Published on May 11, 2014 - Length: 1:08:05

Scott Tips - Codex Alimentarius: Corporate Controlled 'Health' - Recorded at The Alternative View Four in March 2010.

  • Why should we fear Codex Alimentarius, literally meaning 'food code'?
  • Why is Codex seeking to restrict the quality and potency of vitamins and minerals?
  • Why is it applying a toxicological regulatory model to foods that have been a part of the human diet for millennia?
  • Are there alternatives to the medical monopoly that drowns everyone in drugs, and doctors who maim and kill more than they help?
  • This is a subversive agenda created by the unholy marriage between big drug companies and governments.

Scott Tips is president of the National Health Federation and its chief delegate at the Codex Alimentarius Commission and Committee meetings. He is chief editor of Health Freedom News and Legal Counsel for the National Health Federation.

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