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GMO Foods Petition Introduction

            The National Health Federation has been attending the meetings in Canada of the Codex Committee on Food Labeling for many years now. This is the committee that has as its agenda, among other things, the adoption of a standard  that would require the disclosure to consumers on product labels of the presence of any Genetically-Modified ingredients in that food product.

            Unfortunately, for these many years now, some Codex-member country delegations –but especially those of the United States and Canada – have been blocking the adoption of this rule, against the wishes of the vast majority of their own citizens. Polls on the subject routinely show support of more than 90% amongst Americans and Canadians for full disclosure of this important food fact.

            If you agree with the NHF’s position – which we have strongly argued for year after year at these meetings – that the consumer has the right to be fully informed about the foods that he or she is eating or drinking, then please sign the Petition below.

            In early July 2011 at its Geneva, Switzerland meeting, the Codex Alimentarius Commission rubber-stamped exactly what was done at the CCFL meeting in Quebec City, Canada, the second week of May 2011. This was to allow individual countries to decide whether to label or not their foods as GMO.  The Guideline does not require mandatory labeling of GMO foods.  However, what it does accomplish is to provide protection from the World Trade Organization (WTO) for those countries that require genetically modified organism (GMO) foods to be labeled as such.  In that sense, it is a huge victory.  Please see the NHF's president, Scott Tips report of the Quebec City, Canada meeting for details-

We need to continue the GMO Campaign as this battle is not over.

            We must actively push the U.S. FDA for GMO food labeling domestically and for adhering to a correct position at Codex meetings. Contact the FDA and demand GMO labeling of food products and that the U.S. representative at Codex meetings back our demands when representing the American public at Codex.

FDA Contact information:


Please sign now below and help us turn the tide on this important issue!



Click Here for U.S. Petition                          Click Here for Canadian Petition

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