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By Katherine A. Carroll, NTP, Associate Editor

The National Health Federation has recently returned from the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses in Bali, Indonesia, held over Thanksgiving week. But Christmas decorations were going up in nearly 90 degree heat, crinkling under high humidity. Santa Claus, reindeer pulling the sleigh, and flocked Christmas trees looked photo shopped into the tropical scene at the Codex meeting venue. NHF headed home, successfully giving billions around the World the gift of health this Christmas as we achieved the culmination of the work of 5 years in getting Vitamin C nutrient reference levels increased substantially. NHF President and General Counsel, Scott C. Tips’ news release will follow detailing the events of this crucial meeting. Thank you for your support, members and friends! Without NHF presence there, this gift would not be possible to ensure the health of others on our Planet.


Indonesian Garuda Bird
Indonesian Garuda Bird


Now my thoughts turn to two things: year-end giving and finishing up Christmas shopping. With this in mind, I want to share some thoughts with you. As parents, grandparents, or as friends, daughters, sons, employers – whatever “hats” we wear – we desire to share the best life has afforded us and to pass our values and our vision for a better World along to those with an ear to hear them, right? I do. Spiritual beliefs, political beliefs, lifestyle habits, ethical beliefs – we stand for something and we desire those close to us to know this, to see this in action, and hopefully align with us in our efforts to make the World a better place. It is just natural to share the good things we’ve found in our lives and particularly when these things make others’ lives better by so doing. This is why we share books, music, inspirational quotes, and all those stories and studies on Facebook and Twitter. I want to share my love and commitment to health freedom and health this holiday season. One day, I expect to see a Veteran’s Day for Health-Freedom Fighters. Meantime, there are thousands of us fighting shoulder to shoulder in an intensifying battle, day in and day out. We educate, speak, write, fight, and make our desires known by our lifestyle choices and by every item we grow, make or consume. There comes a day when it is time to share this lifestyle because we trust and hope that it will be carried on. This is why, this year, once again, I will be giving my children the gift of membership in the National Health Federation. My grandchildren will one day be old enough to read the magazine that comes with NHF membership. We are in the minority in this gift of a magazine subscription. There is only one other health-freedom organization who provides this (expensive but valuable) gift to members. Perhaps a story I write will touch the next generation’s palate to join the fight to protect their health and their health freedoms…Perhaps a story you write will do the same. Igniting the fire in youth is a great gift; a torch passed that will light the path for millions who follow. Empowering others at any age to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle for themselves and their loved ones is invaluable. One day, years ago now, NHF President Scott Tips came into my home as a guest to my Bed and Breakfast Retreat, Adytum Sanctuary. He came wearing the “hat” of a food-and-drug lawyer. He came with his client. Scott Tips had written an article on Ractopamine in the National Health Federation’s magazine, Health Freedom News. I couldn’t even pronounce the name of this drug and didn’t eat meat either but when he gave me a few of the magazines as a gift, I decided to take a few minutes off the work of hosting my business and read them. I went into one of the unoccupied suites, sat in the Far Infrared Sauna for an hour and read it cover to cover, including the footnotes, which actually told the horrible story on their own of the abuse to pigs, cattle, and turkeys receiving this veterinary steroid. I was LIVID! How dare “they” poison my children and grandchildren with this animal drug designed to put on weight to increase market value, yet it was horrid abuse all at once both to animals and mankind and the label itself clearly said, “Not for human consumption.”

