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The Power of One

By Katherine A. Carroll, NTP, Executive Director

“It had long since come to my attention that people of accomplishment rarely sat back and let things happen to them. They went out and happened to things.” —LEONARDO DA VINCI

In my own activist-unleashed story, it just took one article regarding Ractopamine written in 2011 by NHF President Scott Tips to unleash my own inner activist. One person truly can change a life; and now I have gone on to change others’ lives too in my health and health-freedom writing, work at international Codex meetings, hosting NHF booths, and sharing my passion with anyone interested. Activism has added a dimension of greater fulfilment to my already full and fulfilled life. I am sure it has for you too. We’re interested to know how NHF activism is expressed in your life with your friends and family, in your vocation and avocation. Email your story for publication consideration in Health Freedom News® to .

People are more concerned than ever about the declining state of our Planet under attack, how these attacks undermine health and “healthcare” that is actually an oxymoron. They want to preserve what is left of health freedom and mostly they want to get involved instead of feeling helpless or ineffective. But already maxed out, many are truly concerned that there is little of their time and energy left to contribute. “How can I make a difference when I have so little time?” Find a way! Don’t let this historical era – like no other in activism history – pass without making history by your own contribution to preserving health and health freedom for generations to come.

If NHF’s mission dovetails effortlessly with one’s current work or one’s passion, it is natural to carry it forward to teach, protect, and preserve health freedom alongside what you are already doing in your day-to-day life. So, the perception of lack of time to support health freedom is really just a misperception.

Working with NHF gives one added power by association to accomplish goals where it counts the most right now: globally. Just as the DARK Act showed Vermont’s decision was lost nationally, national decisions are lost to Codex’s overriding global policies. “Harmonization” of the World trumps national decision-making more and more. Having the oldest health-freedom organization and the only one with international power to actively participate in shaping global policy at Codex is an efficient and effective way to work. And 7 billion people on the Planet are affected, significantly leveraging any local, state, or national effort.

NHF will be 62-years old this coming January. It is truly noteworthy that a non-profit organization can survive, much less thrive, for over six decades under the current climate of intensified health and health-freedom attacks. With Big Pharma, Big Government, Big Ag, Big Food, and more confronting NHF, and most often at Codex Alimentarius where there are front groups such as Monsanto’s Crop Life to contend with, we must continue growing in power, influence, membership, and in active participation. Do not underestimate the weight of longevity in a fighting arena where lesser organizations have simply not lasted. NHF bears a very proud history and it has always been a humbling experience to realize that I am now a part of that great history and so are you.

Because clean food, beverages, and potent nutritional supplements are at the heart of many of our lives and professions, having the power to shape global policy through the vehicle of NHF is substantial. More than with any other health-freedom organization, it can change the quality of life for you, your clients and patients, and our readers but also the World because of NHF’s unique international scope of influence and practice.

Bring Health Freedom Front and Center

As an active Nutritional Therapy Practitioner consulting patients in the two optometry clinics we own, as well as owning and operating a luxury Boutique-Inn and working passionately with NHF, I can attest that weaving in NHF activism actually can work seamlessly across private and professional lives. Disappointingly, though, nowhere in my nutritional education was any reference made to health freedom. There was no detailed plan or mention of the need to protect my practice or our optometry practices by protecting nutritional supplements’ strengths or availability. Nor was there any mention of protecting the food and beverages I taught my clients to eat and drink, even though decisions about them are being made for the Planet by an international body bent upon food-trade harmonization.

These educational omissions, particularly about Codex, are glaring defects that should have been remedied ages ago across all healthcare practitioner disciplines. They undermine practitioners, patients, clients, and consumers alike when they are not taught. When Scott Tips speaks to doctors, dentists, and healthcare practitioners, so many are shocked and realize their vulnerability. So many have never even heard of Codex. Through Scott’s experience as an FDA specialist lawyer, he exposes threats from that quarter coupled with the larger, international Codex threat. Serving as a healthcare practitioner is simply not enough. Protection of the privilege to practice, protecting food and beverages, alternative therapies, protecting our right to use therapeutic doses of nutritional supplements and even continued access to those supplements is key. Sometimes it just takes one person helping us to understand.

The More We Do, The More We Can Do

The more we do, the more we can do and most easily if it dovetails with current work and passion. Few know of Codex, of its far-reaching power, but even less of NHF's ability to help shape the decisions made there.

For instance, I advised our new NHF representatives in Australia, Chiropractors Dr. Jennifer Barham-Floreani and her husband Dr. Simon Floreani to revise the excellent book of hers by adding into it a chapter or even a few paragraphs about the concept and protection of health freedom. Teaching how to participate actively will further NHF's impact in this era of enormous battles.

