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Petition to the United States Senate Concerning S.510 & S.3767

We, the undersigned, strongly oppose the misnamed Food Safety Act introduced by Senator Richard Durbin as S.510. Not only is the bill unconstitutional because it would have the Federal government assume control over the national food supply reserved by the U.S. Constitution for the individual States, but it will not solve the problem of contamination in our food supply.

Rather than addressing the root causes of such contamination by, for example, tackling the over-crowded, disease-laden feedlots that contaminate the water used by the farms downstream, S.510 ignores existing laws that would already rectify this problem, if only they were properly used. Instead, this Bill will impose yet another layer of burdensome rules and regulations (and fees) that will unfairly punish innocent small farms and food producers, forcing even more people into unemployment lines and reducing food choices for consumers.

Under the semblance of improving the safety of the nation's food supply, S.510/H.R.2749 will install completely unnecessary expansion of FDA authorities over farms, ranchers, and food suppliers. The Bill especially establishes burdensome administrative requirements on small and mid-size food facilities, nutritional food companies, and food suppliers. It also gives the FDA one-sided, arbitrary legal authority to recall contaminated "foods" and "unsafe medications," which will be used by the FDA, as such arbitrary powers always have, to bludgeon into submission those companies that the FDA disfavors.

We are also opposed to the so-called Food Safety Accountability Act of 2010 (S.3767), which contains draconian penalties in the form of fines and lengthy prison terms for misbranding and adulterating foods. Again, existing laws already exist to remedy those extreme situations where persons intend or with reckless disregard cause serious injury or death. This Bill, too, hands far too much arbitrary power into the hands of the FDA, an agency already well known for its abuse of its powers.

We are sick and tired of continuous Federal expansion of its powers over our lives. We expect that the U.S. Senate will do everything in its power to actually address the problem of food contamination by letting the States do the job without heavy-handed and counter-productive interference by the Federal government. This country cannot afford yet another army of Federal bureaucrats fanning out across the countryside to wreak yet more havoc with our health, our economy, and our lives!

Sincerely yours,

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