I hope I showered off and presented a clean appearance. I don’t remember now because I was so angry at the thought of my 2-year-old “grands” being poisoned that I found Scott at once and said, “Sign me up NOW!” I became a convert … an overnight activist over one article in a magazine from an organization I had never heard of. THAT is power. And now I help to make life better for billions through my work with the NHF. THAT is a gift to me and the World! And you can do this for your friends, family, and even acquaintances this season too. Now, years later as part of the NHF Codex team, we give life and health to millions of children and people of all nations not just my grandchildren and children. NHF also does a great deal of work locally and nationally too. They have been helping me and mine before I even knew there was such a thing as “health freedom” and it is in this spirit I give you this link to introduce others to the NHF:

This is a gift worth giving your family, friends, colleagues, co-workers, and neighbors. Not only do you support the work of NHF in the World – and we have been at it for 60 years in just a month’s time now – but you educate and empower each one to be in charge of their own sacred terrain, the territory of their human body/spirit/mind complex. It is our right to rule over our “selves” and not abdicate that throne to the State or to a Government or World Government. NHF is the primary protector of your health and health freedom locally and internationally.

Our membership price is far too inexpensive. We’ve talked of raising it for the entire time I’ve been with NHF – 3 ½ years now. The magazine alone costs over $20,000 a year to publish. When you get your memberships for your family, I ask that you consider giving a gift as well at:

The last trip to Indonesia was so incredibly expensive. A few key donors underwrote the majority of NHF’s appearance with the World delegates and Industry delegates. NHF is usually the only consumer group there, where policy is created (and we help in that creation) and where guidelines and standards are set for the entire World.

We had lunch on the one day off with Ghanan and Kenyan delegates, helping them to understand (in a country where no one supplements with vitamins and minerals really…) the importance of proper nutrition in fighting Ebola, in rejecting GMO-contaminated infant formula, and in supporting NHF's positions at Codex to stem the tide of ill-health. All of this costs real money.

NHF’s teaching extends to World and Industry delegates to Codex. These are food scientists and high-level government employees and food regulators in their own countries and industries. NHF is having a healing and educational impact on the whole Planet. Our power as the only health-freedom organization in the World present where these policies and standards are set cannot be equaled by any other health-freedom organization and our impact is lasting. We have several requests to send studies on GMOs and other topics to open-minded thought leaders at Codex. NHF is powerful beyond belief. But let’s just start as we all do, at home and with our friends this holiday season. I love this work in the World. I think of Audrey Hepburn traveling to Africa to help the starving as she once starved too during the War. We cannot fathom missing meals or even missing feeding our pets. We cannot fathom using bad water, eating rice as a staple, and coming to find it is so highly contaminated with arsenic that it is unsafe…. We must speak for those who cannot protect nor speak for themselves. And it is vital that you not only join the National Health Federation but also donate beyond the membership cost so as to support our work and educate others. Never before have we had such multi-pronged attacks on our health and as technology increases, on our privacy and therefore on our health freedom. We need you so very, very much right now. If you desire to make a tax-deductible gift, then make that check out to the Foundation for Health Research, which is our sister 501(c)(3) organization. The website is undergoing an extended update, so be willing to endure snail mail by sending your donation to: P.O. Box 688, Monrovia, California 91017. This will be necessary until the website is complete. (Another financial need for those interested in facilitating in this arena….)

Meantime, please don’t let the season pass without reflecting on this: Since 1955, the National Health Federation has been protecting you and your family. Before there was even the word “food activist,” NHF was defining it. If you see chiropractors, drink non-fluoridated water, use nutritional supplements, and more you have the NHF to thank for all that! Not only is it time to give back, it is time to pay it forward. We cannot do it without you. Your family, friends, and colleagues deserve to have their eyes opened during this season of Light, of Peace, and of Joy. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to you all. Whatever climate you find yourself in, the spirit of Christmas resides in our hearts in a place that desires good-will for all. We appreciate each of you this season and beyond. May every blessing of health, freedom to operate as you see fit, peace, love, and joy flow back into your lives this season and beyond!

If you’re free, please come celebrate our 60th anniversary with us in Woodland Hills, California on January 31, 2015. Call the NHF office at 1.626.357.2181 for details and to purchase tickets. Meet NHF President Scott Tips in person, and join in the victory celebration. We go from strength to strength, and of course, it is all because of YOU!

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