Twenty-One Ways to Change the World

  1. Weave NHF into your work, and your daily life.
  2. Share Health Freedom News, Codex Alimentarius: Global Food Imperialism, NHF Membership brochures, the We Remain Silent DVD, etc. at Trade Shows, with your co-op, healthcare professional’s office, with friends and family.
  3. Introduce others to NHF with a gift membership and the 4 complimentary issues of Health Freedom News that accompany that membership educating others about health and health freedom.
  4. Work on Legislative Watch, reporting from Capitol Hill, and international political arenas where health, health freedom, business, corporate, and politics intersect.
  5. Volunteer to host a booth at a health show when NHF is in your area.
  6. Start a campaign, protest, march, etc. around your passion with NHF’s backing.
  7. Train and equip others to actively protect their rights to health and health freedom.
  8. Give interviews, host radio shows, speeches, and/or create videos sharing health, health freedom, and NHF and use multiple social media platforms.
  9. Facilitate the same interviews, speeches, filming, etc. for NHF as a media volunteer.
  10. Write for Health Freedom News and/or publications.
  11. Translate NHF articles, books, and materials into other languages.
  12. Consider writing modules to add to textbooks describing health freedom, its history, and how to protect it actively.
  13. Consider in your rewrite to add health freedom sections or even a paragraph highlighting the work of NHF now and historically.
  14. Share your expertise as a resident expert or NHF Representative by providing articles and updates for the NHF website.
  15. Show current films to educate and provide a forum for open discussion at your clinic, office, home or other venue.
  16. Share NHF with your email contact list in a personal outreach with a membership and/or donation appeal.
  17. Hold healthy cooking/raw food classes, tincture or herbal remedy classes, etc. and show how health and health freedom underlie each and make them possible.
  18. Bring children, teens, and young adults into health freedom as they are our future .
  19. Walk the talk: be an activist vs. a slacktivist with measureable results.
  20. Donate to NHF in one time and/or recurring gifts on a regular basis.
  21. Include NHF in your will so your work in health and health freedom goes on. Use these words, “I give [include the specific amount of stock, money, or property and/or percentage or residue] to the National Health Federation for the purpose of supporting NHF’s work for health and health freedom around the World.”  (TAX ID: 94-1294934)

Already Involved?

Please let NHF know how you live the activist lifestyle. Email your story to for publication consideration in Health Freedom News.