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Liberty, Equity, Fidelity, Security

These four powerful words were emblazoned on the original NHF shield by the National Health Federation's founder, Fred Hart, over 63 years ago to encompass his mission and vision, and they are emblazoned on the hearts and minds of champions of health freedom today. Fred was a food activist before the word was even coined. He also empowered people to oppose monopolistic forces in healthcare and to protect the health freedoms of the American people through education and bold action.

In 2002, by gaining observer-delegate status, NHF President and General Counsel Scott C. Tips enlarged Hart’s original vision, taking the National Health Federation outside the confines of the United States and exploded health freedom onto the planet through active participation setting global policy for food, beverages, and nutritional supplements at Codex Alimentarius, the highest food-governing body in the World.

The Original Health Freedom Heroes

FRED HART ~ NHF's founder, Fred Hart, was the original Health Freedom Hero! His vision of empowering people of all walks of life to oppose monopolistic trends in health and protect the freedoms of the American people in all matters of health, continues through the work of the National Health Federation to this day.

Fred established the format for freedom of choice in medicine and nutritional supplements that we continue to follow. Through his efforts and strength, and the leaders since then to today, NHF is bigger, stronger, and even more determined than ever to win. Learn more about Fred Hart HERE, and a rather length article about Fred's work with the NHF HERE.

MAUREEN SALAMAN ~ Another great Health Freedom Hero was Maureen Salaman. First elected as NHF president in 1982, she served in that capacity with few exceptions until her death in 2006. In fact she selflessly stepped down to become the NHF Vice President on a few occasions just so that Hans Kugler and Jonathan Wright could assume the NHF lead mantle. Others urged her to resume the presidency, and she did. 

Maureen worked tirelessly and fearlessly to advocate freedom of choice and access for alternative health therapies. She founded an organization known as The Committee for Freedom of Choice in Cancer Therapy, and later helped direct the NHF’s efforts towards the passage of the all-important Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act of 1994. To learn more about Maureen, view THIS LINK.

CHARLES ISAAC CRECELIUS ~ Past National Health Federation President, Charles Isaac Crecelius was the man who succeeded founder Fred Hart in 1965. Charles was the touchstone—the fiber of which NHF was woven through trials by fire, a living history, an expert strategist, a trench-veteran—and his passion inspired others. Charles was involved in the NHF for more than 20 years. Learn more about this man HERE.


The Health Freedom Hero Award

The following individuals—heroes in the fight for health and health freedom of others—have demonstrated great courage and dedication in carrying forth NHF’s mission whether in the States, internationally, in the Legislature, or at Codex through NHF. Their unswerving commitment allows them to take up the NHF shield and stand for you and your family alongside all the health-freedom heroes that went before.


The National Health Federation Board of Governors voted to award the prestigious Health Freedom Hero Award to the following recipients:

2016 David Noakes & Del Bigtree
2015 Fred Buckley
2014 Katherine Carroll & Ginger Taylor
2013 Diane Miller
2012 Representative Dan Burton (R-IN)
2011 A Canadian company
2010 John Mackey
2009 Bill Sardi & Ian Crane
2008 Congressman Ron Paul
2007 Joe Provenza
2006 Harry D. Schultz
2005 Maureen Kennedy Salaman
2004 Antoinette Booyzen
2002 Michael D. Antonovich
2001 Scott C. Tips, Esq. & Dr. Hans Kugler, Ph.D.
2000 Governor Jesse Ventura


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