashi Gore MD, the primary state official involved in the autopsy of Alan Ream-Yurko, committed eight mistakes in the infant's autopsy, aside from other serious mistakes as well as other mistakes with patients he has allegedly made, and that the commission ruled that Dr.Gore should do no more autopsies until he retires in June. NHF believes that these conclusions by the state forensic physicians' board add considerable weight to Yurko's claims and that, even now as he is awaiting rulings for a new trial, he should be released from prison at once to rejoin his family and friends.

NHF is aware of your compassionate actions and behavior and calls upon you, in the name of thousands of members from throughout the country, to exert the influence of your office in commuting an ever more obvious incorrect sentence which led to the life term for an otherwise respected and loving father and husband.

Respectfully submitted,

The National Health Federation
PO Box 688
Monrovia CA 91017
Tel. 1-626-357-2181, FAX 1-626-303-0642

Feb.14, 2004

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