Many people really do not know how to eat properly no matter what their socioeconomic status might be. When I was cooking breakfast for guests in the early years of running my retreat, a nuclear physicist and his wife admitted they loved the healthy, gluten-free, low glycemic breakfast but didn’t know how to eat for health. People are hungry for practical information that they can take home and put to use today. This couple was excited to try. It just took one great breakfast to set them on a new path.

Platforms to Share Health and Health Freedom

Many use social media to educate, inform, and to guide others to healing modalities – all without compensation other than feeling great. Recently, NHF received an email from a man interested in submitting a Letter to the Editor. He was excited to have made the connection between inflammatory GMOs and his Irritable Bowel Syndrome, which was severe enough to cause panic attacks and dictate his life. NHF’s Facebook post solved his longstanding riddle as to why his health was not improving. Just one post changed his life after all those years of searching. Meme creation is a powerful tool. It educates, inspires, and incites to action and also leads others to the NHF website.

A dentist leaves stacks of Health Freedom News, free for the taking as do we, in her waiting room to provide education and a forum for open debate and discussion. Another rents a theater, another a grange hall where health and health-freedom lectures and films are presented. Some give the gift of health and health freedom with gift memberships in NHF instead of buying presents. Yet others volunteer at Health Shows hosting NHF booths. One of my recent guests loves research and is now excited to use her research skills about Codex for NHF.

Additionally, Editor-in-Chief Scott Tips and I often invite new volunteers, practitioners, and NHF Representatives to write for Health Freedom News magazine. Many volunteers, healthcare practitioners, and professionals practice activism by submitting articles for the NHF e-newsletter, blog, or website as our resident experts. We align with people whose work deserves spotlighting and sharing. NHF has representatives from the UK, United States, Canada, Sweden, and around the World who submit articles updating our readers in 23 countries about their work for health and health freedom. Some volunteers even translate NHF materials for other countries.

Magazine contributors such as Geoengineering expert Dane Wigington have taken the issues of our magazine in which their articles appeared and disbursed them to their groups or at trade shows, adding to their professional credibility while at the same time spreading NHF’s mission and work. Several sell advertising or advertise their product or business in Health Freedom News. It is an expensive magazine to produce and is, according to a local Co-op where it sells out “unlike anything we have to offer.” We all need to fight for our health freedom. Sometimes it is as simple as one person sharing Health Freedom News.

Some involve their children in health and health freedom alongside their activist work. The youth need the outlet of NHF as they inherit an increasing unsafe World. Whether through social media or volunteering, cultivating young activists is fundamental to our future. Some children of NHF Representatives have even contributed to the magazine as well. What an opportunity to break into print early on.

A new NHF Representative has expressed interest in beginning a campaign for a complete ban on mercury in dentistry; others in marches, protests, and rallies; another in heading up the anti-mandatory vaccine movement. Some organize and/or host venues for NHF Representatives, NHF President Scott Tips, and members of our Board of Governors to speak. Others arrange interviews. The sky is the limit when it comes to NHF giving people a chance to unleash their inner activist while having the backing of the oldest, most experienced, globally-powerful health-freedom organization behind their efforts. Some include NHF in their will so that their work in the World of health and health freedom will go on after their deaths.

For those interested in volunteering or donating to upcoming focused campaigns, including the NHF-UK’s current anti-corruption and “save GcMAF” campaigns, please email . NHF currently needs donations to attack California’s vaccine-mandate legislation (SB277), to fund our lawsuit against the FDA, to finish the new website or fund nearly half a year of Codex meetings NHF will attend, the reprint of NHF’s Codex book, and more. In general, non-profit giving is down across the board when there is so much to accomplish.

Health freedom doesn’t come free. It doesn’t come cheaply. If you are invested in your health, the health of your family, friends, and the World, if you are invested in protecting and preserving health freedom, then you will actively and responsibly participate by sharing time, energy, and resources. Don’t expect to enjoy what you do today without sacrifice, without active participation, and without giving. It is unrealistic and we at NHF don’t believe in a “silver spoon” approach anyway. You protect your health freedom through your active alignment with and support of NHF leveraging your activism globally.

The time for fence-sitting is long past. We are still in an Alamo-type siege with Big Pharma, Big Government, Big Ag, and Big Food confronting us at every turn, putting shills out to attack and ridicule our work, to replace our description of NHF on Wikipedia with a slanderous one, and recently, after nearly five years of handling social media, Facebook censors shut me out and it took much time and effort to recover my right to post. Fight or be willing victims. As I have written in the past knowing (and then practicing) the difference between slacktivism vs. activism is key. Pushing “like,” being vocal, signing petitions; this is not enough. Results must be measurable. You know what to do. If you already are living your activist commitment, we welcome a “Letter to the Editor” to share how you live the activist lifestyle; or tell us your story and encourage others. Email your story for publication consideration in Health Freedom News to .

We applaud the true NHF global activist and we gratefully thank and honor you! Just one person can and does impact the lives of billions. Be that One.

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