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Preventive Cardiologist Says Resveratrol Is Centerpiece Of His Medical Practice.
Medicare Audit Finds No Heart Attacks
Among His Patient Population


Preventive Cardiologist?

New Jersey preventive cardiologist Nate Lebowitz was recently interviewed in a special edition of Health Freedom News published by The National Health Federation and said resveratrol pills have become the centerpiece of his medical practice.  A Medicare audit found none of his patients since admission to his practice have experienced a heart attack.  Maybe that is the untapped benefit of red wine resveratrol pills.

Dr. Lebowitz says his most of his patients won’t go without their red wine pill knowing of its many benefits after consultation in his office.

Dr. Lebowitz recalls an experience with an 80-year old patient with a blocked coronary artery who was too fragile to undergo a procedure to re-open the artery (balloon angioplasty).  The patient was in the angiogram room and there was no damage to heart muscle beyond the point of the blood clot.  This is what resveratrol does, activates internal antioxidant defenses before blockages in coronary arteries occur.  It is the best form of cardioprotection.

This special edition of Health Freedom News can be downloaded below.

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